Ugg Student Discount Codes 2019

Now Uggs are not cheap, but they are stylish, well made and will last you for years. And we can confirm that there is an Ugg student discount to with a standard 10% reduction. To get the special code, go to this page on, validate your status and you’ll get a short-time code to use at the online check-out.

Even more great news is that there is an outlet page on that has savings of up to 50%.

But the savings don’t stop there. Students can potentially save more money by looking at our Squirrel savings section below:

Get 10% Ugg Student Discount Code

Up to 50% Off At the Ugg Emporium Outlet

15% Off with the Ugg Newsletter Subscription

Free Delivery on All Orders

Uggs have established themselves as a premier footwear brand worldwide. While the classic Ugg boot sent them stratospheric, they now do an extensive range of womens and mens boots, shoes and slippers.

1. The Ugg Student Discount

The great news is that there is a standard Ugg student discount code for 10% off and you can use it on all full priced items at

We’ve researched how to get it so just follow the instructions below:

  1.  Go to the special student page on
  2. Verify your student status by logging on to Unidays (you can do it at the page above).
  3. Generate your unique Ugg student discount code.
  4. Enter your Ugg boots, shoes, slippers and other items you want to buy into your basked
  5. Go to the check-out
  6. At the check-out enter your student code in the promo code box.
  7. The reduction will automatically be made.

It’s a great system and easy way for students to get a fantastic discount on their Ugg footwear purchases.

There are some terms and conditions you should be aware of though:

  • Open to UK residents over the age of 18
  • Full priced items only
  • Can’t be used with any other voucher codes
  • Not available at Ugg outlet stores or third party sellers of Uggs

Student Discount Squirrel says:

“If you’re not sure whether the Ugg student discount code is valid for your purchase just enter it in the promo code box anyway. If it’s not an automated message will tell you.”

If you’re in a Ugg store then officially you can’t get a student discount. However, we recommend showing some valid student id at the till and asking. You never know your luck.

ugg student discount

2. 6 Ways for Students to Save at Ugg

Even though there is an Ugg student discount, we’ve found that there are more ways to save as we’ve been researching this guide.

So this next section shows you how.

1. The Ugg Sales Page

Did you know that there is an Ugg sales page on their website? This lists all the shoes, boots and other items that are discounted.

Some good sales bargains we saw when we last had a look included:

  • 30% Off Classic Short Ugg Boot
  • 30% Off Women’s Dakota Slip-on
  • 30% Off Mini Classic Boot

Unfortunately the student discount code won’t work on sales prices but you’re getting a bargain anyway and saving so it’s all good!

2. See if there are any Ugg Promo Codes

There are periods throughout the year where Ugg distribute online promo codes that anybody, not just students, can use.

These have included free delivery, 20% off everything and extra 10% off sale footwear.

We’ve written a whole chapter on promo codes so make sure you read it and check out our savings section where we will list any current ones.

3. Check out the Savings Section in this Guide

Just to make things super easy, we’ve listed the latest offers, deals and promo codes at the top of our page in the savings section.

This is regularly updated with some of the best offers, sales and deals that Ugg offer.

It’s helpful, easy to follow and could save you some money so make sure you check it out now!

4. Sign up to the Newsletter

Did you know that if you sign up to the newsletter on then you get exclusive deals, offers and codes.

Off course you get the latest new lines, fashion tips and exclusive offers too so it’s well worth it. 

5. Get Free Delivery

It’s annoying when you get to the check-out online and find that there is a big delivery charge to pay. We’ve often abandoned our carts because of this.

Thankfully this isn’t an issue as Ugg offer free standard delivery.

Exchanged and returns are also free which is a nice touch.

6. Biggest Discounts are in the Sales

If you’re looking to buy a big item at Ugg like a brand new wardrobe then hanging on for one of the big sales throughout the year could save you big

We’ve written a bespoke chapter on this but throughout the year these sales happen like clock work and have the biggest discounts.

They include:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Christmas and January Sales
  • Spring & Easter Sales
  • Summer Sale
ugg outlet sales page

3. Is there a Ugg UNiDAYS, NUS or Student Beans Discount?

There are now quite a few different student discount schemes in the UK and it can be difficult when you’re looking for a specific store to get a reduction, like Ugg for instance.

The 3 biggest ones are NUS, UNiDAYS and Student Beans. We get asked a lot whether there is a Ugg student discount through these schemes so we’ve done some extensive researching so we can answer your questions properly!

The Unidays Ugg Discount

It’s great news to start off with.

There is a Unidays Ugg promo code available to get you 10% off your purchase online.

To get it you need go to this page on, follow the instructions and get verified with UNiDAYS.

You’ll be issued with a bespoke student voucher code to enter at the checkout and bob’s your uncle you’ll get a terrific reduction on ALL full priced items.

Ugg NUS Extra Discount?

The actual answer to this is yes and no!

Confused? Don’t be. We’ll explain.

You can get a Ugg NUS discount in-store as your card will be valid student id.

However online there is no NUS promo code available.

But remember there is a Unidays discount which you can still get, just read above!

Are there Student Beans Discounts?

We can confirm that there is no Ugg Student Beans code.

It doesn’t appear listed on the Student Beans website.

Still, the 10% standard through Unidays is a bonus!

UGG Fun Facts!

Did you know...:?

  • UGG is most famous for it's footwear but also sells bags, clothing and home goods!
  • It''s headquarters are in Goleta which is in California
  • It is an Amercian brand but is a registered trademark in over 130 countries - a true world-wide student favourite!
  • It is most well known for it's famous and distinctive sheepskin boots for both men and women. 
  • It was formed in 1978 by an Australian surfer called Brian Smith and Doug Jensen.
  • Originally it was very popular in the Orange County but quickly grew! 
  • In 2003 Ugg boots appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show when she named them as one of her favourite things! She purchased 350 pairs of boots for staff and the audience!
  • In 2006 the first store was opened in New York!
  • They are now a firm favourire with celebs including Leonardo DiCaprop and Ronnie Wood!

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Discount Valid Code Required
10% Ugg Student Discount December 2018 Yes
50% Off Outlet Reductions December 2018 No
30% Winter Sale December 2018 No