Welcome to our comprehensive University of Surrey Guide, made for students questioning which UK university is right for them. We will cover everything you need to know, from the location and transport to courses, facilities, and nearby student hangout spots.

Overview of the University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a global community of ideas dedicated to life-changing education and research for students. It is on a beautiful, vibrant campus that encourages ideas, creativity, and inspiration. Students at the University receive exceptional teaching and practical learning to prepare them for world success in their personal and professional lives.

The University sits in the centre of Guildford, an upscale town in southeast England. It is only a ten-minute walk from campus; students can also readily explore and access nearby cafes and restaurants by walking through them. Because of the dedication to graduate employability, 93 per cent of students who graduated from Surrey in 2017 were employed or in further education six months after leaving school, according to statistics.

The University of Surrey places a high value on research and preparing students for the working world, focusing on professional training placements and graduate prospects. Surrey has been recognised as an ‘outstanding’ institution in the first-ever Teaching Excellence Framework with the prestigious Gold award. It is a testament to our passion to support, empower, inspire, and prepare a bright future for the students.

History of Surrey University

The University of Surrey was established on 9th September 1966, with a Royal Charter. Still, it has been traced back to a concern for further and higher education for London’s poor in the late 19th century. The University’s predecessor, Battersea Polytechnic, was established in 1891 and began focusing on Science and technology around 1920, teaching day and evening degree students at the University of London. Its academic reputation grew steadily, so much so that in 1956 it was one of the first institutions to be designated a “School of Advanced Technology.”

What is the address of the University of Surrey?

The University’s official address is:

University of Surrey




Map of the University of Surrey

Here is a map of Surrey university:

How to get to the University of Surrey

There are various locations or routes you can use to access the campus:

  1. Stag Hill: Stag Hill is the primary location of the campus, close to Guildford Central Station, just a short walk from the city centre.
  2. Manor Park: The Manor Park campus is just a few minutes from the main Stag Hill campus.
  3. Hazel Farm: Hazel Farm is approximately two miles north of the University, on an estate off the A322 Worplesdon road.

The following are ways to get to the University:

  • By train – Guildford is on the main road between London Waterloo and Portsmouth. Trains run from Guildford to Waterloo every half hour, taking around 40 minutes.
  • By bus – Stagecoach has replaced Arriva, and now Lines 1 and 17 run between the train station and various university campuses. The earliest service is around 6 am, and the last bus is just before midnight.
  • By coach – State Express number SH030 runs to and from Egerton Road/Tesco Station (just a short walk from the University).
  • By car – Guildford is 30 miles southwest of London on the A3 London-Portsmouth Road.
  • -From London or the M25 (junction 10), take the bypass (A3) until you reach the Cathedral and University exit. The campus is very close to this intersection. Just follow the signs to the University and be careful not to follow the signs to the city centre.
  • – On an A322 or A323 From Bagshot or Aldershot on the A322 or A323, take the Portsmouth exit at the A3 roundabout, then take the first A3 exit (signposted Cathedral and University).
  • -From A281 or A3100 When coming from Horsham (A281) or Godalming (A3100), leave the central roundabout at the exit signposted Farnham (A31). After 200 meters, take the first right onto Guildford Park Road at the mini roundabout, then continue on Madrid Road and The Chase for about 1 mile. On the next roundabout, take the third exit towards the University entrance.
  • By air – Through London Heathrow and London Gatwick.
  • On foot – The campus is ten minutes from the Guildford town centre. It is a short walk from the train station to the Stag Hill campus, usually within 10/15 minutes (depending on which campus you are going to).

What are the top courses at the University of Surrey?

Surrey is a global community of ideas and people dedicated to life-changing education and research, exceptional teaching and practical education, groundbreaking research, and exceptional student experiences. With so many degree course combinations, you will find the one that is right for your personal and professional success.

The University of Surrey prides itself on its world rankings and ability to provide exceptional teaching and adequate facilities. Explore the data in our rankings to see the statistics on how these rankings can inspire and how their strengths can enhance your university experience. Other universities in the world also have rankings on their different strengths. Various postgraduate and undergraduate courses are offered:

  • Arts
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Business & Management Studies
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer and Internet Engineering
  • Economics
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Food Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • English Literature
  • English Literature and French
  • English Literature with Creative Writing
  • Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse Adult Mental Health Nursing)
  • Veterinary medicine and Science
  • Film Broadcast and Broadcast Engineering

Where is the Surrey Students Union?

The University’s Students Union is located on campus. It is a five-minute walk from the library and a two-minute walk from The Hive, and you will be able to see it; it’s the big red building.

A team of elected student officers runs the student union to cover all the aspects of student life, from providing sports clubs and societies to volunteering opportunities, events, and social experiences. They also offer academic support and housing advice services and give the uni students a voice to campaign and share their views with everyone in Surrey.

What are the best Surrey student nights?

Guildford has a rich nightlife, with many bars, clubs, and pubs offering excellent services. From incredible Freshers’ Week to big occasions like the end of exams, Guildford has a variety of places for students to meet up and have a night of fun. The nightclubs are just a stone’s throw from each other, so if the line gets too long, you can easily decide to go to another one! Here are some suggestions for going out in Guildford.

  • Rubix
  • Turtle Bay
  • Komo
  • The Marquee

What at the best student pubs in Surrey?

Students are always keen to research and know the best places to hang out on weekends with their friends. Below are some of the best pubs favoured by university students.

  • The Star Inn
  • The Alley Bar
  • Pews Bar and Courtyard
  • Cosy Club
  • The Drummond
  • Coffee Culture
  • Krema Coffee
  • De Nada

Where are the best places to eat for students in Surrey?

