Unfortunately there is no easyJet student discount. That means no student promo code through Unidays, NUS Totum or Student Beans. However, there are still ways students can save.

We have a fantastic easyJet Black Friday voucher code for up to £200. If you spend over £800 you get £100 off and over £2000 it’s £200 off:

Not only that, there is also a easyJet Black Friday flight sale with flights from £20


Students should go to the discounted flights page, with flights from just £22.49 one way including Gatwick to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast. Also, the earlier you book the cheaper your flights are likely to be.


Did you know students can still get a free 23kg baggage allowance when they book as part of an easyJet holiday booking (ie you book your hotel too with easyJet). Considering that this can be up to £74.98 per person on a return flight it can be a significant saving.

To summarise the best ways for students to save are by booking an easyJet holiday are:

  • No student discount at easyJet
  • No easyJet Unidays code
  • 20% discount sale on easyJet flights
  • £200 Black Friday code off holidays
  • Free 23kg baggage allowance with holidays
  • Flights from £20
  • Low deposits from £60
  • Using a valid easyJet discount code or multiple discount codes if possible

Does easyJet do a student discount?

There is currently no easyJet student discount. This means that there is no student code available through Unidays or any other student discount scheme in the UK.

However, students can still save money on their easyJet Holidays by following the money-saving tips at the top of the page and there are some great deals on flights.

easyjet student discount
Find out more about easyjet discount code options and ways for students to save.

Unidays EasyJet

We can confirm that there is currently no Unidays student discounts code for easyJet holidays. We checked on my myunidays.com and this no-frills airline is not listed. This is a shame as it would be great if easyJet could arrange this.

It’s because there is no easyJet student discount, but to be fair there are few airlines and holidays companies who do have a discount. If this changes Student Discount Squirrel will let you know.

There are some other student discount schemes in the UK and we checked to see if they offer a discount code.

NUS Totum and easyJet Holidays

At the moment there is no NUS easyjet holidays or general easyjet student discount.

We checked on the NUS site and unfortunately, they are not listed. There used to be a 6% NUS code but that ended a long time ago (although it’s still listed on Google).

Student Beans and easyJet Flight Deals – More easyJet Holidays student discount options

Student Beans is a rival student discounts scheme to Unidays. However, there is no Student Beans code for easyJet.

If this changes we’ll let you know.


Latest EasyJet Promo Codes, Vouchers and Discount Codes

So as we have established there isn’t a permanent easyJet student discount code like there is for ASOS for instance, which makes money saving easy.

However, the Student Squirrel has been doing some research and sometimes there are easyJet voucher codes that you can use at the online checkout to get money off your flights and holidays. They are not just for students, anyone can use them. Even though they already have cheap flights to start with saving money is always a bonus!

We will list any valid codes and deals at the top of the page and in the table below

Latest EasyJet Student Discount Deals Discount Expires
Free 23kg baggage allowance with easyJet holidays Free baggage (including cabin bag) 31 December 2024
Holidays from £259 at easyJet £259 30 July 2024
Low deposits from £60pp £60 deposit 30 July 2024
Discounted easyJet flights from £22.49 £22.49 flights 30 July 2024
20% discount on easyJet flights 20% 30 July 2024
£200 code off easyJet holidays £200 30 July 2024

Other ways to save have included:

  • Car rental offers
  • Special offers at key times of year
  • Easyjet offers on their official website
  • One-off discount codes are sometimes released for students (student id card may be required)
  • With a seasonal Easyjet discount code
  • Easyjet discounts sent via their mailing  list
  • With a valid Easyjet voucher code

as you can see there are lots of ways to save money on those beach holidays or city breaks with a range of Easyjet discounts, Easyjet deals and Easyjet vouchers.

EasyJet Sales and The Cheapest Holidays for Students

One of the best ways for students to save is during the easyJet sales. These happen throughout the year including:

  • January sales
  • Summer sales
  • Mid-October

Also, there are certain dates that new tickets are released. This is one of the best ways that students can get cheap easyJet flights and we will always list any sales or voucher codes in our introduction to make money-saving simple for you.


More About the Airline easyJet

EasyJet was arguably the innovator in the low-cost, cheap flights, no-frills airline industry and have essentially revolutionised the way that us Brits use air travel domestically, through Europe, and beyond. Famed for their bright orange branding, over-enthusiastic founder and entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and its various reality TV series’.

EasyJet’s mission is “to make travel as affordable as a pair of jeans” and so they lower as many of their operating costs as they are able to (without compromising on safety, customer service and relevant legal obligations, of course) to make the end fee for their flights cheaper than its competitors. This approach has now been adopted by hundreds of low-cost air operators worldwide.

