Welcome to our guide to the prestigious University of Greenwich. Find out all details about courses, benefits the campuses provide, graduate prospects, and more. Once you finish reading, you can finally decide if this university is for you.

Overview of the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is renowned all across the world thanks to its employable graduates, innovative teaching methods, and success in research. The establishment’s fundamental vision is to support its students in discovering themselves and reaching the academic excellence they strive for.

Its campuses, one of which is located on the World Heritage Site, welcome students of all backgrounds and interests, and its Business School is among the best UK universities have to offer. Visit during an open day to experience the university atmosphere firsthand and see how Greenwich stands out.

History of the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich has a long history in education, spanning over 130 years. It draws its roots from Woolwich Polytechnic, the second polytechnic in the UK, founded by Frank Didden in 1890. At first, the Polytechnic had social and religious functions aside from the educational one.

That changed in 1894 when the Woolwich Polytechnic focused on education, particularly technical subjects. Three years later, the first Woolwich Polytechnic School was opened on the same premises.

Decades later, in 1970, Woolwich Polytechnic merged with some parts of Hammersmith College of Art and Building and became Thames Polytechnic. Over the years, several more incorporations occurred — Dartford College, Avery Hill College, Garnett College, and parts of Goldsmiths College and the City of London College joined Thames Polytechnic.

Finally, in 1992, Thames Polytechnic was granted university status and became the University of Greenwich. And four years later, the university incorporated a UK government research agency, National Resources Institute (NRI).

What is the address of the University of Greenwich?

University of Greenwich

Old Royal Naval College

Park Row, Royal Borough


London SE10 9LS

Map of the University of Greenwich

Below you will find the map of the University of Greenwich:

How to get to the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is well-connected thanks to its central position. Thanks to that, you can easily reach it using various modes of transport.

  • By underground: The closest stop is Canary Wharf, after which you need to board a train to Cutty Sark station.
  • By train: The closest stop is Cutty Sark if you are using a DLR train. National Rail would take you to either Greenwich Station or Maze Hill Station, both of which are within walking distance from the university.
  • By bus: Several bus routes stop in Greenwich town centre near the campus.
  • By bicycle: The campus has designated bicycle parking spots for those who decide to visit using cycle routes.
  • By air: London has six main airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City Airport, and Southend. Each has underground, bus, or train services that connect them to university campuses.

What are the top courses at Greenwich University?

The University of Greenwich may have started as an institution focused primarily on technical subjects, but nowadays, it offers a variety of courses for undergraduates and postgraduates. Whatever your chosen field, you will gain hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge as you attend the lectures.

The University of Greenwich takes special pride in the following courses:

  • Computer Science
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Construction
  • Business and Management
  • Liberal Arts

Aside from standard, full-time courses, the University of Greenwich offers a flexible degree study for working and older students. This option comes with online learning, flexible schedules, and full access to student support services and resources on campuses.

Where is the Greenwich Students Union?

Greenwich Students Union is located in Dreadnought building at 30 Park Row, a walking distance from the main Greenwich campus. The Students Union exists to assist students until they graduate, represent them when necessary, offer new possibilities, and organise various events which lie at the core of the student experience. So, we recommend you stop by the building occasionally and check in with your Union peers!

What are the best Greenwich student nights?

Thanks to its prime location in south east London, Greenwich is known for its exciting nightlife, with bars, clubs, and pubs at every corner. Enjoy a night of dancing and frivolity with your peers after a hard day of leafing through thick tomes in the student library.

To ensure you do not end up in a club that is way beyond your budget, we have listed some excellent, student-friendly alternatives.

  • Lower Deck (Greenwich Students Union club, doubles as a bar and live music venue)
  • Belushi’s (DJs, live music, and sports events)
  • Studio 338 (London’s answer to Ibiza, DJs, late-night dancing)
  • George & Dragon (LGBTQ+ friendly, cabaret bar)

What at the best student pubs in Greenwich?

Are you a fan of quieter nights in good company and long conversations? Pubs in Greenwich can offer you just that, along with friendly staff, excellent pints, and architecture that takes you back into the 19th century. The following are a few standout locales every Greenwich student should visit.

Where are the best places to eat for students in Greenwich?

Studying in campuses near central London means you will have access to some of the best, Michelin-starred restaurants. However, such fine dining may be far outside your student budget, meaning you will have to get your meals elsewhere. Luckily, you will also find plenty of smaller fast-food joints, bars, and cafes where you can get excellent food at an acceptable price.

If you need more options, stroll around the Greenwich neighbourhood or browse TripAdvisor. You will find countless joints offering foods to please everyone’s palates.

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Greenwich?

With three campuses in London and Kent, the University of Greenwich hosts approximately 35,000 students. Each campus has its own accommodation, services, and support for students from other parts of the country or the world. On an open day, you can visit all the campuses, explore their facilities, and decide which hall of residence suits your tastes.

Students based in the Greenwich campus at the World Heritage Site can choose from four halls:

  • Cutty Sark Hall
  • Daniel Defoe Hall
  • Devonport House
  • McMillan Hall

Avery Hill offers only one accommodation, the Student Village, which can host up to 1,200 students.

