Welcome to our Complete University Guide of Leicester University. Find out more about this university, including the best courses, tips on student life, official information, places to stay when visiting and more.

Overview of the University of Leicester

The University of Leicester is well known for its research-inspired education, granted its royal charter in 1957. Based in the United Kingdom (UK) in Leicester, the main campus is based in the South of the city centre across from Victoria Park, which was the university’s predecessor. The skyline of the University is punctuated by 3 distinctive buildings, and this has been the case since 1960. The three buildings and sites for the university are the Department of Engineering, the Attenborough Tower and the Charles Wilson Building. Each of these buildings has its own speciality.

The University of Leicester has its academic schools and departments organised into colleges, Social sciences and Arts, Humanities and Law to give structure to the layout of the University. Each College has its research lead departments and courses. One of the best Universities in the United Kingdom and ranked 23rd out of 766 universities in world rankings.

Involved in world-changing research, the university is a fantastic centre for higher education and research. Being the most socially inclusive of Britain’s top 20 leading universities is just one of the reasons for its position in global and United Kingdom rankings. A leading university committed to international excellence through the creation of world-changing research and well-known for its high-quality inspirational teaching. 

It is not surprising that the University of Leicester is ranked as one of the best universities in the UK. Somewhere you can get an education to give you the best start to life and a fantastic opportunity for the future. If you want to find out more, the good news is you can read on to explore more about the university.

Visit us on an open day to see what we have to offer and sign up for course information.

History of Leicester University

Founded as Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland university college in 1921; donated by a local businessman, Thomas Fielding Johnson, to create a living memorial for local people who made a sacrifice during world war 1. The university’s motto is ‘so that they may have life’. The university is a living memory for those who lost their lives in World War 1. The motto of the University reflects the belief that through research and education, there is hope for the future.

Given its royal charter in 1957, it is now one of the UK’s leading research-based universities.

In 1963 the University won the first-ever series of University Challenges, a UK game show. Based on research and giving an idea of the rankings of different universities. Giving the university some media cover.

Some of the fantastic research achievements from the University of Leicester include genetic fingerprinting by Alec Jeffreys, who joined the university as part of the department of genetics in 1977; he retired in 2012 after teaching Genetics to undergraduates and progressing his research.

The University of Leicester is the only university that has ever won a Times higher education award for 7 consecutive years. The Times higher education applauded the university for a different approach to students and their inclusivity.

What is the address of the University of Leicester?

The address for the University of Leicester is:

The University of Leicester
University Road
United Kingdom

Map of the University of Leicester

Here is a map for Leicester University:

How to get to the University of Leicester

With the university of Leicester being in the centre of Leicester city, it is in an ideal position to get to. Whether coming to start your future or to visit us on an open day, we are easy to get to. Not far from London, we have great links for commuters.

The ways to get to the University of Leicester are as follows:

  • From the airport: If arriving during the arrivals period in September and January, there is a free airport collections service for students from London Heathrow airport. This will coincide with welcome week. You can book this the month before.
  • Airport by taxi: The University of Leicester has agreed to a set price with Airport taxis Narborough from both Heathrow Airport and Birmingham to Central Leicester. You can book this by email.
  • Bus: having fantastic road links, you can make use of public transport to get to Leicester.
  • Train: There are fantastic rail links to Leicester. The train station is only about a 10-15 minute walk away from campus.
  • Cycling: You can register for free to use a card-access underground bicycle store to hold your bike. There are also showers available on campus if you need them.

What are the top courses at Leicester University?

As a top United Kingdom institution, the University offers a fantastic range of courses with its research-inspired education. From the school of science, engineering, medicine and astronomy to the Leicester law school, the school of education and literature, and the business school, helping with learning management, there is something for everyone.

Not only does the University offer some of the best courses in the world, but with some amazing lecturers and workshops to help students learn and understand what they are passionate about. The faculty members believe in teaching and helping students reach their potential.

Many of the Faculty who are teaching are past students and have amazing minds. Some of the biggest discoveries in the world have been made by faculty members at the University of Leicester.

Not only do we offer a range of different courses there are options for distance learning if you need to stay in a different part of the country for a while but still want to be a part of the University of Leicester.

The top courses for undergrad study at the University of Leicester are:

  • Computer science and Communication
  • Economics
  • Psychology and sociology
  • Law and accounting
  • Medicine, Physics and Astronomy
  • Business, Business Management and communication.
  • Accounting
  • Humanities and Arts

Our fantastic range of courses is not limited to those mentioned, and you can also do media studies, criminology, sociology and physics. You can discover more of the courses available by visiting the University of Leicester website or coming to an open day.

The uni has a fantastic selection of undergraduate courses, but you can also study for your PhD at the University of Leicester; some of these research positions can also be funded. Led by the discovery, our PhD research courses are intended to help further your knowledge. Again visit our open day and see what we have available. Whether you want to specialise in the arts, science or medicine. There are so many research-based roles.

Where is the Leicester Students Union?

The Leicester students union is located in the Percy Gee building. Open Monday to Friday 8 am – 10 pm, with the students union office open Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm. In the building, there are hi-tech facilities and socialisation spaces, as well as a food court.

You can explore the different things on offer by visiting the student union or by visiting its website.

The student union has rooms available for bookings to hold social gatherings or join different groups. You can find which groups are running by popping into the students union or by visiting their website. Also, giving students the chance to book a room when they need to for educational groups or socialisation.

What are the best Leicester student nights?

With a student night every night of the week, Leicester is student party-ready. With a night of cheap drinks and good music, there is something for everyone. Explore the City through the fantastic range of clubs and pubs on offer and discover how diverse the city is.

Whether you are into rock music, disco music, or you just want to dance the night away, there is a new place to discover every night in Leicester.

