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Looking for a Currys student discount? Student Discount Squirrel can help you find the best Currys discounts today in our comprehensive and official Currys Student Discount guide which lists the best ways to save in store and online with this leading electrical country. So, read on and save money today on all your tech appliances from laptops, to kettles, sounds systems to microwaves – Currys PC World has it all!

Now great news, we can confirm that there is no Currys student discount or no Currys Unidays code in 2020, however, at certain times of the year there is a special student page which has exclusive 10% discount deals on selected items, although currently this promotion has now ended.

However, the Currys January sale how now begun. Save up to 40% on thousands of products that they guarantee you won’t find cheaper. When we last visited we saw:

It’s one of the best times of year for students to save money online and in store, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Did you know that there are still ways for students to get some great Currys discounts on you laptop, digital and all other purchases at including:

Next, check out our savings section below for the latest ways to get promo and Currys student discount codes and vouchers, NUS Currys info, as well as listing any special sales or offers they they have:

10% Off

nike unidays

Get 10% off Seleted Items with Currys Student Discount

40% Off

currys student discount deal 2

Up to 40% Off Student Laptops

50% Off

currys student discount deal 3

Up to 50% Off in the
Big Currys January Sale

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Looking for a potential fantastic new purchase or a current Currys Discount code? Well you’re in the right place and we’ll help you find the top discounts, offers and savings to be had at this top electrical retailer in our student discount Currys guide!

From the latest and best laptops to take those notes in lectures to the all-important kettle and toaster combo for your halls of residence rooms, electrical razors, mobile phone, stylish tablets and loads of other fantastic tech in between, Currys (or Currys PC World if we are giving it the full title) is the one stop shop for student electricals across the UK. But is there a Currys student discount? 

Not only will we let you know all the popular queries such as ‘What is the NUS Currys discount?’, we will also show students the best ways to save when making your tech purchases both at or in one of their UK stores.

Above is the contents, so if there is an area that is particularly relevant then click on the link and you will be taken straight to the relevant section. If not, read the whole Student Discount Currys guide to find the best money saving tips and offers.  

So, let the trusty Student Discount Squirrel help you discover the top student discounts at Currys PC World and start savings £100s today with Currys student discount schemes!

Chapter 1

The Currys 
Student Discount

Chapter 2

CURRYS Unidays, NUS Totum or Student Beans DiscountS

Chapter 3

Currys Discounts, Promo &
Voucher Codes

Chapter 4

Currys Sales Diary
& Savings Tips

Chapter 5

FAQs &


“Don’t forget to check out the Currys PC World sales page, where there are some great discounts of up to 50%. You can check it out here

1. Is There a Currys Student Discount?

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide there is currently no Currys student discount. There was a standard Currys student code  -which was introduced in 2018 – but this currently is not available. Not to worry, we can still help you save!

Firstly we have put together the latest Currys discount codes, sales and offers that are available in our savings section at the top of the page. If something catches your eye then click on the big green button and off you go.

2. Currys Unidays, Currys NUS Totum and Student Beans Discounts

As the UK now has various student discount programmes it can be difficult to find a conclusive answer about which has the best discounts – as many have special and unique schemes set up. Whether it be Unidays, NUS Extra, Student Beans (or any other smaller ones), even when you Google the question it can be hard to find a clear answer. This is where the squirrel steps in to help! So here we go we’ll give you more info on Currys Unidays codes and other similar discounts.

Is There a Unidays Currys Discount

Unfortunately there is no Unidays affiliation with Currys. Not to worry though, you can still get very cheap laptops, tablets and electricals at that are sometimes actually cheaper than other companies who have reductions! We suggest you check out our fabulous savings section at the top of the page for the latest tech savings.

Currys Student Discount NUS

As mentioned previously, there is no standard student discount so this means that there is no Currys NUS discount either. Bummer! But as we have also shown you, by using available voucher codes or shopping when there is a big tech sale, you can literally save hundreds of pounds. Make sure you take a look at our Currys promo codes section for the latest on online vouchers that make great savings on particular products. Also, this contains any current sales that are an amazing way to make good savings.

“If you are in a store, show your card and ask if there is a student discount or special offer. Sometimes they might discount the price or add in some freebies so it’s well worth asking”

3. Currys Discount Codes & Vouchers

Although as mentioned before there isn’t a standard and regular student discount currys to be had, they do often release short term Currys promo codes which you can use to get discounts off all your purchases.

There is actually a special page tucked away on the website which is located here. And the best news is you don’t need any fiddly NUS card validation or other student validation, they are free to use!

We’ve noticed that they are usually for money off certain individual products such as an Apple ipad or certain groups of electricals such as coffee makers or laptops. We’ve put together a table of vouchers and also some previous discount codes that have been popular and are usually repeated.

