Welcome to our University of Leeds Guide, made for students questioning which of the major UK universities is right for them. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from the location and transport to courses, facilities, and nearby student hangout spots.

With so many universities to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one to help you develop in the right direction and support your progress. To help you decide if the University of Leeds is the perfect option, we’ve compiled all the information about it in one place. You won’t have to sift through copies of Times Higher Education in hopes of finding useful data — it’s all right here!

Overview of the University of Leeds

As a prestigious UK university established in 1904, the University of Leeds offers unparalleled postgraduate and undergraduate courses which equip its students with skills that make them employable not just in the UK but in the entire world.

Each new academic year, a flock of new students arrives at this Russell Group university, admiring its state-of-the-art facilities, the lane swimming pool, green spaces, and exceptional programs. Academic excellence and progress aren’t just buzzwords at the University of Leeds. Rather, they are values this institution holds in high regard.

This UK university isn’t only focused on improving its QS World University Rankings standing, though. The chancellor and staff genuinely care about giving the students an authentic university experience, complete with clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities. Thanks to that, students from across the world come to Leeds University, making it one of the most multicultural universities in the UK.

History of Leeds University

The University of Leeds was officially founded in 1904, but it originates from two 19th-century institutions. Those include the Leeds School of Medicine, established in 1831 to allow medical students to study closer to home, and the Yorkshire College of Science, which opened its doors in 1874.

Unlike Oxford and Cambridge universities, which almost exclusively accepted the members of the aristocracy, the Yorkshire College of Science was open to students of various backgrounds and religions. At first, it emphasised scientific studies and subjects, but eventually, modern literature, history, and classics found their place in the curriculum. As a result, the College of Science changed its name to Yorkshire College.

The Yorkshire College and the Leeds School of Medicine joined forces in 1884 and three years later united with University College Liverpool and Owens College Manchester. Together, these colleges formed Victoria University.

But soon after, each city decided to form their own universities instead. For Leeds, that happened in 1904 when it got its Charter from King Edward VII.

The university continued to develop, expanding its curriculum and accepting an ever-increasing number of students. And in 1994, it joined the prestigious Russell Group, becoming one of the leaders of higher education in the UK and the world, as reflected on the QS World University Rankings.

What is the address of the University of Leeds?

The address of the University of Leeds is:

Woodhouse Lane
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Map of the University of Leeds

Below you will find the map of the University of Leeds:

How to get to the University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has a great location in the city, only a ten-minute walk from the centre. You can get to the site in one of the following ways:

By train: Leeds train station connects the city with all major UK cities. Trains from London are frequent, and the journey lasts around two and a half hours. You’ll need about twenty minutes to get from Leeds city station to the campus.

By car: Leeds is connected to the M62 and M1 motorways. Remember that parking is limited on campus, and you’ll likely need to book a space in advance.

By bus: Leeds is connected to London and other major cities with long-distance coaches, and there are also local buses that can take you straight to the university. You can find both kinds at the Leeds Bus & Coach Station.

By air: To get to Leeds, you can use two airports — Leeds Bradford Airport or Manchester Airport. The former is only seven miles from the university, so it is easy to reach by taxi.

Hotels near The University of Leeds

If you’re coming to the University of Leeds to visit a family member or for an open day, you will need to search for accommodations outside the campus. Luckily, Leeds has plenty of hotels, hostels, and other private lodgings. Explore the map for some of the best options.


Aside from cheaper options and Airbnbs, you can book a room in more traditional hotels. Here are a few in the city centre:

Still, if you’re only staying a night or two, you likely want to avoid splurging on a room. Look around on TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and other relevant sites and see what options you can find. Something is sure to suit both your location needs and budget.

What are the top courses at Leeds University?

Thanks to the variety of courses the University of Leeds offers, each student can make progress in their chosen field. Whether interested in social sciences, life science, engineering, or international studies, students will find their place in one of the most prestigious UK schools.

All Leeds University courses are organised in seven faculties, which include:

  • Arts, Humanities, and Culture (including philosophy, literature, and history)
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Environment
  • Medicine and Health
  • Social Sciences

In addition, international students who want to improve their English skills have access to the Language Centre. In contrast, mature and part-time students can take advantage of the Lifelong Learning Centre when they need help. Ultimately, all the courses offered by the University of Leeds are ranked high in Times Higher Education and on independent lists worldwide, so you can rest assured that this institution is an excellent choice.

Where is the Leeds University Union?

Leeds University Union (LUU) is a non-profit organisation led by students who support other students during their studies, promote social activism and change, and hold various fun events. The Union building is located in the middle of the campus, on Lifton Place, making it easily accessible to all students who want to join or share their personal concerns.

What are the best Leeds student nights?

After a long day of academics and pursuing research degrees, students like going to the city centre to unwind. And Leeds is more than keen to offer them appropriate entertainment in the form of student-friendly bars and clubs. Here are a few that organise fantastic events you’ll always be welcome to:

What are the best student pubs in Leeds?

When you’re not looking for a full-scale nightlife experience but rather something more relaxed and cosy, a pub is an excellent choice. Leeds centre is, of course, full of them, and many are student-friendly. Here are a few we can recommend:

  • North Bar
  • The Angel Inn
  • The Dry Dock
  • The Hop
  • The Fenton

If you ever get tired of libraries and lecture theatres and want to explore the wider community, search for one of these pubs. A great atmosphere and quality beer await you, allowing you and your fellow students to take a well-deserved break.

Where are the best places to eat for students in Leeds?

Students are unlikely to go hungry in Leeds, as the city offers many restaurants and street food joints. Take a walk around the city centre, and you’ll find your favourite dining place in no time.

