Best Student Laptops 2019 Guide – Discounts, Deals & Buyers Tips

So if you’re looking to buy a student latop then you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will show you the best laptop deals, all the student discounts with computer retailers and also what you buy for your budget.

From cheap notebooks to gaming laptops, we have all the best and cheapest options in 2019 that will save you money.

Cheap Student Laptop Deals Under £500

This is realistically the most popular price range for student laptops.

If you’re budget is on the lower side you can still get some great specs that should last you through your university career and beyond.

Apple Mac Pro 13 Refurbished – £499

cheap apple macbook for students
An Apple Mac Pro for £499? Surely there is some catch.

Well there is only one and that is that it is a refurbished model. This means that it has been previously owned but sent back.

It is in proper working order and is a way for students to get a good discount on a Macbook that would usually be out of the budget range.

There are good specs too including an i5 processor, 500gb memory and of course Apples smooth, sophisticated iOS operating system.

As you’re buying through Wowcher there is a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee and this a great laptop option for students.

Acer Chromebook now just £99.99

A laptop for under a hundred quid?

Can this be true?

Well dear students it is true, it’s on sale currently at Currys and is our cheapest student laptop we’ve found to date.

If you need a lightweight simple machine to take some notes in tutorials and browse the web than this is perfect.

We should point out that it won’t run Microsoft Office or Windows 10.

But you can use Google Docs or Sheets to word process or do simple spread sheets and browse using the Chrome browser.


Acer Aspire 3 Intel i5 2.5GHz 8GB 1TB Windows Laptop – Refurbished

Did you know you can buy laptops from eBay?

And did you know that big well known highstreet retailers sell on their?

In this instance Argos has a great Acer Aspire 3 i5 laptop for just £273.99.

The one catch (if you can call it that) is that it is a refurbished laptop, but there is a great warranty which gives peace of mind and means it is a cracking deal.

You’d be hard pushed to get another laptop with such a great spec.

As it has an i5 processor, it means you can run Windows 10 as well as other software such as Microsoft Office meaning you can do all the uni work you’ll ever need.

We’ve bought a few things refurbished including the laptop we’re writing on now and never had a problem but make sure you check the warranty.

acer aspire t3 for students

ASUS Vivobook – 10% Off

We already liked this Asus laptop because it was under £400 at Currys and it had an i3 processor.

But now it’s possible to get an extra 10% off as it is included in their big summer sale.

Other things to note are it comes with Windows 10 which is an essectial for uni, you get a HD screen with NanoEdge display and it’s averaging 4 stars in the reviews at

As they say it’s great for work and play so worth checking out and the price is student loan friendly!


This is realistically the most popular price range for student laptops.

If you’re budget is on the lower side you can still get some great specs that should last you through your university career and beyond.

Acer Laptop – £469

acer aspire student laptop
Tesco Direct is having a closing down sale and we’ve spotted this great Acer laptop with amazing specs which has been reduced to £469.

Acer laptops have a fantastic reputation for those university students looking for a Windows workhorse.

There is 1 terrabyte of storage, 8gb ram and a good i5 processor which means you can do all your standard uni work and essay writing on Word without an issue.

You’ll have to be quick though, Tesco Direct will close down on 9th July!

Best Student Laptop Deals Over £500

Sometimes you need to shell out a bit more for your student laptop for university.

You might need to run special software for your course or if you’re lucky enough to have the budget than a more expensive laptop can be a better investment in the long run as it will last longer, run faster and you’ll be able to work more efficiently.

We have found some of the best student laptop deals costing over £500.


Microsoft Surface Laptop – £999

The Microsoft Surface is a real contender to the Apple Mac.
There is a great touchscreen that is 13.5 inches wide, runs Windows 10 S like a dream and a lightning processor.
We’ve found a great deal at PC World that saves £200 and is open to everyone, not just students.
Definitely one to consider for you university year.

HP Envy 13 Ultrabook – £764.10

This lovely looking Ultrabook is a good rival to the Microsoft Surface.

It is the latest model for 2018 and has a great spec with quad core processor which is very speedy indeed.

It’s really thin so is easy to take with you to lectures and even has a fingerprint sensor for added security.

To get it at this price you must use the voucher code SAVE10P which takes 10% off HP laptops.

DELL Inspiron 15 7000 15.6″ Laptop- £599.99

If you’re looking for a speedy laptop at a great price then look no further than this DELL Inspiron machine that’s been reduced to £599.99 from £999.99 at Currys.

The reason it’s so fast? It’s got a zippy Intel Core i7-7500u processor which will have you speeding through those late night essays in no time.

Unless you get distracted by Love Island that is!

For the price you’ll be hard pushed to get any better specs and will be a great investment for your university life.


Asus Gaming Laptop – Save £120

If you’re looking for both a gaming laptop and something for university work too then this Asus  FX503 now has £120 at

There is a speedy i5 quad processor to run any PC game smoothly.

The full HD 15 inch screen is  perfect for your coursework and if you need to run any memory hungry programmes for your uni modules then this beauty of a computer will handle it no problem.

Plus there are a free games bundle too which is not to be sniffed at.