We can confirm that unfortunately there is no Travelodge student discount. There is no Travelodge Unidays code or one with NUS Totum currently either. They sometimes offer a 5% student discount with Student Beans for a limited time but it is not live at the moment. However, we have some great tips to help students save.

Unfortunately the 5% Travelodge discount code has now ended. However, Travelodge have a fantastic offer now on with rooms at £35 or less. More rooms have now been added and they are on selected stays.


Our best tip is to book early and use the Best Price Finder tool when booking too. This search function means you can get up to 30% off advanced bookings and see which dates have the cheapest rooms meaning students that are flexible can save more.

We’ve also found that you can get a 5% discount on all flexible bookings for business customers.

Below is a summary of all the ways that students can save students more when booking a cheap Travelodge room:

  • No permanent Travelodge student discount (occasional 5% at limited times)
  • No Unidays Travelodge discount code
  • Best Price Finder tool for cheaper rooms
  • Fully refundable rooms
  • Check out the Travelodge deals page for the latest cheap room offers and saver rates
  • £35 or less off cheap hotel rooms at Travelodge
  • Plus rooms from £41.99
  • Free wi-fi for 30 minutes at Travelodge

Make sure you check out our student savings section above which has the latest info on the Travelodge student discount as well as Travelodge discounts, voucher codes, deals and offers – to help you save students money!

Travelodge is one of the most well-known budget hotel chains in the UK. It’s popular with travellers, business people, leisure seekers and (you guessed it) students for its comfortable rooms, fantastic locations, cleanliness, customer service and of course their value hotel rooms. It can really help if you need to stay overnight when you’re choosing your university.

Finding a cheap comfortable hotel for students in great locations throughout the UK is important when you’re watching that loan and the Travelodge student discount and Travelodge Plus can help make your money go further.

We wrote this Travelodge student discount ultimate guide to give students some great tips on how to save even more and save on your Travelodge bookings.

“Travelodge is one of our favourite places to stay at Student Discount Squirrel HQ when we’re out and about, and we have enjoyed many a comfortable night’s stay in their convenient hotels in all corners of the UK. It’s even better with the Travelodge student discount”

Does Travelodge do a Student Discount?

There is now no Travelodge student discount code available. There was one with Student Beans but it is not available anymore.


Don’t worry though, it is possible to make some even more excellent savings when booking a cheap hotel room. We’ve been doing the research and found some tried and tested money-saving tips at Travelodge. Keep reading and you could save more.

Is there a Unidays Travelodge Student Discount?

There is currently no Unidays Travelodge code available. We checked on myunidays.com and Travelodge is not listed there.

Travelodge NUS Discount

There is no NUS Travelodge scheme at the moment for students to save. This includes not being included in the NUS Extra card scheme. Usually, this would be listed on nus.org but there is no entry there.

Travelodge Student Beans Discounts

There is now no Student Beans Travelodge discount.


“Just to avoid any confusion, there is no Travelodge NUS Totum discount so you won’t find it available on nus.org.uk. Instead, follow the instructions above as it will work for all NUS affiliated students”

2024 Travelodge Discount Code Student

There is now no Travelodge discount code student. The Squirrel always keeps an eye out and he’s noticed that they often release short term Travelodge promo codes throughout the year with bigger discounts.

These voucher codes are all valid for a short period only, usually 1-2 weeks so you have to be quick or you could lose out. Make sure you check out the Travelodge savings section at the top of the page where we have the latest updated codes, Travelodge deals and Travelodge discounts.

Travelodge Students Discount Discount Expires
£35 Rooms or Less at Travelodge £35 Travelodge Rooms 31 December 2024
London travelodge rooms from £38pn £38 rooms 30 May 2024
Special offers with newsletter sign-ups Special offers 30 May 2024
5% Saver Discount for Business Travellers 5% 31 December 2024
Up to 30% off advanced bookings 30% 31 December 2024
travelodge student discount
Get the best travelodge discounts today, as well as discount codes, voucher codes and other ways to save on Travelodge rooms.

Previous deals that we’ve seen include:

  • A Travelodge code for £15 stays in London
  • 15% promo code off all room bookings
  • 10% Travelodge voucher code off rooms over Easter
  • Also, check out Travelodge plus
  • One-off Travelodge discount code and discount codes releases at key times of yeat

Travelodge Sales and Offers

So even though there is now no 5% Travelodge student discount, it is actually possible to be even more frugal with your Travelodge booking. We’ve done the research so you students don’t have to and we’ve found some clever ways to save more money. Follow the steps below and see how you get on.

