The Best Waterstones Student Buys

The top bricks-and-mortar bookseller in the UK, Waterstones operates over 280 shops across the country and in some concessions throughout Europe, as well as online through their own website. You may have a branch of Waterstones at your uni, but if not, it’s likely there’s one nearby on your closest high street.

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Top Student Buy: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read – Philippa Perry – £10.99 hardback

A must-read for psychology students or fans, The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read brilliantly explains the theory behind how your upbringing may affect the person you are today.

Philippa Perry is a clinical psychotherapist specialising in child psychology and her easy-to-read writing style helps map out the basics in a way that’s interesting but still factual.

If you’re ever planning on having children, or working with them, this is a great guide to thinking of them as people, not projects… and learning to take from the parenting styles of others to best benefit happy, healthy development.

Top Student Buy: Natives: Race And Class In The Ruins Of Empire – Akala – £6.99 paperback

Sadly not historical but very current, Akala’s deep dive into his own experiences as a mixed race man in modern Britain make for a fascinating read.

It’s brutally honest, and covers everything from being stopped and searched to realising that his mother was white – and reflects upon these and how they have shaped his outlook on life today.

This book is a great political commentary as well as examining sexual objectification and identity, the police, education and the growth of the far right. It’s heavy, but it’s worth the weight.

Top Student Buy: Everything I Know About Love – Dolly Alderton – £6.99 paperback (other format prices vary)

One of Waterstones’ ‘Best Books To Look Out For’, Everything I Know About Love is the memoir of Dolly Alderton, former Sunday Times dating columnist.

It’s her debut book, and covers her memories of falling in love, relationship break-downs, having her heart broken and relying on her best friends to pull her right back up again after a knock back.

It’s a real coming-of-age write, and you’ll find it funny, sad, satirical and very, very honest. It won’t teach you much in the realms of university courses, but it’ll make for a great read to stick your nose in when you need an escape from study!