Welcome to our guide for the University of Bristol. Could this UK university be the right higher education institution for you? Read on to discover more about courses, accommodation, places to visit and more if you are interested in this leading UK university.

After completing your A-levels, choosing your first higher education institution is an important decision, so you will probably be considering a number of universities. Our guide to the University of Bristol will help you gain a better understanding of the academics, subject areas and student life at this leading institution. It will essentially help you to decide whether this is the first UK university you would like to join. Find out more about the University of Bristol:

Overview of the University of Bristol

Ranked 61st in the world in the QS World Rankings 2023, the University of Bristol is world renowned for its many courses and outstanding quality of education. The university is a redbrick university, meaning it is one of the nine civic universities originally developed in the major industrial cities of England during the 19th century.

Bristol University belongs to the Russell Group, which is an association of 24 public research universities in the UK. These UK research-intensive universities are often considered to be the best universities in the country. As of 2017, the group receives more than three-quarters of all university research grants, allowing them to make a significant contribution to economic, cultural and intellectual factors in the UK.

History of Bristol University

Bristol University was established in 1897 where it grew from strength to strength. The earliest sector in the university was the engineering department which later became the engineering faculty. From 1925 to 1966, Sir Winston Churchill was a chancellor of the university and was awarded a Nobel Prize during his career.

The university is also associated with 13 other Nobel Prize winners, including the current chancellor Sir Paul Nurse. Other Nobel Prize winners include Harold Pinter, who was awarded the prize for literature in 2005 and Angus Deaton, who received the prize for economics in 2016.

The University of Bristol became the first UK university of higher education to enrol men and women on an equal basis. Dorothy Hodgkin won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1964. Nowadays, the university offers more than 600 degree courses with six faculties which include arts, health, science, law, engineering and social sciences.

One of the university’s main objectives is earth sciences and caring for the environment through an ambitious green strategy. In fact, in 2019, the university was the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency and intends to become carbon neutral by 2030.

What is the address of the University of Bristol?

The official address of the University of Bristol is:

Beacon House
Queens Road

Map of the University of Bristol

Below is a map of the University of Bristol:

How to get to the University of Bristol

There are various ways to get to the University of Bristol, including train, bus and plane:

  • Train: If you take the mainline train to the University of Bristol, the two train stations are Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple Meads. The city and the university meet conveniently at Beacon House, and the main campus is not far from the centre of the city. Clifton Down station is the closest station to the main campus.

The university campus is within walking distance from Bristol Temple Meads train station, as well as Bristol bus and coach station. Once you get to the campus, you can walk between most buildings within 10 minutes, as the campus is fairly compact.

  • From Bristol Airport: You can take a bus from Bristol Airport to the university. The distance is 13 kilometres from the city of Bristol (further information is available at Bristol Airport).
  • From London Heathrow Airport: You can take the National Express coach from London Heathrow to Bristol or the Heathrow Express train, which runs to Bristol Temple Meads station.

In 2022, the city of Bristol introduced a Clean Air Zone as part of its climate emergency plan after initiating the strategy up to three years earlier. The plan requires motorists to pay to drive in the city zone if their car does not meet certain emission standards. Students are, therefore, generally advised not to bring a vehicle to the city unless it is absolutely necessary. Bristol has excellent bus and train connections for getting around the city.

What are the top courses at Bristol University?

The University of Bristol is well recognised across the world for its excellence in global research and teaching standards. The University offers more than 300 undergraduate courses which include degrees in the following subjects:

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Social Sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Law

A number of undergraduate courses include options for students to customise modules in their degree and choose optional units to suit the focus of research. Some students include industrial experience, quantitative research methods and studying abroad.

Postgraduate students are able to be admitted to qualifications such as master’s degrees and PhDs. Masters programmes include social sciences, life sciences, health sciences, computer science, law, arts and engineering.

The University of Bristol has leading academics who work alongside Bristol graduates in groundbreaking research. In addition, the university has expert lecturers and established research links to provide ongoing practical support. The university is also recognised for its use of modern technology and has an area for studying called the Beacon House Study Centre.

Where is the Bristol Students Union?

The Bristol Students Union, or Bristol SU, is found at Richmond Building, 105 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1LN, UK. Here you will get to experience the student life of the university as the Students Union staff team is found at the Bristol SU. The building has study spaces, activity rooms, two theatres, and so much more.

The building is a place where you can go between lectures, and the Student’s Union can also give you advice about religious societies. You can access the Richmond Building through a lift at the main entrance. It is also accessible through the entrance on Queens Road or the back entrance on Richmond Terrace Avenue.

What are the best Bristol student nights?

Student nights in Bristol happen throughout the week, so there is always something to do if you need a break from studying. There is everything from traditional pubs with relaxed atmospheres to stylish clubs which provide world-class nightlife.

