We can confirm that currently there is no standard Argos student discount. This means there is no Unidays Argos code, NUS Totum or Student Beans codes either. However, there is a student essentials page which is a useful place to pick up all you need for uni at cheap prices.


There are some useful categories to browse such as laptops and tablets, student house essential starter kits, home office and photography.

We’ve done some more research and found it’s still possible for students to save. The first is students must check out the Argos clearance page. It’s a directory page to the best bargains.


It’s a really well-organised page and breaks down the deals into categories including technology, home and garden, clothing etc. Then within these, they again are divided into subsections such as for technology laptops and pcs, ipads and tablet and video games.

Also sometimes students can get a £10 voucher off spends over £100. There is also one for £5 off £50 spend too. This runs on limited weeks throughout the year so check the page to see if the offer is live.


Other discounts that could save students money include:

Student Discount Squirrel can help you find the best Argos discount codes, latest deals, sales tips, Argos offers and more so you can get saving at this brilliant retailer today. 

So, you saving savvy Squirrels… not only do you want a brilliant range of products you also want them at top prices?! Well, that’s what the Squirrel is here for, to get you the biggest bang for your buck – well pound – at Argos.

So sit back, flick your trusty Argos kettle on and read our handy Argos Student Discount guide below where we’ll tell you loads of ways to save your student beans at this leading, iconic British retailer. The guide will look at NUS Argos deals, sales tips, latest deals, discount codes for Argos and more, so sit back, relax and enjoy. 

“There is currently a special page to get the latest Argos discount codes in 2020. Head here on argos.co.uk and see if you can save. No NUS id is required so it’s quick and easy!”.


As you can imagine “is there an Argos student discount?” is one of the top questions we get asked here at the Student Discount Squirrel HQ. At the moment there is no official Argos student discount scheme (although this can change). This also means no Argos Unidays, NUS Argos or Student Beans voucher code available either. But, although they don’t have a year-round Argos Student discount scheme we will update you if short term ones pop-up – which they often do!

However, no fear. there are still ways that you can save at this top British retailer – there are the current Argos Student Savings listed at the top of this guide (which we think are fab).

Plus in this official Argos Student Discount guide we also look at other Argos discount codes, Argos sale, offers and deals so read on and bag yourself a bargain today. 



With so many different student discount schemes in the UK now, such as NUS Extra and Student Beans, it can be confusing to find out if it is possible to get an Argos student discount code to use. We get asked about it a lot. Never fear, the Squirrel is here to answer them.

Unfortunately, there is no Argos Unidays discount. This means there is no code available through the myunidays.com website. Argos is also not listed there. We believe this is because there is currently no Argos student discount in 2020.


Unfortunately, there is no Argos NUS Totum agreement. This is not surprising as there is no Argos student discount to be had with anyone at the moment, as we have mentioned in section one! However, remember to read our savings section at the top of the page for the latest ways students can actually save, such as Argos sales, Argos clearance deals, Argos voucher codes and the latest Argos promo codes.

With so many great discounts on at the moment – but no direct Argos NUS Discount or current Argos student code as mentioned – one good way to save is with free same-day home delivery for NUS Argos discount for cardholders (for all online purchases). All you have to do is get validation with your ac.uk email address and you are good to go. Every little helps.

Also remember, there are regular Argos discount codes releases during the year. SDS is here to update you with the best of them here. As these are limited-time Argos promo codes we recommend you sign up to our FREE newsletter or follow us on Facebook, that way you will be the first to hear!

Argos Student Discounts, Sales & Deals Discount Expires
25% Off Argos Student Essentials 25% 31/12/2020
Up to 50% Off Tech 50% 30/08/2020
UP to 40% Off Selected Home and Garden 40% 30/08/2020


There are lots of ways to save money at Argos but without a permanent full-time Argos Student discount and standard NUS Argos deal in place as mentioned, you have to be savvy students about how to save. We recommend checking out their main homepage, checking for one-off Argos voucher codes and Argos discount codes (which we always list) and making use of their student free delivery scheme.

They also have great Argos clearance pages – discussed further down this guide. This is a great way to save, also check out delivery options such as fast track and same day.

Most of the top offers and best savings are made online – so you don’t have to do what this woman is doing in-store with her small pencil and paper! #throwback

GET DEALS > argos student discount


Argos Voucher Codes and Argos Promo Codes are the easiest and quickest ways to save money at this superstore. These types of offers are open to all too – not just students!

At this time of year – with so many standard sales and offers around – there aren’t typical Argos Voucher Codes and Promo Codes around, however when there are we will release in this section! Take a look at our table for the latest ones. As there is no Argos student discount these are currently the best ways to save.

So keep your eyes peeled we will update those latest deals here.


As mentioned above there is FREE DELIVERY on all orders for all students – at all times. No student NUS id is required and it is applied at the checkout. This is BRILLIANT!

It’s a pet hate at Student Discount Squirrel when you’ve bagged a bargain then pay for delivery – you lose half of the saved money! Other UK shops and retailer – listen up! There are lots of options to consider including fast track and day delivery – so check out what is available for you.

So great to get some money saved straight off the bat with their Argos free home delivery scheme.


Take a look at our great video below to see all about how students can save money in the Argos clearance section with the latest deals.


UK-based catalogue retailer Argos is a subsidiary of supermarket Sainsburys and a one-stop-shop for anything the British public needs to buy on the high street.

Twice a year, the company releases a new catalogue from which items can then be purchased either online, through a smartphone app or in high-street stores.

