Looking for the best promo codes, offers and NUS discounts to save money on your purchases? Then this is the page for you. The team at Student Discount Squirrel have put together the best and most popular students discounts used by fellow peps across the UK.

It’s the Squirrel’s top recommended list; it’s our TOP 10 of student discounts! Woohoooo!! Remember that most retailers offer student discount all year around.

So take a look below and follow the page links to find out the best money-saving tips and special offers on leading brands. We’ve covered a range of shops and retailers, from fashion to food and electricals, so whatever you are looking for, read on!

And if the store you’re looking for isn’t here check out out A-Z section as they are sure to be listed in there!?

“Welcome to my current top offers! I’ve been working hard to get you these so enjoy and save money today!”


If you’re looking for the best in footwear fashion then nothing rivals the brand selection at Schuh. They are one of the leading shoe companies in the country and stock everything from trainers, trendy-day shoes, great going-out footwear, flip-flops and perfect comfy heels. What more could you want?

There really is everything for all tastes and all occasions, so whether you’re going to the student union bar, a big night out, the summer ball or even the gym, Schuh is the place for you!

It’s worth pointing out that our friends at Schuh already offer a standard 10% Shuh student discount code BUT if you follow the special Squirrel link below you can make even bigger savings!

Get rid of those tatty old trainers and get to Schuh now! To find out more and to start saving today follow this link to our Schuh Student Discount page.

Top Student Discounts UK


From student laptops and tablets through to jewellery, phones and funky furniture for your student digs, Argos has it all and Argos delivers. Literally!

Argos already offers fantastic standard prices and often has seasonal reductions, they, therefore, don’t offer a standard official Argos discount code (although this changes from time to time). HOWEVER, fear not, we have squirrelly ways to get further discounts and save money.

Check out our special Argos student discount guide here which shows you clever ways to save at Argos. So here are our top Argos Discounts

So, whip out that trusty Argos catalogue or get online today, order and wait for it to arrive. What could be easier? Even though we have heard there is no longer a catalogue

I love Argos but I’m gutted the iconic catalogue is going – I loved that thing.


House of Fraser has a fantastic range of quality fashion brands, from Lacoste to Lyle and Scott, Michael Kors to Moschino, you’ll find it all here.

There are also gorgeous gift ideas for members of the family BUT best of all there is a 10% House of Fraser student discount code– simply follow this link to get saving your student beans today with our House of Fraser Student Discount page

Now (we’ll be honest) we used to think that House of Fraser was a bit old fashioned and one for the grannies… how we were wrong!

The Big Brand Sale blows us away every single year… and between you and us, it’s on most of the time. Another top tip is that they also offer free delivery once you order over £50 which is easily achievable, especially if a couple of you and your friends order some stuff together.

This makes House of Fraser one of the most popular choices for outfits for summer and Christmas balls and big graduations – think that prom dress. It also just offers brilliant brands at low prices. At Student Discount Squirrel we promise you the prices here are lower than the high street store, so jump to it and save today.

All in all, mega for savings so need to splash too much of that student money!


No surprise to this retail powerhouse in our top list, We all know and we all love Amazon!

Basically, if you’re looking for anything then you can find it on Amazon, from fashion to tech, from furniture to food, it’s all there. It’s a one-stop for everything to be honest. Us squirrels wouldn’t get our stationary elsewhere!

There is also a special student program for Amazon which includes free next day delivery and extra discount codes. We love to browse Amazon… perfect for rainy days, hungover morning or particularly boring lectures! Follow our link and get the best discounts and offers to save money on our Amazon Student Discounts.

Happy shopping peeps!

I love the Amazon, the trees are nice and big but nothing beats the retailer equilavent.


Superdry has consistently lead the way in relaxed urban fashion and is a true favourite here at SDS Headquarters.

Although there isn’t a Superdry student discount – although we are working on this – there is free delivery, often great one-off offers and free returns. So there are lots of other nifty ways to send.

As we know it’s a firm favourite with all you students out there so we keep all the offers up to date on our website at all times. To check out what the current top Superdry offers visit this page.

