Argos Student Discount & NUS Argos Deals Guide

The best way for students to get discounts at Argos is through the big clearance page and the promo codes page.

As there is no Argos student discount NUS code, take a look in our savings section below for the latest voucher codes, savings, sales and discount where students can still make the biggest savings!

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So, you hungry Squirrels… not only do you want a brilliant range of products you also want the at top prices?! Well that’s what the Squirrel is here for, to get you the biggest bang for your buck – well pound.

Dear saver, if you’re looking for the latest technical appliances – everything from the trusty kettle to toasters, brand new phones, whizzy laptops and more, Argos has it stocked!

So sit back, flick your kettle on and read our handy guide below where we’ll tell you loads of ways to save your student beans at this leading, iconic British retailer.

TOP SQUIRREL TIP “There is currently a special page to get the latest Argos discount codes in March 2018. Head here on and see if you can save. No NUS id is required so it’s quick and easy!”

At SDS, we think it’s easy to see why she is held in such lofty regard and we are going to tell you about Discounts, Voucher Codes, Promo Codes, Free Delivery and Discount codes.

Anyway, with those headlines out of the way, let’s move on to our official discount guide.

argos student discount

Good old Argos! She’s seen many generations of happy students pass through her sliding doors over the decades and is still a firm favourite today with students all over the country.

Now, in order for you to get the best savings we are going to discuss the following in this section:

So students, ready to keep as much moolah in your pocket as possible? Of course you are, so let’s begin!

(NB. Also some of these Discounts and voucher codes are open to everyone, so read on as well, even if you’re not a student ssshhhhh!)

1. Does Argos do a Student Discount?

A very popular question we get asked at SDS!

Well to be honest the answer is not a straightforward one and policy changes all the time. At the moment March 2018 there is no official Argos student discount scheme where they give validated students a percentage off.

However there are still ways that you can save. There are the current Argos Student Savings listed at the top of this guide.

This has the latest ways to save including Argos discount codes, sales, offers and deals.

But, although they don’t have a year round discount scheme at the moment – we will update you if short term ones pop-up – which they often do!

2. Student Savings

There are lots of ways to save but without a permanent full-time Student Saver and standard NUS Argos deals as mentioned, you have to be savvy students about how to save.

We recommend checking out their main homepage, checking for one off voucher codes and discount codes (which we always list) and making use of their student free delivery scheme.

They also have great Clearance pages – discussed further down this guide.

Most of the top offers and best savings are made on line – so you don’t have to do what this woman is doing in store with her small pencil and paper! #thowback

argos student discount catalougue

3. Is there an Argos NUS Discount or Student Codes?

With so many great discounts on at the moment  – there is no direct Argos NUS Discount or current Student code.

That said, there is free same day home delivery for NUS Argos discount for card holders for all online purchases. All you have to do is get validation with your email address and you are good to go.

There are regular discount codes that they release during the year. SDS is here to update you with the best of them here. As these are limited-time promo codes we recommend you sign up to our FREE newsletter or follow us on Facebook, that way you will be the first to hear!

argos student bedroom furniture

4. Voucher Code & Argos Promo Code

Voucher Codes and Promo Codes are the easiest and quickest ways to save money.

These types of offers are open to all too – not just students.

At this time of year – with so many standard sales and offers around – there aren’t typical Argos Voucher Codes and Promo Codes around, however when there are we will release in this section!

So keep your eyes peeled we will update them here and also on our social media channels and via our free newsletter. Have you signed up yet?

5. Argos Free Delivery

As mentioned above there is FREE DELIVERY on all orders at for all students – at all times. No student NUS id is required and it is applied at the checkout. This is BRILLIANT!

It’s a pet hate at SDS when you’ve bagged a bargain then pay for delivery – you lose half of the saved money! Other UK shops and retailer – listen up!

So great to get some money saved straight off the bat with their Argos free delivery scheme.

6. Argos Discount Code

There are no Discount Codes at the moment but we promise to the list them here! Or as we said again listed on our social channels or via the free newsletter.

As above with so many sales flying around at the moment the prices tend to be as low as they can go!

7. Argos Clearance Section

“We love the Clearance Section of their main website. In this section you will find top prices on top of the range appliances – everything from laptops to lamps, phones to beds! ”

So whatever you are looking for, it’s always worth having a browse in this very popular money saving section.

8. Store Overview

Looking for affordable homeware to spruce up your student house – including bedding, cutlery, lamps and rugs– tick – she’s got it!!

Now, what about fantastic gift ideas when heading back at Christmas – she’s got them too! Tents? – well yes! Electric razors? – tick! Underwear – errrr yes! Ping pong bats – yes sir!!!! Absolutely everything and at top prices and value for money as well. 

Now, add all these amazing products to the fact that there’s wonderful stores in all major towns and cities (and loads of places in between), well they really are a dream come true for students (and indeed anyone). She has got us out of many pickles. 

Yes, ever-evolving and keeping up to date with modern trends, this leading store is no longer that lumpy outdated catalogue on top of the yellow pages and your Gran’s house, she’s like the old grand-dame of the retail work. Like shopping equivalent of Judi Dench – she’s got it all!

In case you aren’t getting it…. we love you! We love your regular discounts and the fact that you can get us out of any retail sticky situation.

So, Squirrels if you are looking for top sales tips and anything else in-between you’re in safe and knowledgeable squirrel paws here!

8. SDS Deals Summary

SDS really does go nuts for this leading retailer who has been a favourite with many for decades.

By following the following advice above and checking back here regularly you can make sure you save the most money, so in summary:

  1. Get free same day delivery with your email address
  2. Check out the homepage on for the best deals on a daily basis
  3. Use short term discount codes – check back to this site for the latest
  4. Shop the sales for the biggest savings. Again the Squirrel will update you!
  5. Check out the Clearance section of thier website.
  6. Ask for a cheeky NUS discount in store. Even though it’s not official you never know your luck!

So that complete our discounts section!

We hope that you’ve found it useful, as mentioned we will update this page and our Facebook with more news. On there we also list lots of different offers from a whole cross section of shops including fashion, food and holidays. So keep up to date, follow us on social media or sign-up for our free newsletter.

Happy shopping Squirrels!

Similar Discounts

So if these aren’t doing it for you then there are some other UK retailers that you can get some great savings. The Amazon scheme is free to join and has some great discounts available including free prime next day delivery for 6 months. They too have a massive and fantastic range to choose from – brilliant!

You should also have a look at our Ebay guide which shows you how to get some fantastic savings – again a big range of discounts to take advantage of.

There’s also a House of Fraser NUS discount of 10% and we show you how to get it here. We must admit Fraser is a bit of a hidden gem and is very popular with you peps all over the country,

Also Debenhams usually has some amazing deals which could save you more across everything from bedding to clothes and homeware – worth a nosey.

Fantastic Facts

Did you know that they are now owned by Sainsbury’s? LOL we didn’t!

Or that 96% of the UK population is only 10 miles from a store? That makes click and collect a lot easier! LOL. Or just arrange delivery.

The name comes from the founder Richard Tompkins, who was on holiday on the Greek island of Argos when he came up with the concept way back in 1973. The company has grown and grown since then.

There are over 1 billion visits to according to the Sainsbury’s website and 2 of their catalogues are produced every year. With over 29 million customers, it looks like she is here to stay!!! Woooo that is massive!

Previous Discounts

There is no permanent SD but the retail store regularly run short term promo codes and offers that students can use to get discounts on their purchases.

And the best thing was that no NUS card was required!

In November 2017 there was a Black Friday event with hundreds of reduced prices. Many top lines were discounted to very low prices.