Welcome to our University of Sheffield guide. If you want to learn more about this top UK university, from nights out to official uni information, then this is the place to look.

Whether you are an A-level student or an adult who wants to further your education, you might have considered Sheffield as a good choice. However, before you take that final step into applying, you want to be sure you understand the university and its home city well.

Overview of the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is one of the UK’s notable world-leading universities, focusing on world-class research-led learning and an amazing student experience. Made up of academic staff from as many sources as possible, Sheffield’s research and tutoring faculty are well-known for being some of the best in the UK.

Open to both domestic and international students, and associated with six Nobel prize winners, the University of Sheffield can seem like a great place to turn for both postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

History of Sheffield University

The University of Sheffield was originally three different schools: the Sheffield School of Medicine, the Firth College and the Sheffield Technical School. After being the only large city in England with no university, this unique combination of schools was merged into the University of Sheffield we know today.

Ever since the university has continued to pursue teaching excellence in a range of subjects through research-led learning. In a city home to more than half a million people, many students have managed to develop skills in engineering, medicine, science, and countless other services and industry types that are valued across England and beyond.

The University of Sheffield received its royal charter in 1905. This royal charter has stood strong since then, even upon becoming a part of the elite Russell group.

What is the address of the University of Sheffield?

The official address of Sheffield University is:

Sheffield S10 2TN

Map of the University of Sheffield

Below is a map of the University of Sheffield:

How to get to the University of Sheffield

The university is positioned conveniently for travel. However, depending on where you are travelling from, the route may seem more complicated than it really is.

  • By train – multiple train services from across England have stops in or around Sheffield.
  • By road – the university can be reached very easily through normal road travel, with Sheffield’s layout making the trip even easier.
  • By air – it is easy to reach the uni by car, train, bus or even bicycle via Manchester Airport, Doncaster Airport, Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport.
  • By bus – various bus routes lead into Sheffield and allow easy travel around the city, meaning that there are always multiple lines to take that reach close to the university.
  • On foot – the University is relatively easily accessible on foot from the city centre.

Hotels near The University of Sheffield

If you are just visiting, then staying on campus is not an option. However, like most good universities, there are plenty of universities to turn to as a way of staying overnight or taking a few days to visit the university.

The Western Bank campus is located near a lot of hotels and temporary private accommodation options.


What are the top courses at Sheffield University?

The University of Sheffield offers a range of courses for undergraduates and various other study types, fully available to both domestic and international students. The most notable of these are production and manufacturing courses, engineering courses, healthcare and medicine, and general research-related courses as a whole.

The University of Sheffield’s top courses include:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Social Sciences

Where is the Sheffield Students Union?

Sheffield Students Union is located a short walk away from the city centre at Western Bank, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2TG, South Yorkshire. This is a dedicated students union building for the student population, offering a range of important services to any students that stop in.

The union focuses on promoting a better learning experience for students while also making sure that they can achieve and maintain academic excellence. They also focus on sustainable food and energy production via many different suitability initiatives.

What are the best Sheffield student nights?

The most notable part of the University of Sheffield experience for many students is the nightlife. There are also plenty of things to enjoy in the area, from a range of pubs and nightclub spaces to various relaxed spas and theatre performances. Even international students can feel at home enjoying what the city has to offer.

The university’s location provides both local and international students with some world-leading entertainment. The surrounding community accommodates students very well, and the campus itself serves as both a world-leading skills centre and a well-recognised social centre. Some major areas of interest to enjoy in your downtime include:

  • Walkabout
  • Tiger Works (famous for the £5 Round)
  • Bierkeller
  • West Street Live

What at the best student pubs in Sheffield?

The various pubs, bars and clubs in Sheffield can be a hotspot for student activity. If you are tired of the university’s research-focused atmosphere and the loud nightlife and want to support your studies with some casual nights out, then pubs can be a calmer choice. Notable local pubs include:

  • The Cavendish
  • Bloo 88
  • The Wick at Both Ends
  • Bungalows and Bears
  • Coco Lounge Bar
  • Bar and Beyond
  • The Forum

Where are the best places to eat for students in Sheffield?

If you are lacking in student satisfaction and can only fix it with some food on a tight budget, then there are some affordable places to eat that are relatively close to the campus.

  • Napoli Centro Pizzeria
  • Lemongrass Thai Street Food
  • The Clubhouse
  • The Rhubarb Shed
  • Lisboa Cafe & Patisserie (Peace Gardens)
  • The Street Food Chef
  • The Beer Engine
  • Little Yorkshire (previously known as the Traditionals of Kiveton park)
  • Yummys Noodle Bar
  • Noodle Doodle
  • Noodle Inn

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Sheffield?

There are multiple notable halls of residence within Sheffield, meaning that students have some choice (or at least some variety) over where they stay during their education. Many of these are in excellent locations, allowing international students to stay there comfortably.

While the student experience will vary slightly based on where you end up staying – like most universities – there is a range of places to stay when studying at the University of Sheffield. The university’s site goes deeper into the accommodations that this uni offers.

