Topshop Sales

By far and away the best way for students to get the biggest discounts at Topshop is when there is a sale on.

There are regular times throughout the year when the biggest and the best are on and we’ve listed them below.

A few top tips before we start. First there is a dedicated sales page on that lists dedicated sales clothing so it’s always worth a look to find that bargain.

Secondly, the big sales will always be advertised on their home page so if  you’re not sure if there is one on then double check there.

Topshop Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now a big deal for Topshop.

We saw that they usually have up to 50% selected lines but a lot of stock is included so there is a good choice.

Well worth hanging on for.

Boxing Day & January Sales

Like many other similar fashion retailers, Topshop now start their winter sale before Christmas day.

There is typically big reductions of up to 50% off lots of clothing and accessories.

As the sale passes Boxing Day bigger discounts are applied, sometimes up to 70%!

And these continue into January.

A top tip is that is something you really want and it’s in the sale then get it as it might sell out.

Spring Mid-season & Easter Sales

As Easter changes date every year the Easter sales also change.

But around this time you can get some good bargains.

Also mid-March is typically the Spring mid-season sales so some great discounts to be had.

May Bank Holiday Sales

For both of the May Bank Holidays Topshop has a sale.

They are typically not as big as the others but there are still some great deals to be had with discounts of up to 50%.

Summer Mid-Season Sale

Around the second week of June Topshop has a sale.

We’ve seen some excellent reductions on dresses, swimsuits and bikinis so there is some great summer seasonal bargains to be had.

The Squirrel has a great tip:

“If you’re looking for a prom dress or some new clothes for your holidays then then this is a great time to buy!”

topshop sales page
Also keep our squirrel eyes open so any big sales will be in our fabulous student discount guide. Take a look and see how much you can save.