If you are beginning to think about university placements to begin your further education, you may be looking at a shortlist of universities that you want to enrol with. One of the universities which we have found is extremely high on a lot of students’ shortlists is Queen Mary University of London.

We have gathered information about the university to help you to decide if this is the place you would like to gain your degree.

Overview of Queen Mary University of London

London Queen Mary University is one of the top universities in the UK, a prestigious Russell Group university with a focus on research in the courses offered. Queen Mary’s research projects and courses are the focal point of their ongoing education strategy.

The university and its staff embrace diversity and social justice and are recognised as one of the more diverse higher education institutions among UK universities. Embracing mature students, international students, and students from a migrant or refugee background is something Queen Mary’s is extremely proud of. This is highlighted in the about section of the website, which gives diversity statistics.

Ranked within the top 150 QS world university rankings, Queen Mary’s undergraduate student profile is one that shows a truly global university with post and undergraduate students from around the world. This international team of students means there is an excellent mix of cultures and ideas which makes the research at Queen Mary University one of the best in the country.

History of Queen Mary University of London

With a history spanning almost 250 years, Queen Mary University is the result of the amalgamation of 4 London colleges; The London Hospital Medical College, St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, Westfield College, and Queen Mary College. The aim of each individual institution was to help to improve the lives of those from less privileged areas of London.

Queen Mary College and Westfield College were both founded to offer higher education to women and the East End of London’s working-class students. This was especially important as both colleges opened in the 1880s when higher education was difficult to obtain for women and the working class.

The Colleges that now make up Queen Mary university have undergone extensive changes in the past 300 years. However, these changes are what have led to how high the university is in the QS world university rankings. The different disciplines that the founding institutions established mean that Queen Mary offers a wide range of medical school, dentistry, and academic research courses.

The university has since expanded to have 5 campuses in London, 2 in Europe, and 2 campuses in Asia. As the study programmes expand, Queen Mary’s is truly becoming a global university. With each campus specialising in specific academic areas, you have the choice of where to study, and the university offers the opportunity to complete sandwich degree courses with a year of study abroad to broaden your learning experience.

What is the address of Queen Mary University of London?

Queen Mary’s contact address is:

Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS

Map of Queen Mary University of London

Here is a map of the Queen Mary University of London:

How to get to Queen Mary University of London

There are currently 5 campuses in London which all have excellent public transport access. Due to all of the campuses being situated in London, you can use local route planners to decide the easiest way to travel to this Russell Group university. As the largest federal university in London, all campus areas are clearly marked on street signs and on hand-held maps.

Although driving in London is not always easy due to congestion, one-way systems, and driving restrictions on some roads. It is possible to access the campuses or get to within walking distance via road also. This is helpful when first arriving or leaving halls of residence to drop off or take away your possessions.

If you are planning to arrive via road it is best to plan your journey in detail to ensure that the route you wish to take is possible due to any restrictions.

To arrive by tube to each campus:

Mile End

Access to the Mile End campus is easy to reach with a tube station on Mile End Road and great bus route access too.


Whitechapel also has a nearby tube station in addition to being on local bus routes.

Charterhouse Square

Unlike the previous two campuses, Charterhouse Square does not have a tube station that shares its name. However, it is only a very short walk away from Barbican tube station and also accessible by bus.

West Smithfield

The West Smithfield campus is again within walking distance of Barbican tube station and also Farringdon tube station. As with the other campuses, you can also travel there by bus.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

The Lincoln’s Inn Field campus is within walking distance of both Holborn and Chancery Lane tube stations, and you can also travel by bus.

On foot – Due to each of the campuses being in the same area of London, although not located on the same street, you will be able to walk to any of these campuses from the bus stop or tube station you arrive at.

Flying – If you are travelling from outside of the UK, you can also arrange a flight to any of the London airports and travel from there to the university. We would recommend, if flying into the UK, that you fly to Heathrow as this has the best tube transport links to arrive at the university.

Road – If travelling by car, you can arrive via any motorway from your home to London and then travel through London to the required campus.

Bus – bus travel is a fixed price within the London transport system, and with buses being frequent and accessible, there are numerous options to get to each campus.

What are the top courses at Queen Mary University of London?

As a Russell Group University Queen Mary University is a leading research-intensive university with separate campuses dedicated to the study of law, medicine, and dentistry. In addition to these highly popular courses, students often apply for courses in:

  • Social sciences
  • Computer science
  • International studies
  • Film studies
  • Journalism
  • Engineering

The medical teaching department specialises in cancer and heart disease and has also been involved in a groundbreaking gene therapy trial. One of the four founding institutions specialised in higher education for under represented members of the local community; this has continued with large intakes from state schools.

