Topshop Student Discount: The Ultimate Guide

Fashion retail chain Topshop is a British high street institution, and a household name across not just the UK but the whole world. 

But just how much can students save when shopping there?

In this guide, we show you how to get a standard 10% Topshop student discount both in-store and online, we also show students how they can save more and answer frequently asked questions such as ‘Does Topshop do a Unidays discount?’.

First off take a look at our quick savings section below:

10% Off Topshop Student Discount

Up to 50% Off in the Sale

Get 10% Off with Newsletter Signup

With over 500 shops across the globe and a large online presence, Topshop are often credited as being the high street destination to stock up on the latest trends in line with seasonal and catwalk looks.

The Student Squirrel is here to explain all.

We’re going to show you not only how you can get a 10% Topshop student discount but also 8 tips to help you save more on your fantastic fashion purchases.

1. Topshop Student Discount

It can be confusing trying to find a Topshop student discount.

Just google the phrase and there are quite a few different answers which can be confusing.

So we’re pleased to confirm that as of October 2018 there is a standard Topshop student discount of 10% off in the UK off both online at and in-store.

Read on to find out how to get them.

Get the Online Topshop Student Discount

So if you need the student discount code for then this is how you get it.

  1. Go to this special page on
  2. Verify your student status with either UNiDAYS or Student Beans.
  3. You’ll be issued with a bespoke student discount code.
  4. At the online checkout enter the code.
  5. You’ll get a top Topshop reduction.
  6. Look amazing for less around campus or on your next night out!

Once you know what you’re doing it’s a simple way for students to get money off.

Get the In-store Student Discount

Students can also get the Topshop student discount if you’re in-store. Just show any valid student id at the till. We can confirm that these include the NUS card or the new Totum card. Great news all round!

topshop student discount

2. 8 Ways for Students to Save at Topshop

So listen up fashionistas, we established in the first chapter that there is a standard Topshop student discount.

But did you know that there are more ways to make potential savings on your kickass dresses and amazing tops at and not just for students either

Follow the points below and you could be quids in

1. Check out the Top Shop Sales Page

On this page is the sales page which is a great way to bag a bargain.

There was a good range of seasonal fashion including tops, bottoms and shoes with reductions of up to 50%.

We also liked the helpful filter section on the left hand side so you can search by size.

2. See the Hidden Offers

We don’t think Topshop meant to hide it’s offers but if you hover over the sale link on the navigation tab then there are also some offers.

At the time we looked there was:

  1. 3 for 2 on knickers
  2. 2 tops for £10
  3. 3 for £8 on socks

Hover over it yourself and see if you can save.

3. Sign up to the Newsletter for 10% Off

If you’ve forgotten your student id or your student status doesn’t qualify for a Topshop student discount code then did you know that if you sign up to the newsletter on then you get a 10% voucher code to use once!

Off course you get the latest new lines, fashion tips and exclusive offers too so it’s well worth it.

4. Check out the Savings Section in this Guide

The Student Squirrel just loves a bargain and always keeps an eye open.

“When he finds the latest Topshop offers, deals and promo codes he puts them in at the top of our page in the savings section.

This is regularly updated and all you have to do is click through on the big colourful button to bag that bargain.

It’s helpful, easy to follow and could save  you some money so make sure you check it out now!

5. Short Term Promo Codes Can Have Bigger Discounts

Throughout the year Topshop release promo codes that anyone can use and these can frequently have a bigger value than the standard student discount.

We’ve seen voucher codes for 20% off everything, 15% off selected items and free delivery.

We’ve written a special chapter on promo codes and the savings section will always have the latest.

6. View the Homepage for Special Promotions, Deals and Offers

Looking at the homepage is a good little tip which can often reap dividends for students.

This is because retailers often put their best promotions on there to entice you to buy.

For instance when we were there last there was an online exclusive of 100 blouses at £20.

You could also stack your Topshop student discount code on top too so they were actually £18!

Simple but effective!