What famous people went to Sheffield University?

The University of Sheffield is famous for many notable UK alumni, some of which made a notable mark on Britain as a whole. These include:

  • Eddie Izzard, comedian.
  • Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, gold medal Olympian.
  • Dr Hele Shaman, the first astronaut from Britain in space.
  • Dame Hilary Mantel, historical novelist.
  • Dan Walker, BBC Breakfast host and sports journalist.
  • Stephen Daldry, filmmaker.
  • George Aragtoudis, Apple UK’s head of music and former Spotify higher-up.
  • Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia.
  • Lord David Blunkett, former home secretary and Labour MP.

Top Sheffield Students Discounts

The University of Sheffield offers a range of discount options for any UK students who want a social life on a budget. Some of these apply to university faculties, but most are for brands that are often household names or companies that can be a major part of keeping yourself fed, clothed and comfortable during your education. Notable discounts include:

  • Railcard discounts
  • Amazon discounts
  • Dominos’ deals
  • UNIDAYS promotions
  • TOTUM card discounts

For some big retailers and brands we suggest the student discounts below:

Popular Questions about the University of Sheffield

Is it hard to get into the University of Sheffield?

The acceptance rate for the university is 14% for undergraduate and postgrad courses. This is higher than some very exclusive universities, but not by much, meaning that the University of Sheffield is up there with other top-rankers in the Higher Education World University Rankings.

Is Sheffield a UK research university?

The University of Sheffield’s research-led learning is a core part of the UK university’s identity. While recently researchers developed a lifesaving drug for cancer treatment, the university has historically been connected to six Nobel prize winners, multiple overseas government agencies and many UK world-class research industries. It also supports multiple charitable foundations.

The University of Sheffield has four distinct research groups that all act as UK research partners and flagship institutes: Energy Institute, Neuroscience Institute, Healthy Lifespan Institute and Institute for Sustainable Food. Aside from the lifesaving drug that recently researchers developed and the Nobel prize winners, Sheffield’s research has gotten it ranked highly on the latest Research Excellence Framework rankings.

Sheffield also focuses on innovation as much as education. Research hubs are in close proximity to each other, with engineering and science both mixing into research innovation. Outside research partners include Rolls Royce, Boots, Boeing and countless other companies across England, Europe and beyond.

Does Sheffield Uni look at GCSEs?

To be considered for the University of Sheffield, you will need to have your past qualifications and grades checked. Sheffield boasts high application numbers, but only a small amount gets through, so experience in multiple subject areas can be important. Sheffield’s global reputation requires very strict entry requirements.

How long does it take for Sheffield to make offers?

The University of Sheffield usually takes between two days and one month to make a decision. This applies to both local and global students (or older global citizens who want to return for more higher education).

Is Sheffield a world-leading and elite university? What about the Nobel prize winners?

This is one of the top universities in the world, offering higher education to global citizens at an incredibly high standard of teaching and research. It is regularly voted as one of the top 50 universities in the world and is also regularly voted as one of the best options within England and Europe.

To get this kind of ranking in places like the QS World University Rankings, a university has to be world-leading or internationally excellent. This Uni easily qualifies as either world-leading or internationally excellent, if not both.

As part of the Russell Group, the uni has to be excellent. The Russell Group is very prestigious, and only the best institutions can get added to the Russell Group list. With former staff that earned Nobel prizes and a strong commitment to reaching the next generation with in-depth research, it is easy to see why.

What about the QS World University Rankings?

The university is 96th in the QS World University Rankings worldwide compared to all international universities. This takes into account a lot of research regarding how the campuses and institutions are run and their reputation as a whole.

The QS World University Rankings are not to be taken lightly. This means that the QS World University Ranking did not just place the university at 96th in England or Europe but in the entire world, making it an internationally excellent world-renowned university.

What about the Research Excellence Framework?

The uni is also graded very highly by the Research Excellence Framework, with the Research Excellence Framework calling Sheffield’s research activities ground-breaking and internationally excellent. The research performed at the university has led to life-saving research breakthroughs, after all.

Is Sheffield a walkable city?

This is a surprisingly compact city, making it very walkable. The campus itself keeps important facilities (sports facilities, social sciences buildings, computer science labs, teaching areas, engineering labs, community hotpots) all within close reach, and the Sheffield community outside of the campus is similarly compact and easy to reach on foot.

How is Student Satisfaction for local and international students?

The university consistently has been ranked number one for satisfaction surveys covering a number of subjects. This means that both current and former staff are clearly teaching the next generation well, pushing innovation and high-quality research-focused teaching while also bolstering the student experience and general life happiness.

Summary of the University of Sheffield

The student experience at this university is often said to be one of the best in England, and it is easy to see why. Whether you are there for urban studies or medical education, the teaching and research quality at this university makes it an excellent choice – if you can get accepted.

Regardless of the industry and career you want to pursue in your life, this is quite possibly one of the best England universities that currently exists. Fully accepting of students both within England and the greater UK as well as those outside of the UK, it is easy to see why so many people flock here, regardless of industry and career goals.

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