  • Check out the savings summary at the top of the page. We list the latest sales and promo codes to get you the biggest bargains. For the students discount, you will need to verify your student status.
  • The cheapest hotel rooms advertised are £34 and can be booked at this special page on travelodge.co.uk.
  • Always book in advance – not only does this pretty much guarantee availability but also rooms start from £34 and under.
  • Unlike other budget hotel chains, with Travelodge, you can pay as little as £29 for accommodation in London. We squirrels were really impressed by this! It’s certainly the only way most students can afford to live in the capital, albeit for one night!
  • They often release special promo codes throughout the year with discounts bigger than 5%. Again make sure you check out our savings section sometimes these can be added on top of your Travellodge student discount.
  • Look on the deals page to find the latest offers on rooms. There are regular deals on £29 rooms. Click on the big green button to go directly and book away.
  • Travelodge has a 5% discount for business travellers. So if you or your family members have a business, you can use their Travelodge business discount.
  • Travelodge deals – often one-off are released throughout the year

The biggest sales happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on.

Travelodge Black Friday and Cyber Monday

There are some great deals to be had around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We’ve seen discounts such as £29 and 10% promo code so keep your eye out around Black Friday.

Travelodge Boxing Day and January Sales

While not being a traditional time to book a cheap student hotel room, Travelodge uses this traditional sales time to have a sale om. In previous years we’ve seen discounts of £29 and an increase in student discount to 10% so keep an eye out!

Did you know that there is also a Premier Inn student discount and Booking.com student discount too? Check them out to see if you can save more.


Other Ways to Save Travelodge

Aside from Travelodge discounts, other ways to save money at Travelodge hotels include:

  • Travelodge website discounts.
  • With an official Travelodge discount code, Travelodge discount code releases happen throughout the year.
  • Seasonal special offers.
  • With a Travelodge promo code
  • Voucher codes
  • With a Travelodge business account

Some of these can be used in conjunction with Travelodge student discounts (student status will need to be verified).

Travelodge Overview

The second-largest budget hotel chain in the UK and arguably the cheapest, Travelodge is a household name across the country and is the first option for many of us when booking a trip away and in need of a cheap hotel. Be it a city break, a flying festival visit or an airport stay, whatever the occasion, there’s room for you. Actually, there are, 32,600 of them to be exact!

Travelodge rooms are broadly the same in all locations, so you know what you’re getting before you arrive, which can take the hassle and stress out of staying somewhere new. You know you will get a simple and comfortable room and the mattresses are always very comfortable. Their hotels are split between city-centre locations and roadside facilities for travellers, with new hotels opening all the time. There is very likely one in or near your university town or city so it’s perfect for parents or friends coming to visit when there is no room at your shared house!

The rooms in Travelodge hotels across the UK and Ireland span single rooms, doubles, triples and family rooms with a pull-out sofa and the budget-happy firm charge by the room, rather than by person, so you can find a great value room even if you really are packing a few of you in! All rooms have an en-suite bathroom, tea and coffee making facilities, a TV and extra bedding and blankets as standard, standard cosy duvet with four plump pillows, so there’s no need for awkward hostel-style bathroom sharing and no need to constantly walk down to reception to make requests. A great plus in our book.

They’re already a budget brand, but even better: Travelodge regularly have flash sales, Travelodge deals and discounts to offer up advance room bookings from just £34 a night. Now there’s a true bargain no one can quibble with! It’s always worth booking your stay in advance on the Travelodge website, as there are different levels of booking available based on the time period before the stay (the earlier, the cheaper as a general rule) and the flexibility required. You can pay a little extra to ensure your booking can be cancelled, amended or refunded, or opt for a non-flexible fare for a much cheaper stay if you know you’re definitely going to be staying on that date in that hotel.

As with most budget travel brands, Travelodge booking prices do fluctuate based on demand – although in this case of course, once the rooms are gone, they’re gone. Make sure if you’re attending a local event or occasion that you book as early as you can to avoid disappointment and potential price hikes – due to demand.

If you’re a pet lover, most Travelodge hotels will accommodate your furry friends too for a fee. Contact the hotel before you travel and of course, if you have a service or support dog, there will be no extra charge. You should also be able to use student discount travel lodge when taking pets as well.

Most hotels also have bar and restaurant facilities and a 24/7 reception service should you need assistance or late check-in/check-out. The Travelodge student discount is one of the most popular on the market for hotel bookings.

History of the Travelodge Company

Travelodge was initially an American brand (we never knew that) and was brought over to the UK in the 1980s, originally as additions to Little Chef restaurants known as ‘Little Lodges’. The first Travelodge hotel opened in 1985 along the A38 road at Barton-Under-Needwood. Since then, it’s been owned by a few different hotel and hospitality groups including Compass and Forte. Now, however, Travelodge stands as a subsidiary company of Dubai International Capital (DIC) and has bought up previous hotels managed by other, smaller businesses.

In 2007, Travelodge made media headlines around the world when it came to light that two of their most loyal customers, David and Jean Davidson, a retired couple from Sheffield, had been taking advantage of their advance booking discounts and living in their hotels for a combined total of 22 years. Splitting their stay between the Newark, Worksop and Grantham hotels, the couple admitted to the press that they found it easier and cheaper to live in Travelodge hotels than in a property they owned or rented. Since then, each of the hotels has named one of their rooms ‘The Davidson Suite’ in honour of the pair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Travelodge do student discount?