Keep an eye-out on our Student Discount Squirrel’s Facebook page for all the best Currys student discounts. We regularly scour the web for the best Currys discount codes and lists them below so take a look and see if you can save.

The best starting point when trying to bang a Currys deal is to check out the current sales and offers they have available online at the official Currys website.

Currys often have brilliant sales and discounts running every month and in this easy to use section you’ll find out about the best discounts in Currys (on everything from laptops to tablets and more), plus you can clearly see how much you are saving too. Always good to know! 

Currys Student Discounts, Codes & Sales Discount Expires
40% Off Currys Student Laptops  40% 30/01/2020
Free Delivery on Orders Over £50 Free Delivery 30/12/2020
50% Off in the Currys January Sale 50% 30/01/2020

4. Currys Sales & Currys Promo Codes – The Best Ways For Students To Save

A top way for undergraduates to bag a bigger discount is when there is a big Currys sale on. Usually we’ve found that there are hundreds of top items such as laptops, tablets, electricals, mobile phones, printers and a whole host of other sexy tech products.

Typical discounts during the sales include hundreds of pounds off the more expensive items such as computers and reductions of up to 50% on smaller priced items.

The Squirrel keeps an eye out on all the big sales and offers and throughout 2019 and we know that the big ones happen typically at the following times.

Currys Black Friday Sales & Cyber Monday

This sales period which occurs around the end of November is now a huge date in the diary. We noticed that there were some really fantastic tech bargains to be had.

If you need a new laptop or tablet but can hold on to Black Friday and Cyber Monday then you will be guaranteed to make some fabulous savings.

Currys Boxing Day & January Sales

So after Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over, the next big one is the Boxing Day & January Currys sales. We say Boxing Day but we’ve noticed that online at, the sales start late on 24th December. Cheeky huh but we’re not complaining when there are some lovely tech bargains to be had.

Again there can be up to 50% off certain items and £300 plus off high ticket items like Apple Macs and laptops.

In-store if you fancy battling the crowds the sales start on Boxing day early. We know you students like a lie in after one to many Baileys so shopping online is probably the way to go. We also like the fact there is no fiddly NUS code to enter, the discounts are just plain and simple and as advertised. Who needs student discount Currys when there are such great offers to be had?

Currys PC World Student Discount

The Squirrel is keeping his eye out for when the other sales are and will update this as and when. Take a look at the save table near the top of the page for the current ways for students to save. Also check out the hompage as if there is a sale or clearance on and you can save some money, then they will have it displayed here.

Currys Promo, Currys Discount Code Student & Voucher Codes

Another excellent way to save on all that lovely tech is getting a fabulous Currys promo code. Did you know that there is a special hidden page we’ve found on that list all the current codes?

Free Delivery for Students from Currys

Fantastic news, there is free delivery for all standard orders at 

The usual delivery time is 3-5 days and the fabulous news is that no NUS card is required, it is automatically applied at the online checkout.

The Squirrel loves this as it can be very annoying for undergraduates if you’re buying some great tech, only to have postage added at the checkout.

There are also options for next day delivery and click and collect which is good to know.

Student Discount Currys PC World – Price Promise

The squirrel loves Currys price promise guarantee. This means that if you find whatever you purchase cheaper anywhere else that they will refund the difference. This super confidence in their pricing gives you busy students peace of mind too!

This means that there is no need to shop around for your tablet, toaster or television (wasting valuable study and beer time), as you can be confident in buying knowing that even if you found a better deal further down the line, they will match the price. They are so confident in their prices – even without an official student discount Currys deal in place – that is why we love them!


We get asked a lot of questions about Currys so we’ve put together the useful table below to answer them. Whether it be an NUS discount or if any other discount providers such as Unidays or Student Beans this should slake your thirst for knowledge!

Is there a Currys discount for students? No, there are no official student discounts.

Are there NUS discounts? No, there is no NUS discount.

Is there a student discount code? Yes and no! There is no permanent student promo code but there are limited time ones released throughout the year.

When are the sales? Throughout the year. Check the home page.

Is there a Unidays discount? No

Does Student Beans do discounts? No

There are plenty of ways to save at this brilliant retailer. They do regular discounts and promo-codes– to summarise our top squirrel tips, here they are:

  • The current sales pages is the best place for the biggest and juiciest discounts.
  • Check out our discount code section for the latest Currys promo codes, deals and offers which could save you money
  • There is up to £200 cashback if you can trade in your old laptop.
  • There is free delivery as standard and next day click and collect. This in itself is usually a worth quite a few quid when compared to similar stores. Full details here.
  • The website will always have the best deals over shopping instore.
  • The home page is a great place to see the best discounts
  • The price promise guarantee means that students can buy with peace of mind
  • Take these steps young squirrels and you’re guaranteed to bag yourselves a tech bargain.

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