***There is an Ugg Boots student discount of 20% possible by shopping in the Black Weekend event. There is no NUS Extra or student id required, just shop on the official Uggs website and the 20% will be discounted at the till.

This Ugg student discount will end on 29/11/2016.***

Does Ugg Boots do a student discount?

Students can get an easy 10% Ugg student discount in 2016 by going to this special page on the Ugg Boots site. Just fill in the quick form with your student card id details and your student discount will be applied automatically at the check-out.

Savvy students can still save at Ugg Boots by going to the site and shopping on the official outlet pages, where there are regular discounts of up to 60% on clothing footwear and accessories.

Does Ugg Boots offer an NUS discount?

Yes students with a valid NUS card can get a 10% discount at Ugg Boots NUS discount. Just got to this special page on the Ugg Boots site, fill out the form including your student id number, and the 10% discount will be applied at the till.

Does Ugg Boots offer an NUS Extra discount?

There is no specific NUS Extra Ugg Boots discount. However, students should see above to see how you can get a 10% discount with a valid student id number.

Plus, Student Discounts 2016 will update you with special student codes, discounts and sales, saving you more money!

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As well as the Ugg student discount below, Ugg currently offer free delivery to all students with no student NUS id required. Click here for full details on the Ugg website.

Ugg Boots student discount information correct as of 28/11/2016