7. Get Free Delivery

We hate it when you’ve bagged some bargains and you get to the online checkout and find there is a big delivery charge slapped on.

However, we’ve found a couple of clever ways to get free delivery when buying online at Matalan.

  1. If you order over £50 then standard home delivery is free
  2. If you order standard click and collect then delivery is also free.

Also there is next day click and collect delivery for just £1.99 which we thought was a good deal.

You can find about all the delivery options here.

8. Wait for a ‘Big Sale’ for Biggest Discounts

Matalan, like similar fashion and homewares retailers consistently have big sales throughout the year.

We are talking about times such as Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales here, where discounts can be as big as 50% and sometimes even more.

We’ve written a chapter on this so have a look below to see if a sale is coming up. If you hang on you could really save big!

3. Is there a Topshop UNiDAYS, NUS Extra or Student Beans discount?

Did you know back in the day there just used to be a NUS discount?

My how times have changed.

There are now lots of different ways and schemes to get student discounts in the UK and the big 3 are Unidays, NUS Extra and Student Beans.

It can be confusing to find out exactly what student discounts avid learners are entitled to.

That’s why we wrote this section to research and report back on what discounts you can get where.

The Unidays Topshop Discount Code

Great news to start off with.

There is a standard Topshop Unidays code to get the basic 10% off all purchases on

To get it, just head to this page and follow the instructions.

Then simply pop the Unidays code into the promo box on the online checkout and you lovely students will get a nice reduction.

Topshop NUS Discount?

So we’ve had a look and there is no NUS or NUS Extra discount online.

HOWEVER, if you’re in-store then just show your NUS card and you’ll get the 10% off.

Good to know!

Are there Student Beans Top ShopDiscounts?

Yes, we can confirm that there is also a Topshop Student Beans discount.

You get it by heading to this page on, validating you student id and then getting a special promo code to use.

4. Top Shop Promo Codes, Vouchers & Discounts

So we’ve established that you can get a Topshop student discount code for 10%.

Or even get a newsletter sign-up promo code for 10% too.

But did you know that Tshop release general voucher codes throughout the year and that sometimes the discounts can be bigger than 10%?

DiscountDate ValidatedCode Required
10% TopShop Student Discount CodeOctober 2018Yes
10% Off With Newsletter SIgn UpOctober 2018No
Up to 50% Off SaleOctober 2018No

In recent times we’ve seen:

  • 20% off all sale items
  • 20% off everything
  • Free delivery

Make sure you check out our savings section at the top of the page as we put any latest tried and tested discount codes there.

topshop student discount page

5. Topshop Sales Diary & Alerts

By far and away the best way for students to get the biggest discounts at Topshop is when there is a sale on.

There are regular times throughout the year when the biggest and the best are on and we’ve listed them below.

Also keep our squirrel eyes open so any big sales will be in our fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save.

Topshop Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now a big deal for Topshop.

We saw that they usually have up to 50% selected lines but a lot of stock is included so there is a good choice.

Well worth hanging on for.

Boxing Day & January Sales

Like many other similar fashion retailers, Topshop now start their winter sale before Christmas day.

There is typically big reductions of up to 50% off lots of clothing and accessories.

As the sale passes Boxing Day bigger discounts are applied, sometimes up to 70%!

And these continue into January.

A top tip is that is something you really want and it’s in the sale then get it as it might sell out.

Spring Mid-season & Easter Sales

As Easter changes date every year the Easter sales also change.

But around this time you can get some good bargains.

Also mid-March is typically the Spring mid-season sales so some great discounts to be had.

May Bank Holiday Sales

For both of the May Bank Holidays Topshop has a sale.

They are typically not as big as the others but there are still some great deals to be had with discounts of up to 50%.

Summer Mid-Season Sale

Around the second week of June Topshop has a sale.

We’ve seen some excellent reductions on dresses, swimsuits and bikinis so there is some great summer seasonal bargains to be had.

The Squirrel has a great tip:

“If you’re looking for a prom dress or some new clothes for your holidays then then this is a great time to buy!.”

topshop dress deal for students

6. Best Student Buys at Topshop

So Topshop has some amazing world beating fashion.