Medway campus in Kent also only has Medway Halls, but this hall of residence has all the facilities a student could wish for.

What famous people went to Greenwich University?

If you get your degree from the University of Greenwich, you will join the ranks of some notable alumni, some of whom are Nobel laureates. Here is a list of people who attended this prestigious higher education institution.

  • Charles Kao, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist
  • Abiy Ahmed, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Etienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg
  • Ann Packer, an Olympics gold medalist
  • Lara Pulver, an awarded dancer and actress
  • Mark Daly, Irish senator
  • Siobhan Dowd, writer

Going beyond conventional wisdom and artificial boundaries, the University of Greenwich will give you an excellent foundation for further development. Even if you do not become as famous as the above-mentioned alumni, you will be ready to take on any challenges thrown your way.

Hotels near The University of Greenwich

If you are visiting the university for an open day, you will not be able to stay on campus, as this accommodation is limited to Greenwich’s students. Instead, you will need to find lodgings elsewhere, which should not be too difficult considering the university’s location. The map below will give you more information on potential places to stay.

And if you are interested in more traditional accommodation — namely, hotels — here are a few we recommend:

Ultimately, if none of these hotels suits your taste or you need more student-friendly accommodation, look for options on TripAdvisor and Booking.com. Adjust your parameters to see offers that fit your budget and desired location.

Top Greenwich Students Discounts

  • 25% off on Dell electronics
  • Free Microsoft 365 suite
  • 20% on Lower Deck wine bottles and sparkling wine
  • Up to £9 on Royal Museums tickets

Popular Questions about the University of Greenwich

Now you know all the basics about the University of Greenwich, but you most likely have more questions about this higher education institution, its four faculties, campuses, and courses. In that case, keep reading to learn more about the university.

Has the University of Greenwich won any Prizes for Higher and Further Education?

As one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, the University of Greenwich has won five Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education. In addition, it received nine Times Higher Education Awards and two Guardian University Awards.

Which campuses does the University of Greenwich offer?

The University of Greenwich has three campuses — two in London and one in Kent. The London campuses include the Greenwich campus and Avery Hill campus. Medway campus is situated in Kent, just outside London.

What does the Greenwich campus offer to students?

Greenwich campus is the central hub of the University of Greenwich, located in south east London by the river Thames. It is situated on a World Heritage Site, spanning three baroque buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

The campus offers state-of-the-art learning facilities, including a campus library, TV studios, teaching spaces, coffee shops, and bars. Aside from the on-site facilities, students have access to bars, pubs, galleries featuring contemporary artists, and other venues in the surrounding area.

Where is the Avery Hill campus located?

The Avery Hill campus is on Avery Hill Road in Eltham, just 30 minutes by train from central London. It boasts excellent student accommodation and support, remarkable social facilities, modern laboratories, and a multi-purpose sports hall. If you are hoping for a career in medicine, nursing, or sports, the Avery Hill campus is right for you.

Where is the Medway campus located?

The historic Medway campus is located in Chatham, Kent, 45 minutes by train from central London. It stands out among the three campuses due to its rich naval history, the traces of which can still be found there. Medway is peaceful and green, with plenty of bars and cafes, as well as various sports facilities.

The Medway campus is the right choice if you are interested in science or engineering. Its cutting-edge laboratories and teaching spaces are second to none, with trained university staff always on hand. In addition, its learning facilities, with over 150,000 books and 400 computers, are the pride of Kent and the United Kingdom.

Is the University of Greenwich suitable for international students?

No matter which of the three campuses they choose, international students will find plenty to love at this university. The selection of courses, advanced learning facilities, innovative teaching methods, and an extensive global network of students are just some of those things. Add this to the London nightlife and exciting university lifestyle, and you get an unforgettable experience.

In addition, the university’s health services and student support centres are always there for international students, ready to answer all questions and provide help.

How is the University of Greenwich ranked in the world?

The University of Greenwich is ranked highly by international and domestic agencies. Here are some of the rankings the university is particularly proud of:

  • 76th in the UK by the Center for World University Rankings
  • 84th in the Times University Guide 2023
  • 98th in the Guardian University Guide 2023
  • 501st on World University Rankings by Times Higher Education
  • 901st on the QS World University Rankings
  • Silver rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework

How many faculties does the University of Greenwich have?

The university has four faculties spread across three campuses. Each faculty produces capable graduates year after year. The faculties include:

  • Greenwich Business School
  • Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

What are the top undergraduate courses at the University of Greenwich?

The University of Greenwich offer includes a variety of courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates. If we focus specifically on the former, here are some of the most popular courses:

  • Business and Management
  • Forensic Science
  • Criminology
  • Health and Social Care
  • International Relations
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Film and Media
  • Environmental Science
  • History

Summary of the University of Greenwich

Whether you want to pursue business, science, arts, languages, or medicine, the University of Greenwich will support you in every endeavour. Choose a faculty that suits you and become part of one of the best universities in the UK.

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