Hotels near Queen Mary University of London

If you need a hotel near the Queen Mary University then check out the useful map below:


This might be because you are visiting the university or you have some friends or family visiting you.

Where is the Queen Mary University of London Students Union?

With automatic membership into the Queen Mary Student’s Union, when you enrol on a course, you will find something for you within the membership. Whether you are interested in discounts, activities, events, or simply getting involved, you can contact the Student’s Union at qmsu.org. Alternatively, you can head to the Student’s Union hub at 329 Mile End Road.

What are the best Queen Mary University of London student nights?

With the campuses spread out over East London, there are so many places to go for a night out. You can try the Student Union bar or any of the local bars, pubs and clubs to find the best night out for you. The Student Union website qmsu.org/events will give you more information about student nights out and events that you may be interested in.

What at the best student pubs at Queen Mary University of London?

Situated on campus there are Draper’s Bar and Kitchen and The SCR Bar, which are both extremely popular with the students on campus. There are also a number of pubs located close to each of the campus sites, which will welcome students.

Where are the best places to eat for students at Queen Mary University of London?

The Student’s Union has opened a number of eateries on campus to help students to keep their costs down. With Drapers and The Griff Inn available for food and drinks throughout the day and all supplies sourced locally to give back to the community, you cannot go wrong eating on campus.

Ensuring that all staff who work in the on-campus facilities receive a living wage fed directly into the plans of the Student’s Union when setting up these places to eat and remains true today.

You can find out further information about the facilities on campus and upcoming events through the Student’s Union social media pages and website.

What are the Halls of Residence for Queen Mary University of London?

There are intercollegiate halls of residence at three faculties where students can stay when studying at this London school. As a Russell Group member University the available courses, research outputs, and somewhere comfortable to live and in hand.

This university ensures that all of the students have somewhere comfortable to rest, relax, and continue their studies if they choose to live on campus. Having somewhere close to university to live is essential in underpinning advancements as students who commute extensively will become more tired, and their studies will suffer because of this.

If you are interested in living on any of the campuses, the uni can arrange a tour for you to decide which feels like home. Students often find that staying on campus is better for them than distance learning.

What famous people went to Queen Mary University of London?

Notable alumni who have graduated from this leading research-intensive university are:

  • Sir Peter Mansfield, a physicist who invented slice selection used in MRI scanning.
  • Sir Peter Caruana KC, one of Queen Mary’s many international students who became Chief Minister of Gibraltar.
  • Bruce Dickinson and Pete Docherty, musicians.
  • Alasdair MacIntyre, a noted philosopher.
  • Kate Williams, is a historian who is now a Professor of public engagement at the University of Reading.

In addition to the alumni listed above, Queen Mary’s alumni boast a number of politicians.

Top Queen Mary University of London Students Discounts

Student discounts are easy to access for all students of Queen Mary, including home students, through the Totum app (with a physical card to show too). All you need to sign up is your email, password, and student identifier to access over 350 discounts. With discounts changing regularly and including everything from food and drink to clothes and memberships, we are certain there is something for all of the students. Some of the best student discounts include:

If you are studying on campus, you will also have access to the student gym, where you will be able to improve your fitness, look after your well-being, and in turn, save money on the membership.

Popular Questions about Queen Mary University of London

Is there a diverse student body?

Queen Mary has a large number of international students, in addition to students from a diverse London population studying for their own degrees. There is a wide range of groups, clubs, and societies bringing together those from similar areas and cultures to help all students feel at home and supported.

You can find upcoming events for each of these groups, including meet-up locations, in the Student’s Union information.

Will there be a course suited to me?

With over 340 courses currently available to students enrolled with Queen Mary, it is guaranteed there is something for everyone. Although there is a focus on research and medical studies at the university, there have also been non-research achievements, such as the publication of an award-winning biography of Charles de Gaulle.

You can find more information about the courses available and the details of what each course entails by ordering a prospectus or reviewing the course information on the website. If you are still unsure of the course information, please contact the admissions department for more details.

Summary of Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary’s has been working with and looking after underrepresented members of the local population for hundreds of years. The university’s history dates to the Royal London hospital before there was a fully qualified female doctor and has moved forward to identifying genetic determinants, AI research, and campaigns regarding the living wage.

Striving to better the lives of those students and community members surrounding its campuses, Queen Mary’s began research into the living wage. This led to a campaign movement and the university becoming the first Russell Group member to become living wage accredited.

Opening schools across the world has led to an improvement in international relations with the increased number of international students attending the university. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence as is expected of any Russell Group university researchers and those who attend a school as high in the QS world university rankings.

Queen Mary’s research regularly makes new headlines in both educational publications and media publications such as the Sunday Times. Findings have also informed world-leading highlights in multiple situations, including when students identified a planet orbiting the closest star to the Proxima Centauri solar system.