We can confirm that there is now a £200 Carphone Warehouse student discount on selected new contracts. To get it, verify your student status on carphonewarehouse.com with Student Beans and you’ll be issued with a voucher code and access to the educational store. It is currently for a an iPhoneSE with 25GB/month.


Make sure you check out the Unmissable Deals page. These are the best offers currently on CW.


Some of the best deals include:

But did you know that it’s possible for university, college and school students to save even more? Here are the best money-saving tips:

We’ve done the research and wrote this ultimate guide to show you some clever ways to cut down your mobile bills even more!

So, sit back you Squirrels and get ready to save money with a variety of different money-saving options. There are lots of ways to save with this leading mobile and computing supplier, including Sim free deals, pay monthly options on a new phone, some no upfront cost options, so let’s get cracking.


Well… big news to begin with and the answer to one of the most common question we get asked at SDS HQ.

“We have great delight in announcing the launch of the new Carphone Warehouse student discount in 2020.”

To get it you simply need to head over to the validation page, where you have to prove your educational status.


Then a special educational store will be unlocked.

At the time of writing, there are up to £200 off contracts on iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones as well as other exclusive discounts.

A truly brilliant saving from Carphone Warehouse so get involved!

carphone warehouse student discount

However, discounts don’t stop there. We are going to show you how to get the BIGGEST SAVINGS at The Warehouse.


Aside from the official student discount, our teams have been researching even more ways to save you money today.

That’s right students, we have compiled a checklist of things to make sure you make the biggest savings every time you spend.

Here it goes!

  1. Make sure you unlock the educational store. It can get you up to £200 off contracts on top mobiles like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.
  2. Check our savings section at the top of the page which is regularly updated with the latest deals, offers and promo codes.
  3. Did you know that there is a Price Promise. So if you find a contract or upgrade cheaper, Carphone will refund the difference and give 1 month FREE.
  4. Looking to upgrade? Check out Carphone Warehouse’s Upgrade for less scheme. You keep your number, you get a cheaper upgrade and you are guaranteed the cheapest price under the price promise!
  5. The special offers page has some of the best mobile deals for students out there.

There are often superb one-off Carphone Warehouse deals including Carphone Warehouse discount codes and voucher codes, as well as deals on individual new phones and laptops.

The best deals at Carphone Warehouse are changing all time so we keep an eye on them all for you. There is often a reasonable upfront cost and them monthly plans.

So that’s fantastic news, whether you are looking for a new mobile phone, contract upgrade, SIM only option, pay monthly options, an i-pad, computer or more – you get saving today! Yep, at SDS we check their website offers page every day and pull out what we think are the top deals and put them here.

So check out our top deals daily – also no NUS id is required for these and they are not part of the Student Discount programme, meaning these offers are open to anyone – student or not.

Plus check out the online-only offers which list the best and most popular savings that are available at the moment.

Yes, even your mum or nan could take advantage – maybe she can finally bin that brick? Hahaha.

These are our current favourite offers at Carphone Warehouse of models for you to select from:



Keeping up to date and ahead of the technology curve can be tricky, even for on-the-pulse students like you, and with jargon such as SIM-only, contract, network offers, pay as you go, data, GB vs MB, i-phone 11, Galaxy 220, Googe pixel, Apple and Orange – shopping for the perfect mobile phone can be an absolute minefield!

It can also take up valuable time and energy when you could be doing, let’s face it, more exciting student things like studying, partying, travelling or catching up with your friends. Plus, with “must-have” handsets being released on different networks, at different prices, with different offers, seemingly every week – literally, where do you begin? Yes, it’s all a bit much.

We think you can guess who can help! LOL! Yes, Carphone Warehouse is brilliant at jargon busting and their website is super-easy and clear to use.

This is why they are one of the leading suppliers of mobile phones, i-pads and technical accessories in the UK and so popular with so many all over the country (not just students we may add!).


If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, read on to find out about contract deals, discount codes, cheap phones, tablets, broadband, pay as you go, and handset offers – plus more!


Carphone Warehouse often have discount vouchers and we’ll list all the current and top voucher codes in this section.

We’re aware that voucher codes can come and go, and change all the time, so keep your eyes peeled for the top bargains. We will list them all here. Voucher codes are often great to apply to your basket at final purchase.

We will also post any fresh offers on our Facebook page so keep an eye on that too! We put all our top daily discounts on there (on a full range of products from electricals to clothes, fashion to holidays – so definitely worth checking that out. Plus we have lots of competitions, tips and advice for life in general).

