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Overview of the University of East London

The University of East London (UEL) is a public research and careers-led university in London, UK. Established in 1898, the University of East London gained university status in 1992 and comprises three campuses; Stratford, Docklands and University Square Stratford.

The school offers a range of undergraduate and graduate courses across various fields, including business, law, arts, social sciences, health, education, architecture and computing and engineering. It has a diverse population of around 17,000 students from over 135 countries. It teaches more than 85,000 students, making it one of the UK’s most high-ranking and culturally diverse universities.

Additionally, UEL’s research centre allows students to engage in cutting-edge research and advance their careers in these fields.

UEL is committed to research and innovation, with its research centres around the country focusing on areas such as urban studies, sustainability, psychology, sport science and creative arts. It is also home to several research institutes and centres, including the Institute for Health and Human Development, the Institute for Connected Communities, the Centre for Migration, Refugees and Belonging and the Centre for Clinical Education and Practice.

History of the University of East London

The University of East London (UEL) was formed in 1992 by merging three institutions: West Ham Technical Institute, East Ham Technical College, and South West Essex Technical College.

West Ham Technical Institute was founded in 1898, offering architecture, science and engineering courses. East Ham Technical College was established in 1934, offering vocational courses in various subjects. South West Essex Technical College, founded in 1957, offered engineering, science, and technology courses.

The merger of these institutions resulted in the creation of UEL, which has since expanded to become a leading modern university in the UK.

University Of East London Ranking and Recognition

UEL is a highly respected institution recognised for its academic excellence in national and international rankings. It is one of the top-ranking universities in the UK for its teaching quality, research output, and student satisfaction. Additionally, the university has formed a partnership or two with some of the top-ranking institutions across the globe, cementing its reputation as a leader in higher education.

What is the address of the University of East London?

University Way
London, E16 2RD

Map of the University of East London

Here’s a map for the East London university:

How to get to the University of East London

The University of East London (UEL) has three main campuses in London:

  1. Stratford Campus:
  • By Tube: Take the Jubilee or Central line to Stratford station, then walk 10-15 minutes to the campus.
  • By Train: Take the Overground, DLR or National Rail to Stratford station, then walk 10-15 minutes to the campus.
  • By Bus: Several bus routes serve the campus, including 25, 69, 86, 97, 104, 108, 158, 238, 241, 257, 262, D8, N8, and N86.
  1. Docklands Campus:
  • By DLR: Take the DLR to Cyprus station, which is located on campus.
  • By Bus: Several bus routes serve the campus, including 101, 147, 241, 325, 678, and N551.
  1. University Square Stratford:
  • By Tube: Take the Jubilee or Central line to Stratford station, then walk 5-10 minutes to the campus.
  • By Train: Take the Overground, DLR or National Rail to Stratford station, then walk 5-10 minutes to the campus.
  • By Bus: Several bus routes serve the campus, including 25, 69, 86, 97, 104, 108, 158, 238, 241, 257, 262, 276, D8, N8, and N86.

What are the top courses at the University of East London?

The school offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across multiple fields:

  1. Psychology
  2. Business and Management
  3. Arts
  4. Architecture
  5. Law
  6. Finance
  7. Computing and Engineering
  8. Accounting and Finance
  9. Sport Science
  10. Education and Teacher Training
  11. Health Studies and Nursing
  12. Civil Engineering

These courses, especially Architecture, Computing and Civil Engineering, are popular among UEL students and taught by excellent academic staff with research opportunities and strong industry links.

Where is the East London Students Union?

The University of East London Students’ Union (UELSU) has two main offices on the Docklands and Stratford campuses:

Docklands Campus:

North Building, 4-6 University Way, London, E16 2RD, UK.

Stratford Campus:

UELSU, Stratford Campus, University House, Stratford, Water Lane, London, E15 4LZ

The UELSU offices are open to all UEL students and offer various services, including assistance and advocacy.

What are the best East London student nights?

Many great student night-outs in East London offer affordable drinks, live music and a fun atmosphere. Here are some of the best student nights in the area:

  1. Fabric
  2. Cargo
  3. XOYO
  4. The Nest
  5. Queen of Hoxton

These are just a few great student nights in East London, with something to suit every taste and budget.

What are the best student pubs in East London?

East London boasts numerous welcoming pubs that offer delicious food, a lively atmosphere, and affordable drinks, making them ideal for students. Some of the best student pubs in the area include: 

  • The Water Poet in Spitalfields 
  • The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch 
  • The Cat & Mutton in Hackney 
  • The Victoria in Dalston
  • The Crown and Shuttle in Shoreditch. 

Note: Each pub has unique charm and character, featuring vintage decor, live music events, board games, quizzes, and craft beers.

Where are the best places to eat for students in East London?

East London offers a variety of cuisines to suit every student’s taste buds. With options ranging from Brick Lane’s curry houses to Brixton Village’s street food, there is something for everyone. Here are some top places to eat in the area:

  1. Brick Lane
  2. Brixton Village
  3. Franco Manca
  4. Beigel Bake
  5. The Breakfast Club

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of East London?

Accommodation is vital to the student experience, and UEL offers a range of options. The university has multiple residence halls throughout the city, providing a safe and comfortable home for international students who can’t visit home during major holidays.