And we’ve seen that it’s possible to make some great savings.

But the squirrel doesn’t stop there. We’ve had a look into some great individual deals at this fashion behemoth.

Rhinestone Cat Ears – £7.50

“I’m a mouse… DUH!”. Seeing you through basic Halloween and fancy dress costumes since, well, forever, and now glamming up any festival ensemble, rhinestone car ears make for the perfect hair accessory to add a touch of sparkle and playfulness.

This headband is Topshop’s own accessory brand, Freedom, and is sturdier and better quality than cheaper alternatives you may find on the high street. Easy, effortless and cute. What more could you want?

Blue Marble Smartphone Pop Socket – £10.00

You’ve likely seen these on the back of other people’s phones before and not known what they’re called… and they’re Pop Sockets!

These stick-on 3D buttons attach to the back of your smartphone to give you better grip when holding your phone, to lessen the chances of you dropping it and smashing it, which we all know is a nightmare when it happens.

These Pop Sockets can be pulled to extend out for more grip and will help you keep your phone safer as well as to get you the best possible selfie angles. Priorities, eh?

Mixed Spot Camisole Top – £12.00

When you just can’t be bothered to carefully curate an outfit, this top makes for the perfect solution.

100% viscose, half patterned with bold black and white stripes, and half with large polka dots, it can be worn as a statement piece with everything else plain and still stand out!

You don’t need to do anything else special with your outfit and will still look great – or, if you want to accentuate boldness more, add in some brightly coloured accessories!

7. More About the Store

Despite its high street presence and roots, Topshop has branched the cap between couture and the public in a way never seen before.

Introducing the latest look from fashion shows and designers in interpretations to their own collections quickly as well as working with capsule collections with high-end labels such as Red Or Dead, Markus Lupfer and Hussein Chalayan, as well as allowing only the most A-List of celebs to design ranges for them; including Kate Moss and Beyonce!

Now a household name, this amazing store continues to push boundaries with its apparel collections, both own-brand and third-party.

Stores operate internationally and under franchise, and online operations are at an all-time high with delivery available to a number of countries around the world.

Despite their reputation for quick import of catwalk-trend-to-high-street, they maintain high quality standards with all of their clothing, and so you won’t find the same ‘fast fashion’ as is becoming so common amongst other online retailers.

This goes for not just their quality craftmanship in clothing manufacture, but also their ethics: Topshop’s annual Fashion Footprint reports ensure they adhere to extremely high standards and ethical codes across their entire supply and retail chain, so you can shop guilt-free for all purchases.

The chain also listen to consumers and takes on-board feedback wherever they can, responding to customer concerns and removing overtly skinny mannequins and models from all stores back in 2015.

Topshop offer a student discount of 10% in-store and online as standard, which is heartily approved by Student Discount Squirrel!

If you don’t have a store near you, you may well find a flagship one when next on a city trip. London Oxford Street is the chain’s biggest shop (and well known for being a favoured location of model agency scouts, so don’t go on a hangover!), but other huge concept stores can be found in Leeds, Liverpool, Belfast and New York.

These bigger stores hold exclusive ranges and loads of concessions you won’t find anywhere else, so they’re always worth a browse.

Whatever the occasion, Topshop have you covered, with petite, tall, maternity and leisurewear ranges alongside their standard stock. It’s a one-stop-fashion-shop and once you’ve been, you shouldn’t need to shop anywhere else!

Fun Topshop Facts!

Did you know…?:

  • Topshop was originally Top Shop!
  • It has around 500 shops worldwide, 300 of which are in the UK
  • It started as an extension of a department store called Peter Robinson
  • It it’s early days young designers from them included Mary Quant!
  • Topshop was one of the pioneers of online fashion sales
  • It has been a key sponsor of London Fashion Week
  • In 2007 supermodel Kate Moss designed for them
  • In 2014 Beyonce launched a activewear brand with them
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