Carphone Warehouse Student Discount Deals Discount Value Ends
£200 Carphone Warehouse student discount £200 31/12/2020
Up to £290 Off Unmissable Deals Contracts £290 30/10/2020
iPhone SE From £23.99/month £23.99/month 30/10/2020


As a college or university student, the best way to save all year round is using the official Carphone Warehouse Student Discount – as mentioned in section one, but sometimes your savings can be topped up with a voucher code, a low upfront cost, low pay monthly plans and other money saving methods. It’s always worth double-checking.



At The Squirrel HQ we love the Carphone Warehouse Special Deals page.

It is a brilliant and very easy way to make instant savings and see which are the best offer around.

The Special Deals Page is where the top current deals are listed (updated regularly). They are all handily listed in this one easy to use place, so you don’t have to go rooting and looking around – basically just head there now!

There’s normally deals on lots of different models and contracts – basically, something to suit anyone – so whether you love Nokia, Samsung or Apple – pay monthly or other – you can get saving instantly.

Now, in order to start saving right away, head over there now by following this special deals page via this link, – you can then start to enjoy their best and exclusive offers today on pay monthly and SIM deals.

Good luck – we hope that you find something you like!

carphone warehouse student discount deals


Yes – you read that right – you can literally save hundreds of pounds on phones, laptops and accessories today! So jump to it Squirrels! Think what you could do with that saved money?! Errr… new outfit, cheap weekend holiday, monster night out! You decide.

Our previous favourite deals at this top mobile store have included a Black Tag event where students could get discounts of up to £200.

Remember you don’t need a NUS card to qualify for these so you can get saving money right away.

There are some great savings on Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 as well! Step to it guys and girls, go, go go!


At SSD we believe that Carphone Warehouse offer the best phones at the best prices in the UK with a full range of discount & offers on a new phone.

They can also sell their brilliant handsets SIM-free, so this means you can use them on any network – Vodafone, Orange, O2, EE etc. This is great if you want to upgrade your handset but also keep a cheap SIM only deal – this is often a popular choice with money-savvy students. A top Squirrel tip!

Secondly, if you find yourself in-store, be sure to double-check if they do have a current in-store or NUS Carphone Warehouse discounts, sometimes they may do “one-off” offers in-store on a new phone (discount code options) – although our experience is that the top Carphone Warehouse deals tend to be online.

We will list in these in this section our top offers (mainly pay monthly options) so check back as we will put the top ones up every week.



The truth is, we all want to have the best handsets and a new phone at the best price and usually don’t know where to start.

As busy peeps, you don’t want to waste hours of your life looking through multiple websites to find the top offers on mobile phones, whether that is pay as you go deal a valid Carphone Warehouse voucher or the like. That’s time which could be spent down the library… or pub… but fear no more you Squirrelettes because the brilliant Carphone Warehouse allows you to compare mobile phones on all mobile phone networks to make sure you get the super value deals you deserve and need.

To compare models of a new phone and networks click on the button below and check them out now! It’s super easy to use and crystal clear – just how we like things!

So not only will you save money with Carphone Warehouse discount codes, promos and Carphone Warehouse special offers – but you’ll also save time with this fab comparison tool. Save time and money! You can’t beat that!



The Squirrel beavers away (we also love beavers) every week to uncover the best cheap phones at Carphone Warehouse.

We will update them here every week – or more often if they come in.

Our SDS top Carphone Warehouse Phone & Deals at the moment are listed below – we also list these deals on our Facebook and via our free newsletter so do keep an eye on those too:

  • Apple iPhone Xs
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Apple iPhone Xs Max
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Google Pixel 3
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 11


This is probably our favourite thing and really gives their trusting customers great peace of mind when purchasing. Yes, brilliant news for you money savers – the Carphone Warehouse Price Match!

Carphone Warehouse do a great price promise, which means that if you find a better deal anywhere else, then they will match it and give you a month’s free line rental to boot!

We love this as it gives you peace of mind and means you have nothing to lose!

So if you are looking to upgrade your phone – regardless of which network you’re on – Carphones’ upgrade offer and price match mean you are guaranteed to save money and time.


Unfortunately, as we mentioned previously there aren’t any specific student discounts and this extends to NUS cardholders. Bummer. But there is the standard carphone warehouse discount which is even better! But what the Squirrel has shown you is other ways that you can save.

You of course already have the standard special offers as mentioned in section 1 as well. So lots of ways to get saving those student beans.

And by the way, you might be wondering if there is a Unidays code at Carphone Warehouse? Well, we’ve written a special page about Carphone Warehouse and Unidays which explains everything you need to know there.



