Welcome to our University of Hertfordshire guide, introducing you to one of the best universities in the UK and the world. Read on, and you will find out everything about its location, the course with the highest ranking, innovative teaching methods, and social life on its campuses.

Overview of the University of Hertfordshire

With its student population of 32,000, the University of Hertfordshire, also known as Herts, is among the best universities in the world and the UK. It’s famous for its technological and aeronautical departments, but it also shows excellent results in its arts, languages, and humanities courses. All of that is possible thanks to the dedicated staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovation in teaching.

And aside from academic pursuits, you can enjoy an authentic student experience while attending the university. Bars, clubs, and pubs in the surrounding area open their doors to all manner of students, and if you ever get tired, London is only a train ride away. In addition, you can join a club or a society to meet peers with similar interests. Ultimately, it’s not a surprise both domestic and international students flock to Herts!

History of Hertfordshire University

The University of Hertfordshire was founded in 1952 as Hatfield Technical College, the first large college of this kind since World War II. Many of its earliest courses were technical, particularly related to mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

In 1958, the institution changed its name to Hatfield College of Technology, and in 1961, it became the regional college in Wales and England designated by the Ministry of Education. Eight years later, it was renamed Hatfield Polytechnic and kept operating under that name until 1992. That’s when the university opened its doors for the first time after being granted its status as a higher education institution. In recent years, it has become one of the best universities in the UK and the world, involved in research and improving society.

What is the address of the University of Hertfordshire?

The University of Hertfordshire’s official address is:

University of Hertfordshire



AL10 9AB


Map of the University of Hertfordshire

You will find the map of the university below:

How to get to the University of Hertfordshire

The university has a convenient location in the centre of Hatfield, with excellent connections to London and the greater England area. Thanks to that, you won’t have much trouble reaching the location, whether it’s for an open day or the start of your studies. Here is how to get to Herts:

  • By train: The closest railway station is Hatfield station, a 30-minute walk from the university. To get there, you can board a train at London Kings Cross, arriving in around 20 minutes.
  • By bus: University runs its own Uno buses, which connect Hatfield with surrounding towns. In addition, Uno buses drive to and from the railway station.
  • By bike: Herts has numerous bike lanes and racks, enabling each student to swiftly move around the campuses.
  • By car: The university’s location is near the M1, M11, and A1 motorways. Herts also has a free student parking area.

What are the top courses at Hertfordshire University?

The University of Hertfordshire guarantees that all of its students will receive an excellent education, preparing them for future employment, research, and other endeavours. That’s possible thanks to innovative teaching methods, advanced facilities, and, of course, demanding courses.

Some of the top courses the UK University of Hertfordshire offers are:

  • Paramedic Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
  • Business and Finance
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health and Social Work
  • Creative Arts
  • Psychology
  • Data Science
  • Law

No matter where your interests lie, you will be able to gather more knowledge, enhance your skills and conduct research at one of the best universities the UK has to offer to the world.

Where is the Hertfordshire Students Union?

Hertfordshire Students Union is located on the university grounds, on College Lane, easily accessible to all undergraduates and postgraduates. Whenever you require guidance and support or simply want to meet new people and learn about student events, head over to the Union and talk to one of the representatives. They can help you find a club or a society to join, suggest part-time jobs, or admit you into the Students Union in case you wish to become a part of that world.

What are the best Hertfordshire student nights?

The University offers an unforgettable student experience both in the academic and social sense. When you get tired of studying, you may wish to head out for a fun night of mingling with your peers on a dancefloor. For the best student nights in Hertfordshire, pay a visit to one of the following clubs:

  • The Forum Hertfordshire — an on-campus nightclub and bar with frequent themed nights
  • 24/7 Nightclub — located in St Albans nearby, themed nights
  • Pryzm — situated in nearby Watford, regular parties and special events

What’s more, Hertfordshire University is only a 20-minute train trip from London. And if you are looking for exciting nightlife, there’s hardly a city that can offer more.

What are the best student pubs in Hertfordshire?

Dancing the night away is fun, but you may need a change of pace from time to time. If that’s the case, head over to a pub for an evening of great drinks and quality conversation. Being a student town, Hatfield is full of affordable bars and pubs, as is Hertfordshire county. Here are a few student-friendly venues you should visit:

Where are the best places to eat for students in Hertfordshire?

Whether you reside in de Havilland or College Lane, you certainly won’t stay hungry while studying at the University of Hertfordshire. You’ll find plenty of delicious and affordable options on both campuses, such as:

  • Forum Food Court
  • Subway
  • Vegan Gallery Cafe
  • LRC Cafe
  • Cafe Sport
  • de Hav Food Court
  • Cafe Ambition

If you ever grow tired of the on-campus food, explore the surrounding area for more options. Hertfordshire is full of food joints that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters, including:

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Hertfordshire?

If you’re looking for a genuine and unforgettable student experience, living on one of the two campuses is the perfect solution. Both the de Havilland campus and College Lane campus are situated close to the lecture halls, with a location that gives them access to nightclubs, bars, and the Weston Auditorium. In addition, de Havilland offers an exclusive block for postgraduates, allowing them to stay close to the rest of the student population while keeping a place of their own.

And if neither the College Lane campus nor de Havilland campus satisfies your needs, you can choose to live off-campus in private accommodations. There are many available options, but keep in mind that your student experience will be much different in this case.

What famous people went to Hertfordshire University?

