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Looking for a Superdry student discount? You’ve come to the right place. In our guide we run the best ways for students to save at this leading fashion store. 

There is currently no standard Superdry student discount in the UK (there was previously a 10% Superdry Unidays code but this has been suspended).  However, if you sign up to the newsletter, we’ve heard you get a 10% Superdry voucher code. Students can also still save as the Superdry end of season sale is now on with great discounts of up to 60%. It’s reached the final clearance stage so there are some proper bargains to be had.

When we last looked the sale included jackets and coats, jumpers, knitwear, tees, hoodies and bags. We’ve found that this is one of the best times of the years for students to save.

Also be sure to check out the Superdry outlet page with discounts of up to 50%. Did you know that there are more ways for students to get bigger discounts at Superdry? Here are some great tips:

The sale has some excellent clothing discount, including jackets, coats, hoodies and tees. Student Squirrel has written this ultimate Superdy Student Discount guide to show students some great tips on how to save at this fashion favourite. Take a look at our easy savings section below which is regularly updated with valid promo codes, deals, sales alerts and Superdry offers:

60% Off

audible student discount offer 1

Get 60% Off in the
Superdry Sale End of Season

10% Code

audible student discount offer 1

Get 10% Superdry Voucher Code when you sign up to the Newsletter

50% Off

audible student discount offer 1

Get Up to 50% Off in the
Superdry Outlet

Chapter 1

Does Superdry do
a Student Discount?

Chapter 2

Is there a 
Superdry Unidays Code?

 Chapter 3

Superdry Discounts, Promo &
Voucher Codes

Chapter 4

Superdry Sales –
Students Save More

Chapter 5

Free Delivery
+ Superdry Outlet Store

Chapter 6

Superdry FAQs
+ Overview


“TOP TIP. Sign up to the Superdry newsletter and get a one-off 10% voucher code. This can be used by students and non-students alike

If you want stand-out style and quality craftmanship for your clothing and accessories then Superdry is the place. From jackets and hoodies to bags and accessories, they have the complete range of relaxed urbanwear.

So you’re at the online check-out at and you’ve found a great hoodie and amazing Superdry jacket that is just right, but just before you buy you think ‘is there a Superdry student discount so I can save some money?’.

We’re here to help you do just this!

Take a look at our quick savings section at the top of the page. We update this section regularly with the latest ways that students can still save money at this fantastic UK fashion retailer!

We’ve done some extensive research to not only definitively answer this quandry, but also if there are any NUS discounts or Unidays Superdy discounts plus other ways to save such as promo codes and Superdry voucher codes and sales alerts to save undergraduates more!

If you’re in a hurry to get to lectures (or lets face it more likely the union bar) then click the section you need in the contents.

But if you’ve got the time, read all our money saving sections to give yourself the best chance to keep your money in your pocket.

So, Squirrels, are you ready to start saving at this super brand?

Let’s get to it!

1. Is There a Superdry Student Discount Available?

We can confirm that at the moment there is no Superdry student discount for the UK. This also meant that there is no Unidays Superdry code. However there are still plenty of ways students can save and this guide will show you how.

The Squirrel says:

“I’ve been researching late into the night and found some legitimate ways that students can make great savings. Follow the advice below and see how much you can save:”

  1. Check out our savings section at the top of the page. We update this regularly with the latest promo codes, sales and offers that could save you a lot of your fashion purchase.
  2. The Squirrel has found a sales page for men and one for women on There are some great discounts and bargains to be had.
  3. We’ve found that there are some Superdry voucher codes released for limited periods throughout the year. Again check the savings section as we will list them here.
  4. Is a big sale coming up? Check our sales diary as you can get some of the biggest savings going.

2. Is there a Unidays Superdry Code?

UK student discount providers have multiplied in the last couple of years. Two of the biggest are Unidays and NUS Totum.

Here at Student  Discount Squirrel we’ve researched into whether they provide a Superdry discount and the results are in.


Unfortunely in the UK there is no Unidays Superdry discount. The results on google can be confusing because there has been a short term code in the past, but as of 2020 there is no reduction. This is a shame as we really like the Unidays interface and it is super easy to get a code. It is also a great way for brands to reach out to the university population.

