Top stationery, great books, convenient and now with post offices located within, a WHSmith discount code in April 2024 can come in handy when trying to save.


The subject of disparaging social media accounts focused on their carpets and the staple fixture in the least glamorous of rail stations, WH Smith is a surprising student sweetheart: but there’s more in store than you may expect with this stationer.

We’ve been looking at their ranges of books, stationery and gifts to see what are the best buys for students in the UK. And don’t forget to visit our WhSmith student discount guide to see the latest promotions, voucher codes and sales at in April 2024 .


Not strictly a required university read, but a great opportunity to take some time out, indulge in some self-care away from your studies and expand your horizons through your imagination! Despite no longer being the hosts of This Morning, the Richard and Judy Book Club lives on, and each season the top books are sold in a bargain bundle for you to enjoy at your leisure. Even if you’re not in the mood (or don’t have the time) to settle down and read fiction right now, these bundles are worth buying so you can pick them up whenever you’re ready, whilst continuing to try out new fiction styles and perhaps discover something you wouldn’t have otherwise ever chosen with your orders at WHSmith!


whsmith discount code


There are lots of different brands of notebook, and you’ll find many in WH Smith, as you will elsewhere – but their own brand is just as good as any other, and gives great value for money. Already hole-punched, this make sure it slides easily into your ring binders of work and at 700gsm is a decent thickness for lugging around between classes and moving between folders as modules progress. These refill pads are super sturdy and sealed at the edge so you won’t need to keep an eye on any lose any loose sheets or all-important notes. Great news, you can order online too.


A rainbow variety of folders, these popper folders make for an easy way for you to organise and display your work by colour coding it. Segment by modules, topics, textbooks or even areas of study. Consider coding by your interest – pink your favourite colour and green your least? You know where to put your best and worst work! These polypropylene folders are water-proof to survive the morning after all-nighters where you’re almost entirely caffeine-fuelled and when they’re this bright, you won’t leave them behind in a hurry.

whsmith discount code


Students will find a wide range of competitively-priced books in-store too; of both fiction and fact. WH Smith doesn’t claim to be a specialist textbook stockist by a long shot, but they can normally order in rarer titles, so shop around and ask your local shop if they can find you what you’re looking for. We’ve all found ourselves in a pickle when the library is all out of copies of the one book you need – so don’t risk it, and pick up your own copy to be sure. And you can be reassured by the WHSmith logo in April 2024.


WH Smith started out as a newsagent in 1792 by – you guessed it – Henry Walton Smith. When Henry and his wife died in 1812, the business was inherited by their son; William Henry Smith; who named the firm and began to expand the company, taking advantage of the increased popularity in rail travel by opening shops at stations.

The business was passed on through inheritances but in 1996, the last Smith family member lost control. A public company in its own right, it really began to flourish when it launched a book-cataloguing system to monitor and sort its own stock: the ISBN system, which is now used to categorise and catalogue books worldwide!

From the 70s onwards, WHSmith branched out into different markets and launched travel agents, music shops and bookstores. This proved to be a step too far in diversification, and following business restructuring, the focus was brought back onto the core offering in stores and online. It continues to grow, slowly but surely and within its original remit, by buying into Crown Post Offices that already sit within its shops and operating them itself. Smaller kiosk shops also now exist internationally: in Finland, France, China, India, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sweden and Ireland. With some careful management and the mind not to grow too big too quickly, or to become a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ again, WH Smith continues to flourish as a high street staple.

So if you’re looking for WHSmith discount codes, then check out our fantastic guide page where there are the latest codes, discounts sales and money-saving tips.

Some things WHSmith specialise in is:

  • Stationery
  • Office
  • Art + Craft
  • Books
  • Gifts, Cards + Home
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Gaming
  • Music, Film + Television
  • art and craft
  • books at whsmith
  • magazine subscriptions
  • back to school pencil cases

Their range of stationery, in particular, is fantastic.  They have some great ranges which they call collections, our favourites being Botanique, Cream Soda and Henley.

Included in these collections are stationery items including:

  • A4 ring binder
  • Personal Organiser
  • Ballpoint Pens
  • A4 Notebook
  • Stationery set (paperclips, stickers etc)
  • Agenda Planner
  • Rollabound Expanding Organiser
  • Diamante Ball Pen
  • B5 Sticky Notes Organiser
  • A4 Project Book
  • Manicure Set
  • A5 Notebook

They make a lovely accompaniment to university life and it’s a nice change to having everything online!

Also, WHSmith has a great offer of books. There are biographies, children, food and drink, textbooks, fiction, travel guides and other non-fiction and there are often great discounts to be had such as percentage reductions and buy one get one-half price, so look out for these.


Frequently Asked Questions on WHSmith Discount Codes

Where can I get WHSmith Discount Codes?

The first place to get a voucher code is our guide page. We regularly update this with the latest WHSmith vouchers and promo codes. It is also worth looking on homepage too as we’ve seen a promo code promoted on there too.

What other offers are there?

We are regularly researching and have seen some great deals on:

  • free delivery
  • 3 for 2
  • gift cards
  • photo albums
  • home office
  • activity books

Last updated on April 2024

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