There is now no Travelodge student discount. We’ve checked Unidays, Student Beans and NUS Totum and there is no discount code student available. Sometimes there is a 5% discount with Student Beans but it isn’t live at the moment.

How do you get a Travelodge discount?

To get a Travelodge discount check out our guide where we list all the best deals and offers at Travelodge – everything from the Travelodge student discount scheme, flexible rate bookings, a saver rate and one-off Travelodge discount codes.

Is there a Travelodge Unidays code?

There is currently no Unidays code for Travelodge.

We checked on myunidays.com and Travelodge is not listed on there.

Do you get NHS discount at Travelodge?

Unfortunately, there is no NHS discount for Travelodge at the moment.

There are some really cheap hotel rooms through starting from £34 or less so it’s great value despite there being no discount.

Is Travelodge cheaper than Premier Inn?

It really depends on the booking circumstances as to whether Travelodge is cheaper in Premier Inn.

The variables include how far in advance you book, what type of room you want to book and availability. We recommend that you put in dates at both the Travelodge and Premier Inn websites and see what comes back cheaper.

Are Travelodge hotels closing?

Travelodge is not closing down.

During the covid pandemic some hotels has to shut but they are now opening up for the summer.

More on Travelodge

  1. Travelodge offers an unrivalled network of locations throughout the UK which includes many university towns and cities. They have great locations in cities and offer a cheap but convenient option for students when you are looking to visit friends or a cheap weekend break.
  2. The Travelodge rooms are comfortable and have everything you require; including comfy king size Dreamer beds, TV, wifi, and spanking clean bathrooms with lots of piping hot water.
  3. And the best thing about them is the price. You can often get rooms for £32 or under plus you can use the Travelodge student discount to get an extra 5% discount.
  4. Occasionally there are also special student promo codes for Travelodge to get even bigger discounts or a one-off discount at Travelodge and you don’t have to fiddle around the NUS validation. Just pop the code in the check-out page and you’ll save even more.
  5. Student Discount Squirrel will update this page with the latest Travelodge deals, so make sure you sign up to the free newsletter and our Facebook and Twitter pages which will have the best discounts. Also, look at our A to Z directory for similar hotels.

Travelodge Facts, Did you Know?

  • Travelodge is the second-largest budget chain hotel in the country!
  • Travelodge has 32,600 bedrooms across the country!
  • Travelodge rooms are comfy and all have you need for a good nights sleep.
  • Travelodge hotels were mainly next to motorways and main roads but more are popping up in city and town centres.
  • In 1995 it was bought by Granada and in 2006 by Dubai International Capital.
  • Travelodge has over 500 in the UK, 11 in Ireland and 5 in Spain.
  • Travelodge employs over 6000 people.
  • Their flexible rate bookings are hugely popular as is their Travelodge business package scheme.
  • They are often a one-off Travelodge discount code and discount codes released at certain times of the year, these are great ways to get a discount at Travelodge.
  • Travelodge student discounts are hugely popular all over the UK.
  • Travelodge offers great value for money throughout the year.
  • Travelodge Plus is their official loyalty scheme.
  • To get the discount, students must book their room through the Travelodge website
  • The discount is available for students aged 18 and over
  • A valid student ID must be presented at check-in
  • The discount is not available during peak times such as holidays and special events
  • The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions
  • The discount is only available for certain room types
  • The discount is only available at participating Travelodge locations
  • The discount is subject to change at any time
  • Number of Travelodge locations worldwide: 1,056
  • Estimated number of students who use the Travelodge Student Discount: 200,000
  • Percentage of students who use the Travelodge Student Discount: 2%
  • Average savings for students who use the Travelodge Student Discount: 20%
  • Number of countries where the Travelodge Student Discount is available: 10
  • Percentage of Travelodge locations where the Student Discount is available: 95.3%
  • Number of Travelodge locations where the Student Discount is not available: 50
  • Percentage of Travelodge locations where the Student Discount is not available: 4.7%

For more information on student travel visit our central page and check out some merchants below who may also be of interest. If you are looking for a discount at Travelodge we hope you have found what you wanted today!

Travelodge Student Discount Summary

Unfortunately there is no permanent student discount at Travelodge and here is a summary below:

Student Discount 0%
Unidays Code 0%
Student Beans 0%
NUS Totum 0%
Best Current Offer £35 room or less

There has been 5% off Travelodge bookings with a Student Beans code for limited periods. There are loads of other ways you can save when booking a room at Travelodge. The easiest way is through making an advanced booking.

They are clean, comfortable and calm, exactly the kind of peaceful place you want to stay away from halls. They also offer a guaranteed good night sleep.

Follow the help below and you’ll be bagging a cheap hotel room:

  1. You can get a 5% Travelodge business discount code when booking online. One of the top UK student discounts
  2. Get the biggest savings by booking a £38/night room from the special deals page
  3. There are short-term Travelodge promo codes which we will list for extra savings
  4. Book in advance
  5. Be flexible with dates and stay mid-week for the biggest savings

Follow this advice and you’ll be as happy. Enjoy!

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