However, make sure you check out savings section at the top of the page, as sometimes there are promo codes for 20% off or sales alerts.


Again, we can confirm there is no NUS Superdry discount. However, if you’re in-store, ask at the check-out for a discount and show your NUS id and see if the manager can give a reduction at his/her discretion.

If you don’t ask you’ll never know, so be brave and let us know how you get on in our comments section! We can then spread the student saving news!

To be honest though the best savings at Superdry are always made online at, so check out our Superdry Discounts table above on a regular basis to find about the different ways you can save including vouchers, promo codes, sales, outlet deals and more. 

We regularly update this helpful tab with the best ways to save and stop you uni learners scurrying around the internet.  Here you’ll find:

  • Superdry promo codes
  • Sales alerts
  • FREE delivery promotions
  • Outlet deals
  • Superdry vouchers
  • Any other ways we come across to save you money!

Have a look through and see if these helpful pointers can help you.

“TOP TOP. Even though there isn’t a Superdry student discount, a great place to get a clothing bargain is the sales page”

3. Superdry Discount Codes, Promo Codes and Superdry Vouchers

So as we have established there isn’t a permanent Superdry student discount code like there is for ASOS for instance.

However, the Student Squirrel has been doing some research and he says:

“Superdry releases promo codes and vouchers throughout the year. This is one of the best times to make a saving on full priced clothing. These voucher codes have an expiry date and are usually available for 1 – 2 weeks.”


The good news for students is that you don’t need a NUS discount validation, you simply just enter the Superdry discount code at the online check out.

We’ve created the useful table below which has any live discount codes and we’ve also included any other ways to save money such as free delivery and outlet sales.

One great way to keep up to date with any new voucher code releases is to sign up to our fantastic newsletter. We send it out a couple of times a week and it is packed full of useful discounts, savings advice and some fun stuff to make you laugh out loud too.

Superdry Student Discount Deals Discount Expires
10% Superdry Voucher Code 10% 31/12/2020
Free Delivery on All Orders Free Delivery 31/12/2020
60% Off in the Superday Sale End of Season 60% 30/04/2020

4. Superdry Sales – Students Get Bigger Discounts

One of the best ways for students to get the biggest discounts is by shopping during the Superdry sales.

This is when the brand has the largest reductions of up to 50% and sometimes even more.

SDS keeps an eye on all sales and offers and throughout last year and we know that the big ones happen at the following times.


So the Superdry Black Friday sales have now become a big date in the shopping calendar and it is  good news is that Superdry have joined in the fun

For last year there were various promo codes released, culminating in the big one of 20% off everything.

If it’s coming up to Black Friday, then maybe hang on and see what bargains and deals are on offer.


When does the Boxing Day sales become the January sales? Maybe we should call them the winter sales and be done with it.

There are some of the biggest discounts to be had at the sales at this time of year. There are a wide range of mens and womens jackets, hoodies, jeans, accessories – pretty much every department has something in the sale.

The typical discount is 50%, there are occasionally bigger discounts and it’s easy for students as there is no fiddly NUS code, just do your shopping online, get to the checkout and the reductions are all made.


The Squirrel is keeping his eye out for when the other sales are and will update this as and when. Take a look at the save table near the top of the page for the current ways for students to save.

What we have noticed from the previous year are the following reductions too:

  • A short term student discount code for 20% off everything at
  • Flash sales with up to 50% off
  • A 40% off deal the range at La Redoute
  • Summer sale alert which saved students up to 50%
  • Superdry student promo code for 30% off all lines at

5. Superdry Free Delivery + Superdry Outlet

So first of all, we can confirm that there is FREE DELIVERY on all orders at for all students. No student id is required and it is applied at the checkout.

It’s a pet hate here are Squirrel Towers when you’ve bagged a bargain then pay for delivery – you lose half of the same money!

So great to get some cash saved straight off the bat with this fashion house and their free delivery scheme.

Next, there is also FREE RETURNS. Again this offer is open to anyone but is good to know and gives peace of mind when shopping online. It obviously means you can try on that trendy new top and checks it looks just as good on you as the model online – we are sure it does! However, if it doesn’t, you can send back no hassle.