Surrey University has many delicious and diverse restaurants serving worldwide food. You’ll find restaurants and cafes on the Surrey campuses, especially the Manor Park campus, Research park, and Surrey Sports Park using fresh produce full of health, friendly staff, and a great atmosphere. Explore these the best places to eat:

  • Young’s Kitchen
  • Lakeside Restaurant
  • Wates House
  • Pizzaman
  • Thursday Market Stalls
  • Lakeside Coffee Shop
  • The Hideout

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Surrey?

When choosing a university, research the accommodation offered; the quality, location, and cost are essential factors in a student’s final decision. The campus has over 6,000 residence halls of various types to suit all budgets and requirements. The vast majority of the University’s properties in Surrey are self-catering with communal kitchens, except for Manor Park studios. All rooms have a broadband connection, and personal contents insurance is included in the rent. All rooms are fully furnished.

What famous people went to Surrey University?

The University’s alums in the world have shaped it and made it the great place it is today. They are achieving great things beyond their life-changing education and research and providing inspirational role models for current and future students. The campus is proud of the graduates and loves to hear about their dedicated careers and favourite memories of life on campus.

  • William Clark, Baron Clark of Kempston
  • Ann Keen
  • Liz McInnes
  • Jim O’Neill, Baron O’Neill of Gatley
  • Jacqueline Kay Swinburne
  • George Young, Baron Young of Cookham CH

The University holds rankings for professional success in the global community in that most international students are also alums. They include:

  • Dzulkefly Ahmad
  • Ghazi Salah Al-Din al-Atabani
  • Obafemi Anibaba
  • Rilwan Lanre Babalora
  • Hassan Diab

The list is endless; so many famous people attended the school and have a bright future currently.

Hotels near The University of Surrey

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Top Surrey Students Discounts

There are some great discount codes for students at Surrey. Here are some of our top suggestions:

Popular Questions about the University of Surrey

Why choose the University of Surrey? 

Surrey is a global community of ideas and people dedicated to life-changing and exceptional teaching and practical learning. Our academics from the global community have come together to create groundbreaking new theories daily and graduate prospects.

Through our research-focused schools, we partner with leaders in their fields who have already positively impacted their communities. These successful people come from all over the world and pursue higher education at one of our schools. Because they share their ideas and learning with our schools, they can also help us plan for the future.

The National University Employability Awards gave Surrey the title of the UK’s best graduate school for career prospects. They cited our 95 per cent graduate employability rankings, which is significantly better than the national average. Our employability and careers team offers students valuable resources and life-changing education to help them throughout their university careers, personal and professional success, and beyond.

What are the University of Surrey eligibility requirements?

Any course at the University must meet specific requirements based on its level and type. The required entry standards for the undergraduate programme typically vary between 65% and 85% on the average from an approved international foundation or AAA-CCC at A-Level, 30-34 points in the International Baccalaureate. The University offers honours degrees such as a 2:1 to 2:2 UK option that are completed by taking classes taught at the postgraduate level.

Does the programme offer internship opportunities? What are the options to gain practical work experience? 

Our courses offer placements ranging from two or four weeks of work experience to an optional one-year post. These internship opportunities provide exceptional teaching and practical learning in the work areas.

Does the University of Surrey accept international students?

The university prides itself on being one of the most world community culturally diverse universities in the UK, with over 140 nationalities playing an essential role in University life to provide exceptional teaching. It helps support and sign the students through the entire application process – from advice on choosing the right course of their interest to study to applying for a visa and preparing for their first few weeks in Surrey.

For the third year, the University of Surrey International Studies Center Pathway supports talented international students to progress to top universities and become highly employable graduates with the help of the best university placement service in the world.

The courses are designed to support and provide international students with the English language and academic skills they need to study in Surrey.

Is student accommodation easily accessible?

Student accommodation is located on the Manor Park campus in Surrey, which is a beautiful and vibrant campus. The University of Surrey offers a variety of accommodation options with over 6,000 rooms. Off-campus student accommodation is spread across Guildford, offering endless possibilities and opportunities for people to explore the city.

What are the campus rankings in the past five years in England?

Surrey is a global university recognised as one of the best public universities in Guildford, UK. It ranked 305th in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. According to the research data statistics, other famous universities worldwide also underwent these rankings, and the results differed.

What are the academic departments of the University of Surrey?

They include the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Each faculty is broken down into various departments.

How dedicated is the University of Surrey academic staff?

The University has a competent team of academic staff dedicated to providing exceptional teaching and installing life-changing education to the students. They aim to empower and support all the graduate prospects who search for quality education made easily accessible by the University.

What is the meaning of professional training placements?

Professional training placements are a phase of work experience that is an integral and assessed part of a student’s degree. It requires graduate prospects to apply the vast majority of what they have learned in the course to their work of interest and to apply the relevant skills they have acquired through practical learning and research on the job to their studies.

Summary of the University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a global community of ideas and people dedicated to life-changing education and research through teaching and practical learning. This beautiful and vibrant campus offers exceptional instruction and hands-on learning courses to inspire and empower students for personal and professional success.

Excellent industry links and an outstanding professional training programme offer tremendous personal and professional success. The University of Surrey boasts a prestigious gold award with league table rankings and a world-renowned, award-winning faculty.

Statistics show that the University offers many degree options and a variety of career opportunities, along with outstanding results in practical learning to achieve their objectives. After attending this prestigious University in England, graduates will have an intellectually developed personality that can tackle the world of work.