Welcome to our University of Liverpool guide. If you want to learn more about this excellent UK university, from nights out to official uni information, then this is the place to look.

Whether you are an A-level student or an adult who wants to further your education, you might have thought about Liverpool’s university as a place to go. However, before you start writing up an application, it helps to know more about the place that would be supplying your education.

Overview of the University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool has become known as one of the UK’s leading research institutions, taking in both domestic and international students to provide an inspired and innovative learning space. Offering a range of courses, the university focuses on the quality of its higher education first and foremost.

Using a combination of well-prepared teaching facilities and interdisciplinary research spaces, Liverpool University prides itself on offering great student support and learning options. Whether you are more interested in the university community or the higher education itself, the University of Liverpool can be a great place to turn.

History of Liverpool University

Established back in 1881 as University College Liverpool, the university became a part of the federal Victoria University in 1884. It was the site of the first public radio transmission in 1894 and the first X-ray surgery in 1896, becoming a fully independent university in 1903.

Ever since the institution we now know as the University of Liverpool has constantly pushed for innovation in higher education. Constantly expanding its course offerings and facilities to provide greater student success, the university continues to support a wide variety of studies and courses.

What is the address of the University of Liverpool?

The official address of the University of Liverpool is:

L69 3BX

Map of the University of Liverpool

Here is a map of Liverpool University.

How to get to the University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is positioned in a way that makes it very easy to travel to. However, different travel methods will obviously require different routes.

  • By train – the nearest train station is at Liverpool Lime Street, only a short distance from the campus.
  • By road – the university can be reached easily thanks to its well-connected position in the heart of Liverpool itself.
  • By air – the Liverpool John Lennon airport is only eight miles from the campus, with Manchester Airport offering a direct rail link to the university.
  • By bus – local bus services and the National Express coaches stop very close to the campus.
  • On foot – the University is accessible on foot or by bike from the city centre.

Hotels near The University of Liverpool

If you are looking for a hotel near Liverpool University if you are going to visit or have friends or family visiting then the map below is a useful help and you can book directly on booking.com.



What are the top courses at Liverpool University?

The University of Liverpool offers a huge range of courses, from Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences and Veterinary Science to Engineering and Town Planning. These courses are all fully available to both domestic and international students, with the independent university offering a great range of choices.

University resources are split carefully between courses and fields of research, allowing health and life sciences to exist comfortably alongside computer science. As one of the top international universities based in the UK, the University of Liverpool focuses on great higher education regardless of the field. Some notable courses include:

  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Medical Technology & Bioengineering.
  • Medicine.
  • Optometry, Ophthalmics & Orthoptics.
  • Physics & Astronomy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design.
  • Veterinary Medicine.

The University of Liverpool’s wide range of cutting-edge facilities enable in-depth studying, with the students present on each course being able to draw on a huge pool of knowledge. This includes sports facilities, study areas, in-depth research resources, and a wide pool of other important facilities to aid studying and university life.

Where is the Liverpool Students Union?

The University of Liverpool Students Union is located at 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TR. Like almost all the top universities in the UK, this union is fully accessible to all students. 

What are the best Liverpool student nights?

Students in Liverpool can enjoy a range of nightclubs and late-night attractions, even on a tight budget. The campus (including areas like the Greenbank student village) is only a short walk away from the city centre, allowing students to enjoy themselves a lot more openly. Some of the notable nightclubs to consider are:

  • Brooklyn Mixer
  • The Blue Angel
  • Revolution
  • Walkabout
  • Level
  • Heebie Jeebies
  • Medication
  • Popworld

What are the best student pubs in Liverpool?

Plenty of pubs and bars can be a hotspot for student activity in Liverpool. If you are tired of studying or want to do something more exciting than loitering around the campus without committing to a packed nightclub, then taking a walk to some of the local pubs can be a more casual way to spend the night.

  • Kazmier Garden. 
  • The Font. 
  • The Pilgrim. 
  • The Merchant. 
  • Motel Bar. 
  • Metrocola.
  • Liverpool Arts Bar.
  • The Shipping Forecast.

Where are the best places to eat for students in Liverpool?

While the city of Liverpool has plenty of places to eat, you can’t always rely on the usual options on a student’s budget. However, there are still plenty of places to eat, and some of them can be a surprisingly healthy way to keep yourself fed.

  • Crust – cheap but tasty pizza.
  • The Tavern Co – is a great place to get breakfast.
  • The Blackburne Pub & Eatery – plenty of food that feels home-cooked and hearty.
  • Kowloon Chinese – affordable and delicious Chinese food.
  • Amalia – was once voted as having the best pizza in England.
  • Revolución de Cuba – plenty of Cuban food.
  • Baltic Market – good food at a low cost.
  • Mowgli – a massive menu of Indian street food.
  • Moose – American-style breakfast food.

What are the Halls of Residence and city campus residences for the University of Liverpool?

