We can confirm that there is currently no Moonpig student discount. There used to be one via Student Beans but this has expired. We also checked Unidays and NUS Totum and they are not listed. Don’t worry though, we’ve found some other great ways for students to save.

Did you know you can get 40% card orders for new customers using the app?

GET 40% OFF >

Our next top tip is that you can get a 20% Moonpig discount on cards when you use the discount code below.

If you’re a new customer then you can use the 30% promo code below.

We’ve also been researching ways that students can save more at this top card retailer, including using a valid Moonpig discount or current Moonpig promo code.

Here is a summary of ways that you can save:

  • No Moonpig student discount in June 2022
  • No Unidays code
  • 20% voucher code
  • 40% off for card orders with new customers
  • Free card with 3 reminders
  • Up to 60% off with multibuy cards
  • Letterbox friendly gifts from £15

We’ve researched a range of money-saving tips for students buying at Moonpig for personalised cards and gifts. Make sure you check out the deals page for the latest and best offers. Also, why not take a look at our easy savings section above for the latest Moonpig sales, Moonpig promo codes and general discounts.

Moonpig is the go-to site in the UK for personalised cards, presents and flowers. It’s recently gone through a rebrand and the site is now looking really amazing; we love it! From fantastic personalised birthday cards to anniversary presents and valentines gifts, Moonpig has revolutionised the way we send cards and gifts.

There is a huge amount of choice and lots of ways to personalise cards and even upload your photos now. What is not to love!

As you find when you try to look for student discounts in general, there are lots of different cards and websites offering different reductions with different brands so we hope you find our guide handy and useful.

There are lots of different results when you try to look for student discounts for greeting cards with lots of different card shops and websites offering different reductions with different brands. We think Moonpig is the best (and they have a great Moonpig app) and we are here to take you through the maze of deals and what you can do to save money. Check out our contents box below to go straight to the information you need.

So, never fear, the mighty Squirrel is here to explain all.

“Now even though I’ve shown you some quick ways to save, I thought what the heck, I’m going to write a definitive guide for student discounts for Moonpig and answer all those questions on those cards and gifts for a special occasion, listing any valid Moonpig voucher code available and more!”


Does Moonpig Do a Student Discount?

There is no Moonpig student discount. Unfortunately, the Moonpig student discount was discontinued which is a shame. However, if this changes we’ll let you know and you can still save by checking out our savings section.


But, there are still ways that students can save and the first thing you can do is check out our savings summary section in this guide in the introduction. We update this regularly and have the latest  Moonpig promo codes, sales, deals and general Moonpig discounts and offers so that you save money on your greetings cards.

Also, there is a hidden offers page on moonpig.com. This lists the current Moonpig deals so check it out.

There are tons more advice on how to save though including valid Moonpig voucher codes and more, so keep on reading!

moonpig student discount

Unidays Moonpig Student Discount Schemes

NUS, Unidays, Student Beans are the 3 big student discount schemes in the UK and we get asked a lot whether there is a Moonpig student discount through these websites. So while you’ve been revising (or down the union pub, lol) the Squirrel has been doing the hard graft and researching. And the results are in.

Is There a Unidays Moonpig Discount at the moment?

At this time of writing, there is no tie in with Moonpigs Unidays. That means you can’t get a Moonpig Unidays promo code to get a discount at moonpig.com. However, check out our savings section at the top of the page to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promo codes.

Is There a Moonpig NUS Discount?

There is no NUS Moonpig scheme at the moment for students to save. This includes not being included in the NUS Totum card scheme.

Usually, this would be listed on nus.org but there is no entry there.

Are There Moonpig Student Beans Discounts Today?

Unfortunately, there is now no Student Beans Moonpig discount for those personalised, greeting cards and giant cards. If there is a Moon pig student discount in the future we will update this section.


“Check out the offers page for the latest Moonpig deals on gifts and flowers and cards”

Moonpig Promo Codes, Moonpig Vouchers & General Moonpig Discount Codes Available Today

As we confirmed there is a standard Moonpig student discount. But did you know that there are often short term Moonpig promo codes that this fantastic card maker releases every so often? Take a look at our savings section which will list the current ones there.

Previous Moonpig promo codes and voucher codes have included:

  • 25% off large cards
  • 30% Moonpig discount and Moonpig voucher code
  • 60% off ten cards
  • Free chocolates with Mother’s Day gift purchases
  • Moonpig free delivery on flowers & plants
  • Moonpig voucher codes are released throughout the year along with Moonpig discount codes
  • The student discount can be combined with most other offers and if you want to send a personalised card
  • A discount scheme where after 6 cards you get a free card
  • A code of ncaff30mpcard
  • The free Moonpig app is free and easy to use (as is the Moonpig website)

As you can see, Moonpig offers lots of ways to potentially save money even on last-minute cards!