In a nutshell (excuse the pun – yum yum) Carphone Warehouse offers cheap contract mobile phone deals but did you know they also offer special student offers on broadband and a large range of brilliantly priced tablets?

They are not just a fantastic mobile phone shop but a one-stop for top of the range electrical goods! Who knew?

So, whether you are you looking for an amazing new phone or tablet this is the place for you. The offers and deals on their tablets, phones and broadband change regularly so follow the link for the most current ways to save.


We get a lot of questions about the Carphone Warehouse discount offers so we’ve put together a helpful FAQs table below with the most popular so you can easily find the answer.

Don’t forget about following the advice above on how to get the best savings for your new mobile phone contract.

Question Answer
Is there a Carphone Warehouse student discount? Yes through the Carphone Warehouse educational store.
Are there NUS discounts at Carphone Warehouse? NUS students can open the educational store.
Is there a Carphone Warehouse discount code for students? Yes and no! There is no permanent student promo code but there are limited-time ones released throughout the year.
When are the Carphone Warehouse sales? Throughout the year. Big ones occur in Summer and Black Friday, Boxing & January sales.
Is there a Carphone Warehouse Unidays discount? No
Does Student Beans do Carphone Warehouse discounts? Yes

SDS loves Carphone Warehouse UK.

We have discussed the full range of products (and options such as pay monthly and SIM free deals) and why they are so favoured with students all over the country but to summarise our Carphone Warehouse Deals page – remember these top tips so you can start to save now:

  1. Checking out the online offers which list the best discounts – these change all the time, so we will keep updating this page
  2. Compare tariffs using this online comparison tool – giving you peace of mind
  3. Students get the best price with the Price Guarantee Match – again peace of mind!
  4. Keep up to date with the latest discounts, promo codes and more at SDS by signing up to our FREE newsletter or joining our Facebook page. On this page (and other social media channels we will reveal the top discounts to you asap).

So dear students, whether you are looking for top pay as you go deals, the latest Apple i-phone, a new laptop, sim free deal, a great pay monthly option, a Google pixel phone, free delivery, a Carphone Warehouse student discount, general discount & offers, a new phone or anything else, be sure to check our Carphone Warehouse page; and when you combine this with their price match guarantee, you really can’t choose better.

Good luck and happy shopping Squirrels – we hope you find what you’re looking for and save along the way too.


Carphone Warehouse is a British high street mobile phone and smart technology retailer that has long outlived its competition and continues to dominate the tech sector across the country. It has a large online offering through its website and over 2,400 bricks-and-mortar shops worldwide. Elsewhere in the world, it trades as Phone House but remains as Carphone Warehouse in the UK and Ireland.

Needless to say, the chain no longer stocks traditional old-fashioned ‘car phones’ but is now primarily a specialist in mobile phones for pay-as-you-go, contract and SIM-only formats.

The shops also hold stock of mobile phone accessories, smartwatches, refurbished items, virtual reality accessories and smart tablets; as well as selling home broadband and TV packages.

Of course, modern student life dictates the need for some tech, be it a decent laptop for assignments, a reliable mobile phone for regular contact and quick reference online, and occasionally wearable tech. Carphone Warehouse makes for the ideal destination for your shopping needs for all of these items, not least because their highly trained and knowledgeable staff try out most products – and aren’t paid on commission, so will never just try to make a quick buck from your uni needs. You’ll find a Carphone Warehouse store on most high streets across the UK, but if you can’t make it into a store, buy online: staff are still available through an online chat and can make recommendations and give advice based on your needs through this.

If you have an existing smartphone contract, Carphone Warehouse offers great deals on upgrades for both handsets and plans and in some cases, can get you out of your contract earlier than usual to allow you to enjoy a better deal earlier than you might expect!

The current range includes arguably the best range of mobile phones and smart devices on the British high street. Household names such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Nokia are all available with the latest handsets and in some cases, early exclusives on the newest models.

Phones and devices are available on three networks: O2, EE and Vodafone. If you’re unsure of which will work best for you at your new uni home, check online or ask Carphone Warehouse staff to advise; their access to the most up-to-date signal coverage will help you make an informed decision to ensure you get the best possible service for where you’ll be spending most of your time.

The British high street has seen a variety of mobile phone retailers come and go over the years, but Carphone Warehouse has stayed resolute and remained throughout the years as a market leader. These guys know their stuff!