The University of Hertfordshire offers its students plenty of room to pursue their interests and develop into successful individuals, as evidenced by the world-famous graduates that attended its lecture halls. Some of the most notable figures from the university include:

  • Owen Farrell, UK rugby player
  • Flux Pavillion, dubstep DJ and headliner of many music festivals
  • Lisa Lazarus, Miss Universe finalist and actress
  • Kate Bellingham, television presenter
  • Luke Scheybeler, entrepreneur and creative director of a sportswear brand
  • Tony Banham, historian and author
  • Charles Wright, the producer of The X Factor

The successful people listed above started just like you, so you might achieve great feats as a Hertfordshire graduate too. The university will certainly provide you with all the support you need!

Hotels near The University of Hertfordshire

Staying on campus is only available to students attending the University of Hertfordshire. So, if you are a visiting relative or a future student coming to see what the institution offers, you will have to search for alternative accommodations. Luckily, there are many options, especially considering London’s proximity. You should have no trouble finding a motel, an Air BNB or a different type of private lodging to stay at.

However, if you’re searching for a more traditional type of accommodation, we can offer several hotels in Hatfield and its vicinity, including:

For more options, look up the destination on Booking.com or TripAdvisor. And if you don’t mind a short commute, you could expand your search to the London area as well!

Top Hertfordshire Students Discounts

As a Herts student, you may take advantage of several fantastic discounts, including:

  • Discounted Unobus tickets
  • Free access to the LinkedIn learning course
  • Discounts in the Sports Village
  • A free course, advice, and training from Careers and Employment

If you are looking for some big brand student discounts the why not check out the retailers below:

Popular Questions about the University of Hertfordshire

For those who have further questions about the UK University of Hertfordshire, we’ve compiled and answered some of the most common ones about its world rankings, courses, and the most popular society.

What are the University of Hertfordshire’s official rankings?

The University of Hertfordshire has fairly high official rankings in the world, making it one of the best UK universities. Some of the relevant rankings include:

  • #801-1000 on QS World University Rankings
  • #601-800 on Times Higher Education World Rankings
  • #551-600 on QS World University Rankings by Subject
  • #101-150 on QS World University Rankings by Graduate Employability
  • #76 on U.S. News & World Report Rankings for Best Global Universities in the UK
  • #68 on The Complete University Guide World Rankings for the best universities in the UK
  • #901-1000 on Academic Rankings of World Universities

In addition, it’s important to note the variety of work placements Hertfordshire’s graduates are able to obtain only six months after graduating. That also speaks for the quality of teaching, courses, and research at the university.

What courses does the University of Hertfordshire teach?

Herts teaches a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as online distance learning courses, continuing professional development courses, and preparatory courses. All university courses deal with a variety of subjects, including:

  • Business and management
  • Computer science, artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Education and teaching
  • Mechanical engineering
  • World history, literature, and creative writing
  • Mathematics and physics
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Social sciences
  • Accounting and finance
  • Arts, design and fashion
  • Civil engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Health professions and social work
  • Geography and environment
  • Aerospace engineering

Whether you spend most of your time doing research in the science building, studying computer science, attending business school, or practising law in a mock law court, you are sure to receive exactly the type of education you need.

Which schools of study can be found at the University?

The University divides all of its courses into seven schools of study. Those include:

  • Business School
  • Creative Arts School
  • Health and Social Work
  • Law School
  • Life and Medical Sciences School
  • Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science
  • Social Sciences, Humanities and Education

Each of these schools has its own facilities, research programmes, and open days. Make sure to visit the university and its schools during an open day to explore how they can contribute to your student experience.

Which facilities does the University offer?

The University of Hertfordshire takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, enabling students to conduct research, learn through the latest teaching methods, and make the most of the student experience. Some facilities you will find on the university grounds are:

  • Sports facilities (including indoor and outdoor sports facilities)
  • Medical facilities
  • Support services
  • A new science building
  • Mock law court
  • Childcare facilities
  • Parking area
  • Spaces for meditation, prayer, and spiritual support
  • Students Union with support services and mental health professionals available to all students

As you can see, Hertfordshire University will give you plenty of room to grow, learn new skills, and enjoy your student experience. As a result, finding excellent work placements anywhere in the world should not pose a challenge.

When was Herts granted university status?

Herts was officially granted university status in 1992 after decades of providing education as a Polytechnic.

Is the University of Hertfordshire suitable for international students?

Data shows that the University’s student population is made up of almost 3,000 international students from various countries of the world. Thanks to its modern facilities, near-London location, and fantastic employment, education, and research opportunities, Herts is rather attractive to international students. So, if you wish to study at one of the best UK universities, consider applying the following year!

What Guardian University Award did the University of Hertfordshire win?

The University of Hertfordshire won the Award for Student Experience in 2015. That should come as no surprise considering the university’s commitment to each student and their satisfaction from the moment they step through the door until they become graduates.

What is the best society at Herts?

Aside from courses, lectures, and research, Herts offers a variety of clubs and societies to interested students. They are all held at the university’s location and represent an excellent way to meet new people and improve teamwork skills. If you are looking for a society to join, consider a racing car team. It’s currently placed 26th in the world rankings and frequently contributes racers to the British Formula One team.

When are the university’s open days?

If you want to check whether Herts is the right university for you, we encourage you to explore it during an open day. Every year, the institution organises open days for future students, allowing them to explore world-class research facilities, get information on available courses, find the easiest ways to get to the university’s location and learn about any society that interests them. Typically, an open day is held on a Saturday in March, but make sure to regularly check the university’s website for more information.

Summary of the University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire greets students from all over the UK and the world, awarding a scholarship to the most dedicated ones. If you want to have a taste of what studying at a prestigious university is like, visit Herts for an open day. In no time, you will understand why it ranks among the best universities in the UK and the world.

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