You won’t find long-haul destinations served by easyJet, but they’re ideal for short city breaks or European travel trips; serving 136 destinations across the continent and are known for cheap flights. They have base airports in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Italy. The largest easyJet presence you’ll find is at London Luton Airport, where the company’s headquartered, known as ‘EasyLand’ is based. The majority of the budget flyer’s destinations are in Europe, but they also now serve Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Turkey.

Of course, as a student, you’re never expected to be planning thousand-pound holidays with your spare student loan, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to after the stress of exams, assessments and coursework, isn’t it? EasyJet gives you the opportunity to explore the continent for short breaks and city trips at a fraction of the cost of a package holiday. Sort some budget accommodation, grab a friend, and off you go!

EasyJet is already pretty cheap but maintains good customer service, so it’s no surprise that there’s no ongoing easy jet student discount. However, the airline is famed for its flash sales that reduce flight fees down to just a few pence – plus taxation and baggage fees, of course. Student Discount Squirrel often can give you advance notice of these sales events, so check back here for the inside track on when and where you can expect to find cheaper routes, and sometimes, where to! There are not many adventures bigger than picking a city name you like the sound of and going… who knows where you might end up? Want to learn more about this no-frills airline? Check out easyJet last minute holidays.

History of easyJet

Stelios Haji-Ioannou launched easyJet back in 1995, using two leased aeroplanes to fly routes from London Luton Airport to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Raising enough money through these routes to buy his first plane, he took delivery of it in 1996 and launched a new route to Amsterdam.

As the airline gained popularity and customers, it grew rapidly and made several acquisitions to extend its reach even further. This saw the brand launched easyJet Switzerland and easyJet Europe, as well as diversifying into related travel entities include Easy Hotels, Easy Car Hire and easyJet Holidays. If travellers choose to, they can essentially now manage their entire trip within the easyJet group of companies.

Between 1999 and 2007, as the company strived to compete with the likes of Ryanair, the reality TV show ‘Airline’ was launched, giving a behind-the-scenes view of the company’s operations and its staff. The programme was lauded for not always being positively spun in the firm’s favour but forgiving and honest – and often gripping – account of life in the airport and airline industry, with many staff members being featured becoming popular with the viewing public. The series gave easyJet a competitive advantage over other low-cost airlines and secured it as a household name throughout the UK.

Today, easyJet has been sold on to the FL Group, which own several airlines, but Stelios Haji-Ioannou remains at the helm. The company continues to add routes periodically and its profits and revenues are on the rise. Budget air travel is definitely here to stay and having pioneered it, easyJet lead by example still.

Easyjet Fun Facts – Did You Know?

  • Easyjet headquarters are at Luton Airport – this is for Easyjet holidays and flights
  • It was founded in 1995
  • It operates 1000 routes!
  • They are often Easyjet deals to be had and special offers to help you save money.
  • In 2015 they carried 65 million passengers
  • They often have great Black Friday deals
  • It was featured in the show Airtime!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a promo code for easyJet?

Sometimes Easyjet do release promo codes throughout the year.

Usually they are for holidays and they last for up to 2 weeks. Check our savings section for the latest.

Does easyJet have a sale?

There are easyJet sales throughout the year.

There are good discounts of up to 20% and extra deals with holidays when you book a hotel.

I always knew that easyJet were the best for cheap flights but had never heard of easyJet holidays. EasyJet flights are known for being cheap if you book in advance but can you get cheap deals booking nearer the time for easyJet flights and easyJet holidays?

Yes, you can. It’s accurate to say that big savings can be made in advance but if you are looking for something more last minute you can often find cheap flights and cheap easyJet holidays, which we highly recommend. They also offer travel insurance. We definitely recommend checking out – especially for those summer vacations in Europe!

EasyJet Student Discounts Summary

So that’s the end of our student discount guide. Here’s a summary:

NUS Totum 0%
Unidays Code 0%
Student Beans 0%
Student Discount 0%
Best Current Offer £200 code

We’ve shown you that despite there being no student discount for EasyJet, it’s still possible to save money. One of the best tips is to book an easyJet holiday where the hotel is included as you get free transfers and luggage allowance.

There are also sales throughout the year on the Easyjet website where you can make extra savings or voucher codes are released. Our savings section at the top of the page will have the latest in July 2024 as well as updates on any easyjet student discount.

For more information on student travel visit our central student discounts page and check our some merchants below who may also be of interest. Or our Jet2 student discount page or our Emirates student discount guide for more on cheap student flights.

Subjects covered in our Easyjet holidays discount code guide:

  • Easyjet discount code.
  • Easyjet student discount code and standard student discounts on flights.
  • Easyjet codes and general discounted prices including Easyjet NHS discount, Easyjet military discount and Easyjet teacher discount.
  • Easyjet website guide.