They have some great offers at the moment for trendy campus and uni living.

We can’t recommend their Fuji slim fit jackets enough for warmth and style – your mum certainly won’t be worrying about you being warm enough. Even better get her to buy it, making sure you get the best discounts at Superdry, obvs! LOL.


In at number 6 is our favourite mobile phone shop. We just love them! And CW has recently started a student discount scheme!

With a full range of all the top mobile phones including the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets and accessories, plus great discounts and a mobile contract price promise what is not to love!

We always find their in-house staff super friendly but you can often get the best and exclusive offers on line.

Check out our bespoke page here and get yourself a bargain – there are so many offers and ways to save it’s unbelievable. Follow our link for the top Carphone Warehouse student discounts


A surprise at number 7 perhaps?!

Yes, we’ve all had a pair of Clarks school shoes when we were growing up but far from just being the choice of sensible middle-class parents Clarks have reinvented themselves as cool, trendy and hardwearing.

They are basically ideal for any student as they are super versatile.

So whether you want to look good in a lecture, library or coffee shop, or whether the lecture turns to dinner and a night out, a trusty pair of Clarks will see you through the day! They are perfect for student living.

Find out how to get the best savings through their main website and grab even more bargains at the online outlet too!

Follow our link today for the top Clarks student discount.

Student shopping discounts


We all love an Apple product and the super global brand needs no introduction from a little red squirrel like me.

Now discounts are tough at Apple as they are worldwide premium brand but it is possible to get uni students discounts on Apple products and save money. So if you are looking for an Apple student laptop deal or a discount of Apple i-phones we will try our best to help you find these.

To be honest, these offers vary and ways to save change are constantly sifting but for the most up to date news on Apple student discounts visit our page for the latest ways to save. Good luck!

You may need an ID card to take get some in-store offers!


Need a cheap yet comfortable night’s sleep?

Maybe book the parents in when they visit (we can’t say that – nudge nudge).

Then a 5% Travelodge student discount plus top tips on how to secure £29 rooms around the UK are a brilliant choice – check out our offers here and our top Travelodge discounts.

They are also brilliant when wanting to go and visit friends at other Unis! Who wants to sleep on a disgusting floor?

Enjoy a night of luxury – go on check out the country and save money, there’s so much to enjoy!

What Makes a Good Student Discount and How Can I Take Advantage of Them?

Obviously, any form of discount or sale is only valuable if it’s off something worthwhile and something you want!

Just because an item is in a sale doesn’t mean it’s good – shock horror! Often retailers will reduce items that aren’t popular or selling – so ask yourself – “why is it in a sale or discounted”? Do I need it? If you do, then check out the best ways to save money. Our site updates offers and promotional codes from hundreds of shops and stores every month so make us a go-to.

For some of the discounts listed above and with student discounts, you will often need a valid student discount card. For some of them, you may need to be affiliated through schemes such as student beans or the NUS Extra scheme – these are excellent organisations so do check them out as well.

Our site will also list the best deals we can find to make your student money go further. I’m a busy squirrel. I don’t just eat nuts, party and go to lectures you know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular questions we get asked:

What discounts do students get UK?

As you can see from our website there are hundreds of student discounts available, with most shops and retailers offering ways for students – both college and university to save money. Before buying anything online or instore, you should always double check if they have a scheme. Either ask in person in store or check with us for valid codes.

What is the best student discount card UK?

Best depends on your own point of view, NUS Extra is very good and official. Some other cards make you pay to access discounts which we don’t necessarily endorse and most discounts and standard vouchers and offers are public – so don’t waste your money paying for access to something that is readily available for free.

What are the best student discounts?

We have listed what we consider to be the best – and a variety of student discounts above – you can save money at all of these and know at the same time, you are getting great quality products and customer service.

What discounts do students get?

A whole host from standard official students discounts but you can also use any other discounts available to the public – often you can doubles these up for bigger savings.


So that sums up our current top offers but check back as we will keep updating this.

We have a full listing of offers and discounts in our A-Z of student discounts.

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