Not only will the university host its student nights and activities throughout the year, especially during freshers’ week, but you can find something at these different venues:

  • r/bar
  • Firebug
  • letsdisko at the 02 Academy
  • Mosh
  • Club Republic

What are the best student pubs in Leicester?

With so many pubs and clubs on offer, with many offering cheap drinks for students or specific student-only nights, it won’t be difficult to find a fantastic night out for you and your friends. However, if you are looking for a quiet drink with your friends and do not just want to grab a coffee at one of the local coffee spots, these are the pubs for you.

  • The counting house
  • 33 Cank Street
  • The Cookie

You will find other fantastic pubs and bars around Leicester, and when you find the one you prefer, you will, of course, make it your regular spot. The pubs mentioned are favourites for students at the University of Leicester because of their prices, the feel while in the pub and, of course, the fantastic range of drinks.

Where are the best places to eat for students in Leicester?

There are lots of places to eat in Leicester, and you can get a discount by flashing your student ID. Most places in Leicester offer students a discount. If you are unsure, ask.

Whether you want to go for a coffee and cake while socialising with friends or you want a sit-down meal, there are options available at different price points.

  • Bru Coffee is open late and sells amazing desserts.
  • The blackbird pub, a sizzling pub, sells good British food and selling meals 2 for £10.
  • Grounded Kitchen is a fantastic option for a good healthy meal, selling buddha bowls and smoothies. Amazing when you are missing vegetables.
  • Gyro Express is an easy takeaway type option, great for a quick snack or an easy delivery meal. Often doing specials which you can view on their website.
  • Indigo is a vegetarian restaurant with some amazing lunchtime deals.

You can find these and more available. Alongside other fast food options and meals that you can enjoy with a glass of wine. You can find more options available by looking on TripAdvisor.

What are the Halls of Residence for the University of Leicester?

Whether branching out on your own for the first time but living in Leicester or you are travelling from further away, the halls of residence are an integral part of university life for many students.

The University of Leicester offers a range of different student accommodations. Whether you want to live in the Village accommodation, in the City or Freemen’s accommodation, there will be something for you. Whether you start in September or January, there will be somewhere for you.

Each type of hall in the university offers students somewhere to study, somewhere to socialise with modern look rooms where students can find their feet and start to live independently. Applicants to live in the halls of residence will know before they start their degrees, usually in August, whether they have gotten a place in the fantastic halls of residence.

Find more information about the halls, then have a look around during an open-day event.

What famous people went to Leicester University?

Some of the famous people who have graduated from the University of Leicester include:

  • Natalie Bennett, leader of the green party
  • Sir Malcolm Bradbury, author
  • Justin Chadwick, actor and director
  • Peter Atkins, a physical chemist
  • Bob Mortimer is a comedian
  • Pete McCarthy is a writer, broadcaster, and comedian
  • David Blanchflower, an economist
  • David Perry is a barrister

As you can see from the range of different careers taken by those who have graduated from the University of Leicester, many different courses can lead you down a different career path. The good news is, whether you want to work in business or engineering, you will find a course and an experienced lecturer to help you learn.

Not only have some famous people graduated from the University of Leicester, but some fantastic academics have been at the University. including:

  • Colin Eaborn FRS, chemist
  • Gabriel Dover, geneticist
  • Rosemary Crompton, sociologist

Hotels near The University of Leicester

Whether visiting for an open day or your family and friends are coming to stay, there is a choice of excellent hotels around including:

  • Belmont Hotel Leicester
  • Hotel Brooklyn Leicester
  • Comfort Guest House
  • Spring Villa

Top Leicester Students Discounts

Some of the best student discounts in Leicester include:

  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Accessorize
  • Pho
  • River Island
  • Vision express
  • Dominoes
  • Pizza Express

It is worth remembering that some student offers will change regularly, and you may find more places offer students discounts during the start of the year than through the summer. However, there will be plenty of places that offer students a discount all year round and here are some more to keep you going.

Popular Questions about the University of Leicester

Could I switch between degrees?

It is possible in some cases to switch between degrees assuming that you have covered some of the core modules for the degree you would like to switch to. For example, you could switch between sciences as the core module, and perhaps you want to try physics instead of forensics.

What is the university of Leicester known for?

Being one of the UK’s first universities to discover some amazing and world-changing data-driven research into subjects like genetic fingerprinting, the university is well known for its fantastic courses, its investment into engineering, and empathic healthcare, at the Stoneygate centre. With data collected from previous students, the university is ranked one of the top 25 in the UK. Not only highly rated in the UK but also ranked highly in the world.

Is it hard to get into the University of Leicester

The University of Leicester requires students to have a good academic score to get into the university. The admission rate is around 71, making admission a little difficult. Specialising in courses like the sciences and engineering, these courses are known to be difficult to get into.

When can I apply for my place in the halls of residence?

You can apply to live in the halls in August before you start.

Why should I care about world Rankings?

The United Kingdom or even global rankings may not seem the most important thing to consider in University, but such rankings not only give an indication of the overall quality of the education and facilities you will have available to you as a student, but eventual employers, especially in the United Kingdom will often be aware of such rankings and take them into account.

When looking into rankings, the university rankings will show which university is best when it comes to particular sciences or humanities. In the United Kingdom, the University of Leicester ranks highly for research-based courses, like science and forensics.

Summary of the University of Leicester

The University of Leicester is within the rankings of the UK’s best universities. With its world-renowned research and its fantastic range of courses, including engineering, science, arts and psychology.

Praised for its inclusivity and international excellence through creating world-changing research. With a strong belief that research-inspired education will help innovation and progress the world. Not only teaching at the highly ranked University but working in collaboration with the open university gives more opportunities to students.

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