Moonpig Student Discount Codes in June 2022, Moonpig Voucher Codes & Deals Discount Expires
30% Moonpig Discount for New Customers 30% 30/06/2022
30% Discount Code 30% 30/06/2022
20% Moonpig Card Code 20% 30/06/2022
20% off Flowers 20% 30/06/2022
40% Moonpig Discount for App Download 40% 30/06/2022

Moonpig.com Sales and Black Friday Deals

The biggest savings that students can make on Moonpig personalised cards & gifts is when there is a big Moonpig sale live.

We keep our eyes open so any sales will be in our fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save.

The biggest Moonpig sales happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on.

Moonpig Black Sale has Great Savings

There are some great deals to be had around the Moonpig Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Often with the release of a special one-off voucher code. Previously there had been 50% off selected gifts so it’s a great time to start your Christmas shopping and buying those personalised cards and gifts. There are also letterbox gifts that are guaranteed to go through the letterbox!

Moonpig Boxing Day & Moonpig January Sales

While not being a traditional time to buy at Moonpig, they actually have some fantastic Moonpig deals around this time of year. As you know they have cards gifts etc for any and every occasion.

Even before Christmas, there were discounts on flowers and plants and 15% off selected hampers.

A great way to check for sales is to have a look at the home page. It’s also a great time to get an early personalised mothers day gift too!

Moonpig Store Overview and a Buyers Guide

The quirky brand name ‘Moonpig’ is likely to be the first word that comes to mind when you think of customisable greetings cards. You can sing the jingle, right? Launched in the year 2000 with a furore of television and online advertising, by 2007 the company was responsible for a whopping 90% of sales in the British birthday personalised card market.

At the time of writing, this funky company has helped celebrate 63 million birthdays, 1.7 million new babies, 1.8 million weddings and 13 million Christmases! Very impressive.

We will always list the latest Moonpig voucher codes and Moonpig discount codes, these will be at the top of this page and on our social media.

They allow you to drop and drag your own photos and text to personalise birthday or other greetings cards for the recipient you’re sending to, and can then choose to have the card sent to you for signature, or directly to them.

The site has without a doubt changed the industry for greetings cards, gifts and flower companies and now offers all, for a variety of traditional and more modern occasions. You’re no longer constrained by the token gesture of ‘just a card’ and instead can get creative paper and gifts alike, sending a great gift to anyone even at the last minute.

Moonpig’s Range of Gifts Includes:

  • Flowers
  • Mugs
  • Alcohol
  • Balloons
  • Toys & games
  • T-shirts
  • Foodstuffs

There are lots more gift items besides, the list seems to grow all the time and many can be personalised.

If you’re one of those people who never manage to be home for delivery (or know the person you’re sending to will be out and about), you can even choose from a range of ‘letterbox’ gifts, which are expertly crafted to fit through a standard letterbox so that they don’t need to be left out in the elements or collected from a delivery office at a later date. That’s a nice and clever touch.

This website only company delivers great value for money and easy service, but they’re bargain-friendly too.

Their cards are made of extra-thick paper for great quality, and they’re always available on customer service lines to help you out if you hit technical difficulties.

Cheap Delivery Options at Moonpig with Lots of Cost-Effective Ways to Save

There are lots of cheap Moonpig delivery options (starting from just 65p!) and next-day and same-day postage is applied to all cards. So even if you have completely forgotten a birthday until you see it on Facebook the same morning, your good wishes may still make it on time without giving the game away. Sometimes they even offer free delivery.

All of us have been in the position where we’ve remembered about an occasion way too late, and normally when we’re out and about and nowhere near a computer to order something. Fear not! The Moonpig app has you covered: the perfect antidote to forgotten birthdays and anniversaries subtly nestled on your smartphone for swift ordering wherever, whenever. There are also valid Moonpig voucher code options readily available.

There are lots of offers available through Moonpig and although there isn’t an official Moonpig student discount, there are Moonpig promo codes and Moonpig voucher codes that are released regularly and worth looking at!

You’ll never be sending a ‘Sorry I missed your…’ card again!

History of the Company Moonpig.com

The company was founded in 2000, just in time to coincide with the collapse of the .com bubble.

This meant that it took five years for the company to make its first profit and required an innovative and tough round of raising funds by the business’ founder, Nick Jenkins. ‘Moonpig’ was Nicks’ nickname at school, hence the unusual brand name, although he has yet to confirm exactly why (although it’s a great mystery with lots of possibilities and it may be better not to know!).

By 2009, the company had sold to almost 3 million customers in what was described as the ‘typical successful start-up curve’, a big loss followed by negligible losses and then a big profit. Once TV advertising began, the business quickly gained popularity and became a household name across the UK.

