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Established in 2010 Student Discount Squirrel is one of the UK’s best online discount websites for students, dedicated to helping save money on everything.

Finding student discounts can be confusing because there are several providers offering different discounts. Is Currys on Unidays? Does Student Beans have an Apple student code? Should I pay for NUS Totum? We explain to students clearly and concisely if a brand or retailer has a student discount and how you can get it. Plus we give extra tips to help students save more too in July 2024!

Our money-saving teams scour the country to get you busy students the top online discounts on everything from hotels to mobile phones, great days out, fashion, travel, gifts, beauty, holidays, laptops, deals on food and restaurants, cheap flights, concert tickets and brilliant high-street fashion.

So if you are looking to save money, you are in the right place.


Welcome you lucky lot! I’m a Squirrel and I’m here to get your top offers and bargains at leading stores to help students save money.

It’s our job and our passion, to get you the top student promo codes from leading brands including Clarks, Currys,  JD SportsMoonpig, SamsungBoohoo, Travelodge, Carphone Warehouse, Boots, Nike, Audible, Dunelm, Superdry, easyJet and more.

We will also keep you up to date with mainstream sales events such as Black Friday deals, Christmas and Boxing sales and all the others along the way as well as student deals, where students get even bigger savings. Some main retailers don’t have standard discounts but our guide will notify you of the best deals out there, including through brilliant schemes such as the NUS Totum card and National Express student card, to help you save money.

Fast and Free Daily Online Discounts

We update our offers, codes and promotions every day – from both large national and international companies as well as smaller local stores – sourcing bespoke student codes to help you with your student finance. 

Visit our A-Z for a full list of retailers (now over 130 and counting!) or if you have any questions then our comprehensive FAQs page will help. There are lots of discounts for students across a full range of products, services and sectors.

Our money-saving team always push for the top discounts as we know that living on that loan is tough! Most of the offers are also completely free. We also know that studying isn’t always easy, especially at the start, with new places, new people, new experiences. But in saving you time and money, we aim to give you peace of mind so that your college and university days really can be “the best of your life”. For most of the offers we list you don’t need a student discount card or international student identity card but you may need to prove your student status (usually an academic email/university email address is enough).

Our regularly updated blog is also packed full of advice for university life in general. So, join our growing community of both college and university students and take advantage of our top deals, advice and online promos. Most companies offer student discounts and we list over 130 on our site, there are also schemes through the NUS card and Totum card, as well as other exclusive discounts.

To put it frankly; we are nuts about bargains! We also love squirrels!

The Significance of University Student Discounts: Unlocking Opportunities and Savings

Being a university student comes with its fair share of challenges, from balancing coursework and exams to managing a limited student budget. However, there is one silver lining that can brighten the lives of university students everywhere: student discounts and we love them!

These exclusive benefits not only provide financial relief but also open doors to various opportunities, including the below:

  1. Financial Relief

One of the most significant advantages of student discounts is the financial relief they offer to university students. As students often face tight budgets and limited income sources, discounts can help alleviate the burden of everyday expenses. From textbooks and stationery to clothing, electronics, and entertainment, student discounts can significantly reduce the cost of essential items. By saving money on these purchases, university students can allocate their limited funds to other important areas such as tuition fees, accommodation, and healthy meals.

  1. Enhanced Access to Educational Resources

Education is a vital aspect of university life, and student discounts play a crucial role in improving access to educational resources. Many software companies, online learning platforms, and educational institutions offer discounted or even free access to their services for university students. This enables students to access valuable learning materials, e-books, online courses, and research databases that might otherwise be financially out of reach. By providing affordable access to educational resources, student discounts empower university students to enhance their knowledge and excel academically.

  1. Cultural and Entertainment Opportunities

University life is not solely about studying; it is also a time for personal growth and creating lasting memories. Student discounts provide opportunities for university students to engage in cultural and entertainment activities they might otherwise have to forego due to financial constraints. Whether it’s discounted tickets to concerts, museums, theatres, or sporting events, these discounts enable students to explore their interests, broaden their horizons, and experience diverse cultural events. Such experiences foster personal development, creativity, and a well-rounded education.

  1. Travel and Transportation

Exploring new places, whether for study abroad programs or leisure, is an invaluable experience for university students. Many transportation providers, including airlines, bus companies, and railways, offer discounted fares exclusively for students. These discounts make travel more affordable, encouraging university students to embrace new cultures, study in different locations, and embark on exciting adventures. Travelling not only expands one’s worldview but also fosters independence, adaptability, and a deeper appreciation for diversity.

  1. Networking and Professional Development

Student discounts can extend beyond consumer goods and experiences. Various professional organizations, conferences, and networking events offer reduced rates or exclusive opportunities for university students. These discounted memberships or registrations provide students with valuable connections to industry professionals, mentors, and potential employers. Engaging in networking events and professional development activities during university life can pave the way for internships, job offers, and future career success.

University student discounts are not just about saving money; they have a far-reaching impact on the lives of university students. By providing financial relief, improving access to education, fostering cultural experiences, enabling travel, and facilitating professional development, student discounts contribute to the holistic growth and success of university students. Embracing these discounts can help students make the most of their university experience while building a foundation for a promising future.

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