Unfortunately, the student budget is often limited, so some finer restaurants may be out of your grasp. That shouldn’t concern you, though. You’ll find plenty of excellent places to eat and drink on the university campus. Here are a few we can recommend:

  • Hugo — a camionette cafe selling coffee, patisseries, and baguettes
  • Refectory — a variety of hot and cold food, usually sourced from local ingredients
  • Parkinson Court Cafe — offers excellent sandwiches and lunches
  • Common Ground — great coffee, delicious pastries, and colourful decor
  • Old Bar — a variety of food options and an all-day breakfast

In addition, you can visit the Farmers’ Market led by Leeds University Union for freshly-baked brownies, local vegetables, and the popular hog roast. If none of these options satisfies you, you’re sure to get recommendations from students on the campus or by checking out TripAdvisor reviews.

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Leeds?

If you are not initially from Leeds, you will need to find a place to stay during your studies. Luckily, the city doesn’t lack accommodations, many of which are student-friendly, comfortable, and in a safe location.

But if you hope to experience student life to its fullest, the best option is to find accommodations on the campus site. The University of Leeds offers twenty halls of residence to its students, equipped with all the necessary furniture and facilities. Some dorms are available only to undergraduates, others exclusively to those pursuing postgraduate degrees, but there are also a few that everyone can apply to.

What famous people went to Leeds University?

As a highly esteemed institution that values excellence, the University of Leeds has taught some big names in science, such as:

  • Mark Fielding
  • Nigel Smith
  • Dominic Behan
  • Simon Long
  • Matthias Maurer

Aside from science, the university’s alumni have achieved considerable success in the world of arts as well. Some famous names include:

  • Chris Pine
  • Emma Mackey
  • Matt Haig
  • Wole Soyinka
  • Anna Jacobs

As you can see, the University of Leeds gives its students all the skills they need for success. Whether it’s a career in science, art, engineering or business that interests you, this bastion of higher education will set you on the path of progress.

Top Leeds Students Discounts

Here are some of the best student discounts you can get in and around Leeds.

Popular Questions about the University of Leeds

We’ve covered all the basics of the University of Leeds, but you likely have additional questions about the institution, its campus, and research degrees. In the next section, we will look at the frequently asked ones and hopefully answer your lingering queries.

What is the acceptance rate of the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds has a fairly high average acceptance rate of nearly 77%. Typically, the minimum entry requirement for undergraduate courses is passing five GSCEs and A-levels. International students can check the equivalent qualifications on the university’s official site.

What is the QS World University Ranking for the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds is 86th on the QS World University Rankings in 2023. That places it in the top 6% of Times Higher Education institutions globally. Some of its programs, such as Business and Management, ranked even higher, placing 70th on the QS World University Rankings by Subject. All in all, academic excellence is certainly a familiar concept to this UK institution.

What is the University of Leeds known for?

As one of the largest universities in the UK, the University of Leeds has a vast selection of courses for undergraduates and postgraduates. Its alumni are respected globally, and its employability rates are rather high, as the university works on providing internships and job placements even during studies.

On top of that, the UK Russell Group institution is well-known for its social opportunities and progress, especially thanks to its Student Union, which actively maintains clubs and societies for students to join.

Is the University of Leeds suitable for international students?

The University of Leeds campus is a diverse and multicultural environment, with over 14,400 international students coming from 137 different countries. The student-friendly city offers all accommodations and supports necessary for a foreign or exchange student. For that reason, this UK university attracts students from around the world.

Can I see the university campus before applying?

Yes, you can. Like most universities, the University of Leeds organises frequent open days for would-be students, and individual tours are also possible. If you opt for a self-guided tour, you can download an interactive map from the official website to help you navigate the area.

If you have no time to visit the university, you can view the equivalent tour online. Virtual tours are open to everyone, allowing you to see landmarks, accommodations, the sports centre and more.

Which university facilities are available?

The University of Leeds has a range of academic facilities, as well as places to relax, unwind, and catch up with your friends. On the campus, you will find:

  • Libraries with almost 4,000 study spaces, computer facilities, and online resources
  • Research hubs for postgraduate degrees with individual and group study rooms
  • Classrooms and teaching spaces with state-of-the-art technology
  • Language Centre with teaching and learning materials in over 50 languages
  • An indoor sports centre with a gym, a lane swimming pool, sauna, and climbing wall
  • Outdoor sports centre with green spaces and bicycle lanes
  • University Union with its clubs, societies, services and a centre for mental health

Which subjects is the University of Leeds the best in?

According to the QS World University Rankings data, the University of Leeds has 28 subjects that rank in the top ten in the world. Those include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Language courses such as English, and Russian & Eastern European Languages
  • Cultural courses, including Asian Studies and African & Middle Eastern Studies,
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Childhood & Youth Studies
  • Music Course
  • Communication & Media
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Production Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Marketing Course
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Technology & Bioengineering
  • Linguistics
  • Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design
  • Law
  • Food Science
  • Theology & Religious Studies
  • Art & Design Course
  • Geography & Environmental Science
  • Geology Course
  • Drama, Dance & Cinematics
  • Nursing
  • Economics

Summary of the University of Leeds

It’s no surprise that the University of Leeds is a member of the prestigious Russell Group included on the QS World University Rankings. Whether you’re interested in science or arts, this university will support your academic progress, supplying you with degrees and skills to make you more employable after graduation. Drawn by that and by the promise of a fantastic student experience, students from all corners of the UK and the world come to Leeds every academic year to pursue higher education.