Top Student Buy: Zagg Ignition 12000 mAh Portable Power Bank – £19.99

A small, lightweight and portable universal mobile phone charger, the Zagg Ignition portable power bank comes with a universal dual USB adaptor to fit most handsets. A handy LED indicator shows you how much power remains in the portable bank, and it’s easy enough to charge most phones from no charge at all to 100% at least four times! A must-have for festival and beer garden season.

Top Student Buy: Goji VR Headset – £9.99

Offering an immersive virtual reality experience at an incredibly low price, the Goji VR Headset is lightweight and requires no complicated assembly. Compatible with all smartphone screens from 3.5-6.0 inches in size, this headset allows you to view all your phone’s content in 360 degrees, letting you see photos, videos and games like you never have before! This isn’t just for gamers and makes for a great gift for all.

Top Student Buy: Belkin Wireless Charging Pad – £29.99

Easy and fast charging all QI-enabled phones, the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad allows you to charge any compatible mobile phone without the need for a wire. Perfect for when there’s lots of you around and everyone has different phones! You’ll quickly be the most popular person in your club, group or society… or just down the SU bar when everyone’s forgotten their chargers and none of the power sockets work!


Carphone Warehouse was, unsurprisingly, founded back in 1989 when car phones were prevalent and the only mobile devices on the market! Founders Sir Charles Dunstone and Julian Browlie each put in an initial investment of £6,000 and the business began.

The retailer grew but quickly diversified as the mobile market did and this move kept them riding the curve of technology, unlike competitors. Surfing with the wave of tech rather than against it, the brand went from strength to strength and high street presence continued to grow across the UK.

In the year 2000, Carphone Warehouse floated its shares for the first time and the business began to make some strategic acquisitions to help grow. These included Opal Telecom in 2002 and AOL UK Internet Access business four years later in 2006. In 2009, it bought Tiscali and as a result became the second-largest broadband provider in the country, merging it into part of its existing infrastructure offering, TalkTalk. TalkTalk went on to become a business in its own right.

Now, Carphone Warehouse is a household name across the UK and has branches all across the world with an operating income of over £60million per annum!

CW is well established on the British high street. According to Wikipedia, there are over 2400 stores throughout the UK so you are always likely to be close to one in case you need to talk to someone in-store.

It has also merged with the Dixons group who own Currys PC World (source FT) so you can now find them inside those stores too. Due to this merger, they have bigger buying power so they can offer some top-notch mobile deals as we’ve discussed in this guide.


Did you know?

  • The company was co-founded in 1989, when most portable phones were too bulky to carry and called car phones by Charles Dunstone and Julian Brownlie
  • On 19 June 2007, the Carphone Warehouse became the official sponsor of the fourth series of The X Factor. The sponsorship lasted for three years and they also became the sponsor of its spin-off show, The Xtra Factor.
  • They were the sponsors for the UK’s version of Big Brother from 2004 to 2007. In 2006, they also sponsored Celebrity Big Brother and related Celebrity Big Brother shows on Channel 4.
  • In April 2011 they sponsored the Appy Awards – calling them “the United Kingdom’s first major app awards ceremony designed to recognise innovation and development in-app technology”
  • In October 2006 Geek Squad was launched!
  • A Carphone Warehouse student discount is one of the most popular in the UK.
  • in 2001 Carphone Warehouse established a corporate partnership with Get Connected UK

Frequently Asked Questions About the Carphone Warehouse Student Discount

  1. “I am looking for a new pay monthly contract for an i-phone with Carphone Warehouse, they do amazing offers online but are you able to get a Carphone warehouse student discount when purchasing in this way or do you have to go in-store?” Yes, of course, you can. You can use your Carphone Warehouse student discount either online or in-store and even combine it with other Carphone warehouse offers to really top those savings up.
  2. I have purchased my mobile contract using a Carphone Warehouse student discount but I will have finished my studies before the contract has ended, will my tariff be moved to more expensive pay monthly or will by Carphone Warehouse student discount remain on the account till the end of the term?” A good question, if you have purchased your contract as part of a Carphone Student discount package that should be honoured for the duration but do double-check on any terms and conditions.

Popular Questions

✅ Does Carphone Warehouse do student discount?

We can confirm that there is now a £200 Carphone Warehouse student discount. To get it, verify your student status on carphonewarehouse.com with Student Beans.

✅ Can you get a phone contract as a student?

When you turn 18, you’ll be able to get a mobile phone contract. There are lots of options to consider such as pay as you go or per month contract, a possible up front cost, a range of models to consider (whether you want a new phone or pre-conditioned one). It’s also best to do some shopping around to find the ones most suitable for you.