Does Vodafone do a student discount?

Student Discount Squirrel have found excellent Vodafone iPhone discounts at Carphone Warehouse at the moment. The iPhone 6 is just £34/month (£29.99 up front) with the student discount code SMARTSAVE30. Click here to go > This includes unlimited minutes and texts.

The Samsung Galaxy 6 Vodafone student discount deal can also get you significant savings at Carphone Warehouse. Click here for the direct page > It is the same monthly tarif as the iPhone 6 but no up front cost!

There is also a Vodafone iPhone 5c student deal for £25/month again at Carphone Warehouse. You get 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. Click here for the direct page >

Students can get an easy 10% Vodafone student discount in 2015. First, sign up to a Vodafone monthly contract by going to the link.

Then, go to this special page on the Vodafone site, fill in the form with your NUS student card id details and your Vodafone student discount will be applied to your account. This works, even if you already have a Vodafone contract. Your university has to be included in the list for the Vodafone discount to work.

Does Vodafone offer an NUS discount?

Yes students with a valid NUS card can get a 10% off at Vodafone NUS discount.

If you haven’t signed up, then sign up to a Vodafone pay monthly contract. Click here to go >

Then, go to this special page on the Vodafone site, fill out the form including your student NUS number, and the 10% discount will be applied to your account.

Does Vodafone offer an NUS Extra discount?

There is no specific NUS Extra Vodafone discount. However, students should see above to see how you can get a 10% discount with a valid student id number.

Plus, Student Discount Squirrel will update you with special student codes, discounts and sales, saving you more money!

Vodafone coaches are a great way for students to travel cheaply around the UK. And great news, there are Vodafone student discounts of up to a third

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