The newest editions of the catalogues have over 1,600 pages of items and can be browsed online or in-store. The in-store catalogues can be taken away or browsed within the shop, where each page is individually laminated to allow for heavy usage.

Items desired for purchased are then written onto a small order form and taken to a till (either a self-service card machine or a staffed till point) to be bought. And who doesn’t have a mini Argos pencil somewhere stashed away in a bag or pencil case?! Items are then delivered to an in-store collection point which the customer can pick up their selected purchase from the warehouse. Catalogues are accompanied by frequent seasonal sale event additional inserts.

The Argos range is all-encompassing for all things house and home, including, but by no means limited to technology, home and garden, baby and nursery, toys, sports and leisure, health and beauty, clothing and jewellery. Bar groceries and specialist items, there’s very little you could need and not find in an Argos store!

Brands stocked include a range of Argos own brand products (such as Elizabeth Duke, Steamworks, Cookworks, Pro Action and Opticom), as well as well-known household names across all of its store categories.

Student wise, Argos offers some great value home furnishings that make for cheap and easy decoration of any student home without breaking the bank.

What’s more, with almost 900 stores across the UK and Ireland, it’s estimated that 96% of the population live within 10-miles of an Argos shop, so you’re not often far from your next bargain purchase! This includes shops and concessions within Sainsburys and Homebase stores.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on the Argos website rather than just physical brochures, as there’s often money-off offers and sales featured online that aren’t available in-store – and you can have such items either delivered directly to you or to a local store for free pick-up. This iconic British retailer can be a real destination for bargain hunters no matter what it is they’re shopping for. It’s certainly a friend to skint students everywhere, and thoroughly Student Discount Squirrel approved!



Argos began life as Green Shield Stamps, which could be bought as a type of gift voucher and then spent at a range of retailers, and the Green Shields catalogue. The stamps were popular through the 60s and early 70s but the scheme began to struggle when retailers started to pull out to focus on their own sales and offer events. Eventually, the stamps could only be spent on items from the catalogue, then combined with cash, and then finally, as the catalogue became cash-only, it re-branded to Argos.

The first Argos-branded store opened in 1973 in Edgware and within a year was taking £1million a week! Thousands of staff were employed by the new chain and as the own-brand Elizabeth Duke jewellery counter opened, it quickly became one of the largest jewellery retailers in the UK.

Previously owned by Home Retail Group, the chain was sold to Sainsburys in 2016 for £1.4billion after a bidding war between them and a South African firm. Some standalone stores have closed and moved into supermarkets, but there’s still over 900 of them throughout the UK. Argos is now firmly a household name and has seen off competitors such as Index and Littlewoods. We have been helping students save money at this leading and versatile retailer for years.


  • Did you know that they are now owned by Sainsbury’s? LOL, we didn’t!
  • Or that 96% of the UK population is only 10 miles from a store? That makes click and collect a lot easier! LOL. Or just arrange delivery.
  • The name comes from the founder Richard Tompkins, who was on holiday on the Greek island of Argos when he came up with the concept way back in 1973. The company has grown and grown since then.
  • There are over 1 billion visits to argos.co.uk according to the Sainsbury’s website and 2 of their catalogues are produced every year. With over 29 million customers, it looks like she is here to stay!!! Woooo that is massive! No wonder Fast Track is so in demand!
  • Number of employees‎: ‎29,565 (2016) – a lot of staff!
  • Number of locations‎: ‎845 stores (2016)
  • Argos offers are one of the most popular we have.
  • In September 2013, Argos announced a click and collect scheme, in partnership with eBay, which will allow customers to collect their eBay purchases from any Argos Store across the United Kingdom.
  • Argos publishes catalogues twice a year (a spring/summer edition in January and an autumn/winter edition in July). Current editions have well over 1600 pages containing photographs of items, brief descriptions, prices and a catalogue number. Store copies are ring-bound and the pages individually laminated.
  • The Argos Student Discount is one of the most popular on the market today!


  1. Does Argos student include home delivery (including fast track) and can I use a gift card on top?” Yes, as part of the student you can get Argos free home delivery including fast track. You can also use your student with other Argos offers to save more. We strongly recommend fast track at Student Discount Squirrel.
  2. Can I buy a gift card online?” Yes, you can buy gifts cards online, they are a great way to save and a perfect gift. They can also be used in conjunction with Argos homes and a student discount. When using your student discount and a gift card don’t forget to request fast track free home delivery.

Popular Questions

✅ Do students get discount at Argos?

At the moment there is not a standard student discount at Argos but we list the best ways to save including promo codes, the latest deals, offers and more. Check out our full guide today, https://studentdiscountsquirrel.co.uk/argos/

✅ Does Argos do NHS discount?

At the moment they don’t however, there are still tonnes of ways to save including with Argos Clearance Discounts and with voucher codes. We explore a full range of ways to save – and don’t forget free delivery!

✅ How can I get discount at Argos?

If using a popular discount code, it is a simple 3 step-process:

  1. Simply click ‘Get Code’ and copy the promo code.
  2. Go to the official Argos website, select the item you want to buy, pop it in your Trolley.
  3. Log in to your Argos account (or create one) and purchase the product.

✅ Is Argos giving free vouchers?

Argos regularly does an easy and simple voucher offer where you can get a £5 voucher when you spend over £50, or a £10 voucher when you spend over £100. So basically a 10% deduction of your next purchase.