Progression of the Company – a Firm Favourite with All

In 2011, Photobox bought moonpig.com for an impressive £120 million.

The company is based in Southwark, but the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the postmarks are from Guernsey; this is where their customised cards are printed. Moonpig’s mission remains to “make people’s days brilliant” and their card and gift range continue to grow and develop in order to offer a large range than anywhere else online. If you’re looking for similar discounts why not try Funky Pigeon, Paperchase or Not on the High Street for cards and gifts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moonpig do student discount?

There is no 10% Moonpig student discount code. There used to be a code issued through Student Beans but it’s no longer valid. However, we still have great ways to save.

Does Moonpig do next day delivery uk?

Yes Moonpig do next day delivery, although it can’t be guaranteed.

Orders which are placed before 4 pm are sent out that day (Mon-Fri except for bank holidays). They expect 90% of first-class orders to arrive the next day but sometimes it can take up to 3 days.

When ordering you can put a note on Moonpig cards saying not to open until a chosen day – which is handy!

Is there free delivery with Moonpig?

You can get free delivery with Moonpig on all balloon, gift ideas, flowers and plants deliveries.

For Moonpig cards (including personalised cards) it is 65p for standard UK delivery.

As there is no Moonpig student discount this is a good way to save.

Are there any current Moonpig voucher codes?

Yes there are current Moonpig voucher codes.

We update any valid Moonpig voucher or discount codes on our site, which lists the best ways to save for everyone.

Check out the best voucher codes, discount codes, sales news and more today – https://studentdiscountsquirrel.co.uk/moonpig-student-discount/

Does Moonpig do an NHS discount?

There is currently no Moonpig NHS discount.

However, NHS workers can still save by going to our summary section and checking out the latest voucher codes, deals and offers.

How do I get a free Moonpig card?

You can get a free Moonpig card when you set up 6 reminders. You can do this when you sign up for a free Moonpig account.

Summary Moonpig Student Discount in June 2022

Moonpig is a fantastic online card retailer whose quick delivery turnaround can you out of trouble. It means your card, gifts and flowers can arrive the next day.

More importantly, although there is no Moonpig student discount, as outlined previously in this guide, there are still savings to be made. There often release other money-saving options as well, such as a one-off Moonpig voucher code or a Moonpig promo code to help save money on cards and gifts.

So whether you are looking for a personalised quirky card, presents, gift ideas or more for any occasion, look no further than moonpig.com!

Moonpig Wiki Facts about the Company, Did you Know?

  • Moonpig is based in London and Guernsey
  • The name Moonpig was the nickname of its founder Nick Jenkins when he was at school
  • They do a great range of Christmas gifts, letterbox gifts as well as their great bespoke Moonpig card options
  • Moonpig launched in 2000
  • In 2009 they sold over 2.57 million cards
  • Moonpig student discounts are currently discontinued
  • They have a Moonpig Rewards scheme which is good to save money with
  • The Moonpig website is super easy to use and sell everything from cards to gifts and flowers
  • They have “reminders at Moonpig” so that you need never miss a birthday or special occasion
  • In July 2011 Moonpig was bought by Photobox
  • They often do Moonpig discount codes on cards & gifts
  • Their next day delivery is often quicker and cheaper than the Royal Mail
  • They specialise in personalised cards gifts and present for an occasion, with amazing next day delivery on card orders.
  • They are one of the most popular student discounts schemes for cards and gifts
  • We love the new Moonpig logo
  • They do great offers and products on Father’s day and Mother’s Day, including personalised gift options
  • They have a fab new mobile app

Some more questions about Moonpig discount codes and general card offers

Here are popular questions we get asked:

Can I use Moonpig voucher codes or a Moonpig discount code in conjunction with my Moonpig Student Discount?”

Most of the times yes you can apply a valid Moonpig discount code or Moonpig voucher code on top of your Moonpig Student Discount to make even bigger savings on any Moonpig cards or gifts. It is best to always check any terms and conditions pertaining to the discount codes you are trying to use, but most of the times it’s a  yes.

I know Moonpig is most well-known for birthday cards and other greetings cards, but do you get free delivery on actual gifts?

Most of the time you get free delivery this includes physical birthday cards and other birthday cards as well as gifts and flowers, don’t forget to use your student discount too. Check out the Moonpig rewards scheme as well.

I am looking for a bulk order of Moonpig cards, can you place large card orders, and is there any Moonpig Discount codes I can use if I do this, I basically want to order a yearly supply of birthday cards?!”

Sometimes there are official Moonpig Discount codes if you want to buy a large amount of Moonpig cards or gifts in one go, typically you can use standard discounts but you can always drop them a direct email too, also make sure you claim the standard student discount as well. There is no current Moonpig student discount code.