We keep our trained beady bargain eyes on the dry that is Super and when the launch a sale we run to the top of the tree and tell all you lovely students!

So keep you eye on this website our Facebook page and also slgn up to our fabulous free newsletter so you can be notified right away.

Occasionally there are Superdry promo codes. These usually are a percentage saving from the online store. They don’t happen very often but are a great way for you students to save. Similarly to the above we will keep an eye open and informed you via our communication channels.


Have you heard of the outlet store on eBay? Well we love it and this is the officially sanctioned way to get a great discount on selected lines.

This is where they sell off their end of line items. At the time of writing there is 3 for 2 on singlet vests and get up to 60% off tees and jackets. Yes you read that right! Such a brilliant way to save.

Now the range of clothing might not be huge but it really is worth a look. It’s not a patch on the sales though.


Question Answer
Does Superdry do a student discount? No, there is not an official Superdry student discount.
Is there an NUS Superdry discount? No, there is no NUS discount.
Is there a Superdry student discount code? Yes and no! There is no permanent student promo code but there are limited time ones released throughout the year.
When are the Superdry sales? Throughout the year. Big ones occur in Summer and Black Friday, Boxing & January sales.
Is there a Unidays discount? No
Does Student Beans do discounts? No

At the moment there is no Superdry student discount. However, as we’ve shown in this article there are still ways that students can save:

  1. There is free delivery on all online orders. Saves a few bob!
  2. Free returns are available too – with no discount voucher required – so you make sure your outfit looks great.
  3. The best way to get discounts is to shop in the online sale. Sign up to our free newsletter for alerts and to stay ahead!


Did you know that this premium fashion house is actually a British company despite its Japanese branding and vintage styling. According to Wikipedia they were originally called the Cult Clothing company, which can still be seen in some of the designs. They rebranded as Superdry in 2004.

The Japanese writing often is meaningless and it’s actually made from a translating machine. Despite this, students still love the laid back relaxed styling and getting a Superdry student discount can help save money.

The Student Squirrel loves the contemporary styling and we also like that there is 139 stores in the UK (See  about page) so it is easy to click and collect your online orders and make returns.

As you browse their super-easy website you’ll find that their collection of cool t-shirts, knitwear, jackets and more, are perfect for every occasion and season, both for day and evening; especially for those wanting to look good in lectures!

Also, with the stunning X Idris collection, jacket personalisation and party looks, there is a lot more to this brand than just stylish hoodies, jumpers and shirts (although to be honest that is enough for us at Squirrel HQ!).

To get sales alerts, sign up to our fantastic newsletter which is packed full of discount codes and offers.


Superdry started life as the Cult Clothing Co, run by business partners Ian Hibbs and Julian Dunkerton in Cheltenham in 1985.

A fashion store, it grew and expanded right through until the 1990s, where it established bricks-and-mortar high-street shops in lots of university towns and cities across the UK. The first ‘Superdry’ branded store opened in 2004 in London’s Covent Garden. The brand developed and grew as customers took to its unique mix of Asian and American street styles.

Taking on a new Managing Director, Superdry floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2010 and the owners were launched onto the Sunday Times Rich List the same year. However, growth was stifled in 2012 with a profit warning and a hold on any plans to open new shops.

Since then, growth has remained steady but stable, with the brand continuing to win over new fans (celebrities and the public alike) and open high-street stores at a more sustainable rate. Its pre-combined items that look like shirts layered over t-shirts and boldly branded items allow lazy consumers to throw together an outfit easily and quickly with little effort; something all of us can appreciate in a world full of distractions and too-much-to-do!


  • Superdry describe themselves as an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style” – we agree!
  • It was born from a creative collaboration between entrepreneurs Julian Dunkerton and James Holder in Cheltenham, UK in 2003!
  • Superdry does not overtly advertise and does not actively pursue celebrity endorsement except their recent deal with Idris Elba. With this said, a Brad leather jacket worn by football player David Beckham sold 70,000 from 2007 to mid-2009, becoming one of the best-sellers for the company!!!
  • The company’s products include frequently meaningless excerpts of Japanese text, inspired by the common Japanese practice of placing decorative English text on items to increase their fashionability and appeal, a phenomenon known as Engrish!

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