The residence halls offer a perfect combination of community, comfort, and convenience, with various options ranging from modern studio apartments to shared en-suite rooms. UEL has formed strong partnerships with multiple accommodation providers.

What famous people went to East London University?

Several famous people have attended the University of East London. Some notable alumni include British athletes Bianca Williams and Adam Gemili, business owner and activist Gina Miller and Olympic and Commonwealth Games swimmer Aimee Willmott. 

Hotels near The University of East London

Many hotels near the University of East London offer a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. The Holiday Inn Express London – Stratford, Ibis London Stratford Hotel, and Westbridge Hotel are a few hotels popular with visitors.

Top East London Students Discounts

Plenty of student discounts are available in East London, ranging from food and drink to entertainment and shopping. Here are some of the top deals to look out for:

  1. Pizza Union – 30% off.
  2. Odeon Cinemas – Discounted tickets for students.
  3. Zizzi – 30% off.
  4. The Body Shop – 25% off.
  5. Topshop – 10% off.
  6. ASOS – 10% off.
  7. National Express – Discounted coach fares.
  8. The Book Club – Discounted drinks and events for students.

Be sure to check with individual businesses for up-to-date discount offers, as they can change occasionally. Also, remember to bring your student ID or NUS card with you to take advantage of these great discounts! And for more discounts for students, check out these ones below:

Popular Questions about the University of East London

Choosing a university can be overwhelming, with various aspects to consider, such as application processes, campus life, and support services.

What courses are popular at the university?

UEL offers various courses across different departments. Still, the most popular ones include Business, Psychology, Computing and Civil Engineering, Architecture, creative writing, advertising and Cultural Studies. The school also has a strong reputation for sports and exercise science courses.

What department is known for its excellence in teaching and research? 

UEL has several departments known for their excellence in teaching and research. These include the School of Business and Law, Computing and Civil Engineering, and Arts and Creative Industries. Students in these departments can expect to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, expert teaching and a supportive community of learners. 

What scholarship is available to students at the University of East London?

UEL offers financial support to students through scholarship-based research and bursaries, which are available based on the course of study and the applicant’s background. Eligibility criteria may vary, and the university website provides updated information on available scholarships and bursaries. Check the Complete University Guide for a comprehensive list of student scholarships and bursaries.

How much does it cost to study at the University of East London?

UEL tuition fees vary based on the program and level of study. Undergraduate courses range from £9,250 to £14,000 per year for UK/EU students and £12,500 to £15,500 per year for international students. Postgraduate courses range from £7,500 to £14,500 for UK/EU students and £12,500 to £15,500 for international students. Additional expenses include accommodation and living costs.

How does The University of East London compare in the university ranking to all other universities in England?

As per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Cambridge holds the highest ranking among universities in England, followed by the University of Oxford. UEL’s ranking falls in the middle of university rankings in England. Nevertheless, UEL’s steady rise in ranking among other universities is worth noting.

Additionally, UEL was included in the prestigious QS World University Ranking. According to the QS ranking for 2023, the university is listed among the top 801-1000 universities worldwide.

Also, UEL’s School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering has the highest ranking in London for overall student satisfaction.

Is the University of East London hard to get into?

Unlike some schools in the country, UEL is selective in its admissions process, and the difficulty of getting accepted can vary depending on the course and level of study. The university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion also ensures that students from all communities feel welcomed and supported in their academic pursuits.

Is the University of East London suitable for international students?

UEL is a welcoming and inclusive institution highly regarded for supporting international students. The school offers benefits to help international students succeed, such as pre-departure briefings, orientation events, language support, and visa advice.

What is the campus like at the University of East London?

UEL’s campuses offer a diverse student body with a supportive learning environment and a solid connection to the local community. It also provides excellent extracurricular activities.

What is the graduate employment rate at the University of East London?

The graduate employment rate at the University of East London is 91% within six months of graduation, compared to the University of York with 85%, according to the latest data available. This means that most graduates from the school secure jobs soon after completing their degree programs.

Does the University of East London Offer Online Programmes?

Yes, UEL offers online programmes for students who prefer distance learning. The university provides a variety of part-time, online, and distance learning courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Additionally, the university has a partnership with Unicaf to offer online Master’s programmes for international students, enabling them to engage in higher education taught by world-class lecturers from their homes.

How many intakes does the University of East London have?

The school has several intakes throughout the year, with undergraduate and postgraduate courses starting in September, January, and May. Many of their part-time, online and distance learning courses also have multiple intakes throughout the year, including November and June.

Summary of the University of East London

The school is a highly regarded UK institution offering diverse courses in business, computing, architecture and politics. The university is recognised for its research and teaching excellence, with highly-ranked schools like the School of Architecture and Computing Engineering.

The school is renowned globally for its exceptional architecture and design courses, which offer students access to state-of-the-art facilities and high-spec computing labs. It has a strong track record of success across various areas, evidenced by its high ranking in international and national organisations. 

Its commitment to cultural and ethnic diversity reflects in its international student community, and the availability of scholarships further supports this ethos. With multiple intakes in June, November, and January, students can choose the best starting date for their studies. 

The university’s focus on innovation and support for students prepares them for a bright future in their chosen fields, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking quality postgraduate or undergraduate education.

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