Travelodge Student Discount Guide

travelodge student discount guide

Travelodge student discount code alert! There is currently 15% off stays over Easter. To get the promo code, go to this special page on their website. Then simply make your booking and the 15% discount will be made.

This is a short term voucher code only!

Travelodge is one of the most well-known and well-loved hotel chains in the UK. It’s popular with travellers, business people, leisure seekers and you guessed it students (!) for it’s comfortable rooms, fantastic locations, cleanliness and customer service. And the good news is that there is a Travelodge student discount available.

Travelodge is one of our favourite places to stay at Student Discount Squirrel HQ when we’re out and about, and we have enjoyed many a comfortable night’s stay in their convenient hotels in all corners of country.

In this section you’ll find out about the following Travelodge money saving tips:

  • Travelodge 5% Promo Code
  • £29 Student Discount Rooms
  • Plus 5 Other Ways To Save!

Is there a Travelodge Student Discount?

Now to top off all the amazing Travelodge benefits mentioned above, you’ll be delighted to know that they DO offer a regular official Travelodge Student Discount! Yes, it’s such good news we will say it again, they do a brilliant official Travelodge student discount!

To get the discount you need a student promo code. Simply go to this page, scroll down to the student section, follow the instructions to verify your student status and you’ll be issued with a specific Travelodge voucher code to enter online.

But the savings don’t end there. We’re going to show you how you can save even more!

Travelodge Discounts

Travelodge is basically a perfect place to stay for you squirrels when you are visiting friends at other universities; their cosy rooms are much more appealing than your mates’ floor or even top and tailing in some small bed in same damp hall. Plus, you’re guaranteed clean sheets!

Travelodge also offer a guaranteed good night sleep! Not something your mates floor can!

Now sit back and read on our dear student friends, the trusty Student Discount Squirrel team have squirrelled out some excellent ways to help you save money with a variety of top Travelodge offers!

So, if you’re looking for a great weekend away, a bit of luxury and pampering, a chance to see a new place or visit old friends, all whilst saving money too you are in luck. Simply check out this our handy Travelodge students discounts page, where we will give you more info on Travelodge promo codes, their fab official student discount packages and more ways to save!


Plus, there are many other ways to save too which this amazing hotel group. So students if you haven’t already clicked the link and booked (which most of you have by now – goodbye!) and need some info read on!

What is the standard Travelodge student discount?

Travelodge has a student discount of 5%. This is available all year around at all hotels.

You’ll need to validate your student status so you’ll need a NUS card or similar accredited ID. To get it simply go to this page and scroll down to the student discount section and you’ll be issued with a discount code.

BUT WAIT!!! To get the best student deal possible you have to bag a £29 room and in the next section we’ll show you how!

How to get a £29 room

So Travelodge regularly advertise a £29/night for a room, but how can students book them. Well follow our guide below to give you every chance:

  1. You will always find the lowest prices when you book directly on
  2. Book as far in advance as possible. The earlier you book, the more chance you have to bag that cheap room
  3. Be flexible and stay mid-week. There are £29 rooms for the weekend but these tend to go very early
  4. These rooms are throughout the UK (although rooms in London tend to have fewer rooms at this rate so you’ll have to be super early)
  5. Go to the Travelodge deals page below to make your search to give you the biggest chance

Even more ways for students to save!!!

The Squirrel isn’t done there. There are actually even more ways to save at Travelodge so keep reading and follow the advice if you want to book as cheap a room as possible!

  1. Always book in advance – not only does this pretty much guarantee availability but also rooms start from £29.
  2. There are over 500 Travelodge locations in the UK and more are being opened all of the time. So whether you’re going nightclubbing in Newcastle, a lads weekend in Liverpool or visiting your cousin in Clapham, there’s always going to be a trusty Travelodge on your doorstep
  3. Unlike other budget hotel chains, you can pay as little as £29 for accommodation in London. We squirrels were really impressed by this! It’s certainly the only way most students can afford to live in the capital, albeit for one night!
  4. This maybe not applicable to most students, but certainly good to know if you have younger family members and want a travel lodge hotel discount, at all Travelodge hotels kids stay and eat free. So this will certainly save families a fortune when staying at Travelodge. Free food for children? Yes please!
  1. Travelodge have a 5% discount for business travellers. So if you or your family members have a business, you can use their Travelodge business discount.
  1. Look on the deals page to find the latest offers on rooms. There are regularly deals on £29 rooms. Click on the big green button to go directly and book away:

Travelodge Student Promo Codes

So in order to get the Travelodge student discount, you need to get the promo code and apply it at the check-out.

To do this, go to this page and scroll down to the student discount section.

However…there are occasional short-term discount codes that Travelodge issue that get you bigger savings.

For instance there was recently a promo code to get 15% off stays in London.

With a Travelodge discount code for 2017 you can save on the cost of cosy rooms with great facilities. Here at Squirrel HQ we regularly have great discounts like 15% Off Travelodge bookings, or free wi-fi when you stay so not only can you enjoy a great stay that will leave you feeling refreshed, but you can also save some cash in the process.

Student Discount Squirrel has the latest and best Travelodge student discount codes so make sure you sign up to our newsletter and Facebook group for the alerts.

Does Travelodge do an NUS discount?

Excellent news, there is an NUS discount for Travelodge to get 5% off. To get it, go to this page and follow the instructions to validate your NUS status. You’ll then be issued with a shiny promo code which you can then use at to get 5% off.

But don’t forget whatever you do to check out the section above on how to book £29/night rooms which will save you even more!

Travelodge Student Discount Summary

There are loads of ways you can save when booking a room at Travelodge. They are clean, comfortable and calm – exactly the kind of peaceful place you want to stay away from halls. They also offer a guaranteed good night sleep. Follow the help below and you’ll be bagging a cheap hotel room:

  1. You can get a 5% Travelodge student discount code when booking online
  2. Get the biggest savings by booking a £29/night room from the special deals page 
  3. There are short-term Travelodge promo codes which we will list for extra savings
  4. Book in advance
  5. Be flexible with dates and stay mid-week for biggest savings

Follow this advice and you’ll be as happy as these guys below who have just nabbed a £29 room in Blackpool for a lovely weekend break. Enjoy!

More on Travelodge

Travelodge offers an unrivalled network of locations throughout the UK which includes many university towns and cities. They have great locations in cities and offer a cheap but convenient option for students when you are looking to visit friends or a cheap weekend break.

The rooms are comfortable and have everything you require including comfy king size Dreamer beds, tv, wifi, and spanking clean bathrooms with lots of piping hot water.

And the best thing about them is the price. You can often get rooms for under £29 plus you can use the Travelodge student discount to get an extra 5% discount.

Occaisionly there are also special student promo codes for Travelodge to get even bigger discounts and you don’t have to fiddle around the NUS validation. Just pop the code in the check-out page and you’ll save even more.

Student Discount Squirrel will update this page with the latest Travelodge deals, so make sure you sign up to the free newsletter and our Facebook and Twitter pages which will have the best discounts.

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