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We have some great and fun information all about this fast retailing behemoth which continues to grow in popularity year on year. It opened its first store in June 1984 by its owner Tadashi Yanai and who founded Uniqlo’s parent company Fast Retailing.

Japanese fashionwear brand Uniqlo is world-renowned for its Tokyo-influenced streetwear classics and casual wear, it is considered a great label to shop both wardrobe staples and limited-edition Asian-inspired pieces. It is hugely popular with people of all ages and is a big favourite here at SDS.

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About Uniqlo

How Was Uniqlo Started?

‘Uniqlo’ is short for ‘Unique Clothing’ and is part of the larger Fast Retailing Co group which is a huge Japanese retail holding company that owns several other ‘fast fashion’ brands.

Uniqlo was originally a Japanese-only retailer but has expanded worldwide thanks to its ongoing success.


That said, this doesn’t always translate perfectly to every market around the globe, and us Brits seem not to have adopted their products in the way they would have originally liked. This has resulted in a hold on new store openings and even some store closures in smaller towns and cities: but fear not J-pop streetwear fans!

The whole Uniqlo range is available online, and there are still 11 shops across the UK for your casual fashion perusal of this fast retailing co ltd.

The label is hugely popular almost everywhere else in the world, so when abroad, you’ll pretty much always spot the bright red and white logo out and about.

Spanning menswear, womenswear, kidswear and baby items, there’s a great amount of stock in but the real Student Discount Squirrel goodness comes in the form of their ‘Limited Offers’ section – a treasure trove of discounts, limited-edition pieces and sets and anything unsold from the high street shops.

Uniqlo is Best For Basics and Staples

Uniqlo is famous for its basic and plain staple pieces because they’re such good quality and so long-lasting. Their point of sale materials and the online shop gives great inspiration for how to combine the pieces for something eye-catching and suitable for any occasion.

Plain need not mean basic, and there’s something really classy about wearing understated easy pieces in plain tones and designs with simple cuts. Those who shop in Uniqlo swear by it and go back time and time again.

The limited-edition special ranges include a whole host of Japanese brands and cultural references, including Doraemon, Peppa Pig, and various anime and manga character and scenes.

This attracts fashion fans who want to get hold of something that’s limited and won’t be around for long, as well as the individual fandoms for each pop culture reference.

This championing of Japanese culture and the brand’s heritage has proved popular worldwide and allows Uniqlo to promote art, culture, music and other traditions direct from their homeland to all of the countries within which they operate.


If you like to mix and match or dress from a classic capsule wardrobe, Uniqlo is the ideal retailer for you – and their clothing’s quality allows you to hang on to pieces through years of use and hundreds of outfits!

Uniqlo was birthed in 1984 as a subsidiary of an existing Yamaguchi-based company. The company originally only stocked menswear, but the ‘Unique Clothing Warehouse’ launch saw a range of unisex clothing launched. Based in Fukuro-machi, Naka-ku, the company’s new registration was misread and the ‘c’ in Uniclo (short for Unique Clothing) was registered as a ‘q’, hence the name today!

Fun Facts About The Brand

  • Uniqlo opened its first U.S. stores in 2005
  •  The first Uniqlo Store opened its doors in June 1984
  • They are famed from their Japanese casual wear

Summary of The Uniqlo Brand

A relatively new brand when compared to some more established retailers in the market place Uniqlo have without a doubt cemented themselves as a favourite in the UK. They are known for being stylish and value for money They have great online and instore shopping options – if you haven’t checked them out we definitely recommend. Take a look at our dedicated page where we show you all the top ways to save as well.

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