We can confirm currently that there is  a 33% Trainline student discount. To get it, students need to get a 16-25 railcard. This will save you 1/3 off the price of your tickets. The ticket costs £30 for 1  year or £70 for 3 years. People with a 16-25 railcard save an average of £189 per year and it usually only takes 3 rail journeys before the cost of the railcard has paid for itself.


We’ve done some research and found that there is no Unidays Trainline code, or one available with NUS Totum or Student Beans either. We have also found some great ways for students to save.

Our first tip is that the Trainline offers amazing savings of up to 60% off your train tickets if you book in advance. The sooner you’re able to book them the more money you can save. You can also sign up for Ticket Alerts, so you receive a notification as soon as advance tickets have been released.

Discount at The Trainline – Codes & Deals in May 2024 Discount Expires
33% Student Railcard Discount 33% 31 December 2024
Up to 60% off by booking in advance 60% 30 May 2024
No Student Discount Code for Trainline No 30 May 2024
No Unidays Code Trainline No 31 December 2024
No Student Beans Code for Trainline No 31 December 2024
No NUS Totum Discount for Trainline No 31 December 2024

The Trainline provides affordable rail journeys to local destinations as well as stations throughout the UK.

“The 16-25 railcard can be used by mature students too, saving 1/3 off the price of your rail tickets for just £30 a year, or £70 for 3 years.”

Does The Trainline do a Student Discount?

Unfortunately, there is no student discount available directly through The Trainline. This is a shame as it’s always great to get a little extra off on the cost of your rail tickets.

However, there are still some excellent ways students can save including:

  • The 16-25 railcard for 1/3 off your ticket price.
  • Up to 61% off when you buy in advance.
  • Signing up for Ticket Alerts.
  • Using a Young Persons railcard
Trainline student discount
Get travel student discounts today.

Is there a Unidays Trainline Discount?

We get asked this question a lot so we thought we’d put a section here to explain. Unidays is one of the biggest and most popular student discount websites in the UK, but unfortunately, there is no Trainline Unidays code. We checked on myunidays.com and it’s not listed there.

Is there a Trainline Student Beans Code Available?

No, unfortunately, there is no Student Beans Trainline discount available at the moment at this time. We’ll keep checking back and update this page if the situation changes.

Does The Trainline do an NUS Totum Discount?

No, unfortunately, there is no NUS Totum Trainline discount available either at the moment. Squirrel Discount Squirrel promise to let you know as soon as we hear otherwise.


“Top tip: If you can be flexible with your time of travel, check out the Best Farefinder tool to find cheap tickets faster.”

Unidays Trainline

Other ways to save money:

  •  A valid Trainline discount code or discount codes

Trainline Overview

Trainline is a leading online platform that revolutionizes the way people book and manage their train travel. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive range of services, Trainline has become a go-to destination for millions of passengers around the world. In this 300-word piece, we will explore the key features and benefits of Trainline.

One of the standout features of Trainline is its extensive coverage. Whether you’re traveling within a city or across countries, Trainline provides access to a vast network of train operators, ensuring that you can find and book tickets for your desired journey with ease. From high-speed trains to regional services, Trainline offers a wide variety of options to suit different travel needs and budgets.

The convenience offered by Trainline is second to none. With its intuitive search functionality, you can effortlessly compare fares, departure times, and routes, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your preferences. Once you’ve selected your journey, Trainline simplifies the booking process, enabling you to secure your tickets in just a few clicks. The platform also offers mobile ticketing, eliminating the need for paper tickets and providing a seamless travel experience.

Trainline goes beyond ticket booking by providing additional services to enhance your journey. It offers real-time train tracking, allowing you to monitor the progress of your train and make adjustments to your plans if necessary. Furthermore, Trainline offers alerts and notifications to keep you informed about any disruptions or delays, ensuring that you stay updated throughout your travel.

Another notable aspect of Trainline is its commitment to customer service. The platform provides dedicated support channels, including a responsive customer service team, online assistance, and a comprehensive help center. Whether you have a question about your booking or need assistance during your journey, Trainline is there to assist you every step of the way.

In summary, Trainline is a game-changer in the world of train travel. Its extensive coverage, user-friendly interface, convenience, and additional services make it the go-to platform for travelers seeking a seamless and hassle-free experience. With Trainline, booking and managing train journeys has never been easier, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travel adventures.

Popular Questions

How do I get a student discount on train tickets?

As there isn’t a Unidays Trainline student discount, nor a Student Beans or NUS Totum discount for students, the best way to make savings is to purchase a 16-25 railcard. These are available both for students and non-students. The cost is £30 for 1 year or £70 for 3 years, and the average railcard holder will save £189 per year.

Does TheTrainline offer a student discount?

Unfortunately, the Trainline doesn’t offer a dedicated student discount of their own. Student Discount Squirrel regularly checks and will let you know if this changes. In the meantime, you can get 1/3 off your rail tickets by registering for a 16-25 railcard instead.

What is the best train card for students?

The best train card for students is the 16-25 railcard that will save you 1/3 off your rail tickets. This is your best bet as there isn’t a Unidays Trainline student card available, nor is there one through Student Beans or NUS Totum either.

Summary of The Trainline Student Discount in May 2024

There we have it we have come to the end of our The Trainline Student Discount guide.

We’ve shown you that there is a student discount for The Trainline of one third off with a student railcard. But it’s still possible for students to save on their train tickets by signing up for a 16-25 railcard and keeping an eye out for advance rail tickets and the best fares available.

When there is a sale, there are the best discounts and our saving section at the top of the page has the latest dates.

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The Trainline Facts, did you know?

  • The Trainline app gathers routes, prices, and travel times from 270+ rail and coach operators in 45 countries making it super easy for train passengers to source the best-priced tickets.
  • Trainline helps customers across Europe make 172,000 rail journeys every day.
  • In 2018, Trainline introduced rail voice AI – Trainline Voice app partnered with Google Assistant.

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