The University of Liverpool offers over 4,500 individual rooms to students, both in the popular Greenbank student village and the city campus itself. Dedicated student health services and security specialists keep every hall of residence a secure, crime-free environment, with support for anybody who asks university representatives if something goes wrong.

Students are supported by the university’s Student Services Centre – this part of the university’s city centre Campus Support Service operates to ensure a safe and crime-free environment surrounding the city campus residences. The vigilant Campus Support Team use a range of security measures to protect students on campus. This even includes entry and exit barriers in the library for added safety.

Top Liverpool Students Discounts

As with any university, Liverpool provides discounts to students on any undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Some of these are going to be extremely practical, while others will be far more niche, but having these discounts can be important for keeping yourself going while studying. Major discounts are available for places like:

  • Greggs.
  • Krispy Kreme.
  • Superdry.
  • Sketchers.
  • Bus pass discounts.
  • Blackwell book bundles.

There are far too many discounts to list here, but keep in mind that many discounts can come from platforms like UNIDAYS or TOTUM cards, too and include the following:

Popular Questions about the University of Liverpool

Is the University of Liverpool a good University?

Ranked in the top 25 UK universities by the Complete University Guide, Liverpool is known for having staff and students who have joined the ranks of Nobel prize winners, helped create global solutions aiming to improve countless things, and left a good impression on the university itself.

The university regularly produces culturally rich graduates, with its presence and influence even being felt in places like the World Heritage city of Suzhou and other institutions like Shanghai Jiao Tong University. While the University of Liverpool mostly operates in the United Kingdom, other programmes extend international teachers and support to entirely different countries.

A source like the World Report presents international rankings measuring university popularity based on student reviews, student success rates, and other factors. Others, like the QS World University Rankings, judge universities against each other. It is up to you to decide which matters more to you.

Is the University of Liverpool prestigious?

Connected to nine Nobel prize winners, it is easy to see the University of Liverpool (part of the prestigious Russell Group) as a high-class university. The inclusion of things like a dedicated Student Health Centre, a wide pool of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and a Liverpool library app only make the university even more special and distinct.

What rank is the University of Liverpool in UK?

According to some of the first-world university ranking platforms most people check, the University of Liverpool falls to at least 40th position in the entire UK – or often higher. Since different sources measure university reputation based on different things, this can be hard to judge exactly, but it is undeniable that Liverpool uni has a world-renowned reputation.

Is it hard to get into the University of Liverpool?

The acceptance rate at the University is around 14% – higher than some other research-led universities, but not by much. This means that at least 85% of all applicants are turned down. As hinted at by the QS World University Rankings, Liverpool Uni is a popular choice, but only so many applicants can get through.

What is the University of Liverpool best known for?

The university is best known for its high-quality approach to teaching and research across a variety of subjects and courses. The well-supported research community within Liverpool has boosted the school’s global universities rankings, as well as providing even more of an intellectual base that new students can draw from.

Should you live at the university’s city centre campus residences?

The university campus is designed to provide a good balance of comfort and support, allowing students to study in their own way while existing in safety. Whether you are taking on a social sciences course or studying computer science, the residences can be a great place to stay if you do not have other accommodations lined up.

These residences are safe, secure and well-maintained, making it very easy to take courses in comfort.

Should you use the university’s Student Services Centre?

The Student Services Centre provides invaluable support for students and is one of the core points behind the university’s global student satisfaction awards. This centre can support your health, fitness and wellbeing goals, offer financial advice, or even give study assistance. If health is a concern, a daily walk-in service from the Student Health Services allows easy check-ups.

This is not something that gets overlooked by anybody that evaluates university resources and provides students with a lot of support that they otherwise might not have.

Is Liverpool expensive for students?

Regardless of tuition fees, it is worth noting that Liverpool can be a cheap place to live. This makes it easier to live your best university life without living paycheck to paycheck and makes important student academic achievements a lot easier to pursue without being hounded by debts or a looming lack of funds.

Is Liverpool Uni able to support many courses?

Whether you are there for management school, social sciences or sport, Liverpool offers a great range of courses. This also includes on-site facilities and access to a range of Liverpool businesses that can help, making things like personal training sessions a lot easier to track down without having to make risky judgements or set aside huge amounts of money.

Does Liverpool hire a lot of students?

Many businesses in Liverpool hire graduates from the local university. For those who prefer being their own boss, many graduates go on to become chief executive officers of their own companies or start their own small businesses from scratch.

Summary of the University of Liverpool

Based on sources like the QS World University rankings, it is easy to see that Liverpool is a great option for any student. Whether you are interested in environmental sciences or managing businesses, it is important to explore your options and consider the various courses and facilities this university offers before you make a decision.

This breakdown might have explained a lot of the broader points of the university, but you need to look deeper into it for yourself to decide if it suits your needs. Do not rush yourself – see what courses and facilities matter to you most because Liverpool offers a massive range of different options to explore.