Are you looking for a fashion student discount? Maybe you’re booking a well deserved holiday and want to see which promo codes and reductions you’re entitled to? Maybe you’re after a pair of trainers but want a browse first knowing what reductions you can get in some similar stores to help you save money.

Well never fear, the Student Squirrel is here to make things super easy.

We’ve broken discounts down by category so you can quickly and easily find some great brands and companies offering fantastic reductions:

Fashion Student Discounts

From saving on the perfect dress for the grad ball to a promo code saving for those must-have trainers, take a look at our fashion student discounts and see how much you can save. We’ve done the hard work so you can get on with your student life – working hard and having fun. We always find the best deals for UK and international students in 2024.

Clothing is one of the biggest categories for discounts and there are some top-notch retailers both online and on the high street that are included. These include:

We’ve seen exclusive fashion student discounts of up to 40% through various schemes like Unidays, Student Beans and NUS Extra to help you save money. We only look out for the best student discount for you! We also know that it can be confusing to find out where to get the student discount. We make it easy and give you clear and concise information.

But did you know that our guides show you that there are other ways to save even more such as scouring the clothing retailers offers pages, and listing working promo codes with bigger reductions?

Some you don’t even need a student discount card and they are easy to get.

We love saving money for university and college students. It’s what we do all year round to make your student life easier!

Other Categories of Best Student Discounts

We also have specific online discounts and discount codes for these other categories too:

Student Discount Card Schemes and Deals For Students

We also get asked a lot about if there is a student card. Well in the age of the mobile phone you can get the discounts card for Unidays, Student Beans or NUS Totum on your phone when you log into the app.

However, there is still your NUS card which you can use as an id card if you get asked to prove your age or student status and save money today. One of our top tips is the show your student id at the till if you are in-store or at a restaurant and ask if you can get a discount. If you don’t ask you’ll never know!

Frequently Asked Questions

What categories have student discounts?

There are many different categories of student life that offer student discounts. The main ones are fashion and clothing, tech (laptops, mobile phones, smart speakers), travel (flights, train tickets and coach and bus fares), food and drink (supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways), health and beauty (gyms, make-up, fragrances) and gifts (presents, stationery and jewellery).

How do I find student discounts in a certain category?

Take a look above at our categories section where you can see the different categories broken down into the main groups. You can then click on that category and be taken to a page with all the relevant retailers and merchants and find your student discounts.

Why group student discounts into categories?

Through our research we know that some students are looking for a certain item but have not decided which retailer to buy it through. For example we get searches for ‘womens fashion student discounts’ or ‘student discounts for laptops’. Therefore, we’ve created these category pages to help students find relevant retailers that they can take a look and see what they offer.

Are there student codes for categories?

There are no student codes for certain categories. Instead, each retailer offers a student code or not. Whether they do or don’t, we have a savings section for each brand or retailer showing how students can save more through promo codes, offers and deals.

Summary of Latest Student Discounts and Student Deals

Take a browse through the site to find out the latest and best ways to save money today on everything from clothes to travel, food to stationery. Our blog also helps with general financial advice too.

We hope you find the discounts that you are looking for. Remember sometimes you will be required to show valid student id if buying in store, sometimes a university email address is enough though!

Happy shopping students!