Social events happen on a regular basis, and thriving music venues are close to campus. You will find a wide array of dedicated student nights at various clubs on most nights of the week across the city. The following venues are some of the best for students:

  • Bed at Gravity (Monday)
  • Poundemonium at OMG (Tuesday)
  • Killa Disco at Lola Lo (Thursdays)
  • Impulse at Lizard Lounge (Fridays)
  • Propaganda at the Fleece (Saturdays)

What are the best student pubs in Bristol?

Bristol is renowned for being one of the best cities in the UK to find lively student pubs. If you are looking to take a break from your pursuit of academic excellence, pubs surrounding the University of Bristol offer some of the best places to visit. Some of the most popular pubs in the city centre and surrounding area include:

  • The Apple
  • The Volunteer Tavern
  • The Sportsman
  • The Brass Pig
  • The Anchor
  • All Stars

You can find these pubs and more if you stay in the city, so there is always a place for your day and nightlife entertainment needs.

Where are the best places to eat for students in Bristol?

Bristol is a vibrant city that has a particularly diverse range of places to eat. Local and international students living in the city can find various places that offer excellent food at affordable prices. St Nick’s Market, for example, is a vibrant market which offers an interesting combination of tiny shops and stalls that sell various types of food at budget-friendly prices.

Harbourside Market is another place that offers everything from wood-fired pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh bread to doughnuts, cakes and dumplings. This street food market combines Bristol’s most scenic areas with tasty street foods. The market celebrates the waterfront with DJs, local beverages on tap and excellent food choices. Other recommended places for students to eat in the city include:

  • Bertha’s Pizza
  • Hart’s Bakery
  • The Bristolian
  • St Werburgh’s City Farm Café

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Bristol?

Finding the right accommodation during your higher education is important as this can support your research and studies, as well as your whole university campus experience. Students based in the UK and international students have the option to stay in the university halls of residence.

The halls of residence are generally located in three student residential villages, namely, City Centre, Clifton and Stoke Bishop. Clifton campus covers a broad area and overlooks the city from a vantage point.

Stoke Bishop is located in landscaped grounds which include the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, an area well known for its numerous facilities such as rugby pitches, tennis courts and weight lifting rooms.

What famous people went to Bristol University?

A number of famous people have graduated from the University of Bristol, making this UK university one of the most prestigious in South West England. The following well-known people went to the University of Bristol:

  • Singer and songwriter, James Blunt
  • Former English rugby player, Josh Lewsey
  • Olympic sailor, Hannah Mills
  • British actress, Pearl Mackie
  • British actor, Will Poulter

Hotels near The University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is conveniently located near the centre of the city, so fortunately, there are numerous hotels with private accommodation. In addition, you can stay at an Airbnb located near the university. Have a look at the following map to find accommodation that suits your budget and preferences:


Top Bristol Students Discounts

There are a number of discounts available to students at the University of Bristol. Check out the following for special offers for some money-saving deals:

Here are some of the best student discounts you can get in and around Leeds.

Popular Questions about the University of Bristol

Is the University of Bristol a top university?

Bristol University constantly ranks in the top 100 universities in the world. In fact, the QS world university rankings have rated the University of Bristol within the top 50 universities three times within the last six years. In terms of researching and teaching excellence, the university is rated in the UK’s top 10 universities.

Is it difficult to get into Bristol University?

The University of Bristol is one of the top universities in England, so students generally need to achieve decent results in their A-levels to gain acceptance to this university. The institute will admit men and women from different cultural backgrounds, and the acceptance rate is 68%. The university website has sufficient technology and provides more information about international studies and support for students in various parts of the world

What subjects are offered by the University of Bristol?

The University of Bristol offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. There are 314 undergraduate degrees in arts, science, engineering, health sciences, life sciences, social sciences and law. There are also various technology degrees which include subjects like computer science.

Postgraduate study subjects include arts, engineering, health sciences, social sciences, life sciences, science and law. There are 249 postgraduate degrees to choose from, and the university also offers research programmes such as master’s degrees and PhDs.

What is the University of Bristol well known for?

Ranked 61st in the world in the QS World University Rankings, the University of Bristol is recognised for its excellent research and high teaching standards. The world university rankings are based on a globally recognised world report. The university attracts students who are among the most in-demand by employers worldwide, so it provides a careers service for graduates.

Does the University of Bristol belong to the Russell Group?

Yes, the University of Bristol is an internationally renowned university that belongs to the Russell Group. The graduate employability rate is among the highest in the UK.

Summary of the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is undoubtedly one of the most popular universities in the UK. In terms of world university rankings, it is continuously ranked within the top ten universities in the UK.

The university welcomes students from more than 130 countries, producing a diverse and stimulating range of students. You will benefit from an institution that is rich in research and technology, allowing you to thrive in academics and learn from some of the best intellects in the world.

There are more than 400 clubs and societies, including 70 sports clubs you can join, providing numerous chances to enjoy social events and campus life. The student life revolves around the main campus, and there are always places to visit in the vibrant city.

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