Whatever it is that you’re looking for to go in your student home or flat, Wilko probably has it – and at a great price too!

Wilko seems to have sprung up across British high streets after a few years’ absence, and you may remember the red logoed Wilkinson Hardware Stores from childhood?

These stores have been re-branded after a decision by Wilko corporate and, in many cases, re-positioned in an effort to modernise the chain and move its emphasis from hardware and DIY more to homewares.

If you’re looking for anything at all for your student room or home, Student Discount Squirrel always recommends checking out Wilko for some great value products and deals. If you’re looking for a Wilko student discount then check out our guide page and get a minimum 10% off code.

What Wilko Sells and Their Product Range

The current Wilko product range includes homewares, DIY materials, textiles, cleaning products, kitchen and bathroom goods, health and beauty products, stationery, pet products and confectionery, as well as some basic groceries.

I love Wilkinson hardware stores – you can basically get anything you need!

Seasonal departments offer occasional and relevant seasonal products, including toys and games for Christmas and garden-ware throughout the summer. Most are Wilko’s own brand items, with other high street labels available throughout.

about wilko

Wilko is a budget-priced retailer, so it’s earnt lots of brownie points with Student Discount Squirrel! The brand saves money in numerous ways, such as re-fitting existing retail shops rather than purchasing new premises, advertising only in market-relevant publications, and investing in product development for basic lines rather than premium products.


It can be frustrating to be limited with what you can do when decorating a student flat; both in terms of the money you have to splash on it all and the actual things you’re permitted to do the property. Wilko makes it easy to tidy everything and implement a theme without breaking the bank or the walls, though, instead of introducing colour accents and easy temporary decorations that can change with the semester, season or student within.

The small furniture items alongside household essentials make for easy personalisation of your university room, and there are all the supplies (OK, bar the booze!) you’ll need for parties and get-togethers too.

About The Brand – wilko.com

Wilko (or formally known as Wilkinson Hardware Stores) stores can be found on the high streets of most British towns and cities, but if you don’t have one near you (or would prefer home delivery for easy transportation), their website offers a great range of delivery options.

There’s not currently a student discount as standard for Wilko, but the business claims this allows them to offer the same great low prices to everyone, no matter their educational background or qualifications. To be honest, with prices this low, you may not notice another discount anyway!

About Wilkinson Hardware Stores (Wilko) Summary

Wilko is a firm favourite with the teams at SDS. They offer year-round special offers and great prices as standard. On our official page we look at all the current ways to save. Whether you are a student or not, Wilko is sure to stock high-quality items at a great value – don’t believe us – check them out for yourself at wilko.com, you’ll be in for a great surprise!

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