We can confirm that there is a 10% Boots student discount. To get it, go to the special student page on boots.com, follow the instructions to validate your student status and you can get the discount both online and in-store. This can be with NUS Totum or Student Beans. We have noticed that it can be increased to 20% for limited periods so look out for that.


We also have a great 10% Boots voucher code for first orders on the Boots app. You do need to be an advantage card holder.

Our next top tip is for students to check out the Boots sale page. There are some better than half price deals and it’s where you can potentially get some great bargains.

Students should also check out the Boots offers page. It has the latest deals and discounts including 20% off selected fragrances and beauty items. They also have the £10 Tuesday and the £5 Friday deals too.


There is also the clearance page which has less items included but bigger savings. Our next top tip is to make sure you check out the Boots homepage. This is where the latest and best deals and offers are displayed. There is also a promo sale for 15% off selected beauty and fragrances.

Make sure you sign up to the Boots Advantage card. You need it for the student discount but you also get exclusive deals and points for even more money off including price advantage too. Such as at the moment there is an extra 10% off selected Boots skincare.


We’ve done a lot of research and found out all the ways that can save students money both in-store and online:

  • 10% Boots student discount
  • No Unidays code
  • 10% Boots Student Beans code
  • 10% Boots discount code for new app orders
  • 70% discounts on the Boots sale page
  • Check out the Boots offers page for the latest deals
  • Free click and collect delivery on orders over £10 or home orders over £25
  • Boots Deal of the Week on health and beauty products
  • Get exclusive deals with the Boots Advantage card
  • £10 Tuesday and £5 Friday savings promos
  • 50% off Star Gifts
  • Free next-day delivery voucher code
  • Boots app offers

Make sure you take a look at the offers page. There is half price on at the moment including haircare, skincare, fragrances, dental and lots more besides (and don’t forget to use your Boots advantage card! There is a fantastic way to access offers on the home page navigation. Hover over it and you can see the links to clearance, sales and other deals listed by fragrance, electrical etc.

We run through the best ways to save you money at this top health and beauty retailer both in-store and online. Simply read on and start saving today.

I hope you avid learners have found a great deal but the learning doesn’t stop there. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the best ways for students to save at Boots including info the official 10% student discount and remember you will need student ID

Does Boots Do Student Discount?

Yes there is a Boots student discount in May 2024 To get it, you need a Boots Advantage card. There’s a special page so follow the instructions and you’ll get 10% off both in-store and online.

Student Discount Squirrel has done some research, follow these steps and you’ll be making big savings at Boots today:

  1. Get a Boots Advantage Card. For every purchase in-store and at Boots online you will save points – you will need to validate your student ID. You also get exclusive deals too so it is a must.
  2. Check out the special Boots offers page. It’s packed full of the latest Boots offers.
  3. Make sure you see our student savings section at the top of the page. This lists all the best deals, tells you if there is a Boots promo code, plus any sales alerts or Boots voucher codes we can find.
  4. If you can shop when there is a big sale on. More in our sales section below.
  5. Check out the Boots homepage. The best of the offers are always promoted here.
  6. Get free delivery. Click and collect!
boots student discount
Find out about Boots student discount today, one off Boots discount code release and general discount codes and save on those health and beauty essentials.

Boots Unidays

At the moment there is no specific Unidays Boots discount. However, you can get a standard student discount (student id may be required), so take a look at chapter 1.

Also, make sure you check out our fabulous savings section at the top of the page for the latest ways to save, you will need your university college student id.

Boots UK Promo Codes, Vouchers and Discounts

They do regularly release Boots voucher codes and student discounts throughout the year that students can use to save money. Below is a table of past Boots promo codes:

Boots Discount Deals in 2022 Boots UK Discount Ends
10% Boots Student Discount 10% student discount – present your valid student id in-store 31 December 2024
£5 Thursday Deals £5 30 May 2024
70% Off in the Boots Sale 70% 30 May 2024
10% Off Boots skincare with Advantage Card 15% 30 May 2024
Extra Price Advantage Discounts With Boots Advantage £10 in Points 30 May 2024
Free delivery on orders over £25 Free delivery 30 May 2024
£10 Tuesday Deals £10 30 May 2024
10% Student Beans Discount on Boots 10% 31 December 2024

We have seen some really good codes over the past year to save on those great health and beauty products. One was for 10% for spends over £80. Other ways to save include and have included:

  • Advantage cardholder discounts
  • One-off student discount offer releases in store
  • 10% voucher code
  • Boots discount code releases
  • Boots UK photo student discount
  • Offers on gift boxes and health and beauty essentials

And you know there is a Superdrug student discount, PureGym student discount and Cult Beauty student discount too – if you like Boots these are probably also worth a visit?


Boots Advantage Card with Boots Student Discounts

Attention all students, you need to take advantage of the Boots Advantage Card! Why? Because the Boots Advantage Card effectively means you get little discounts every time you use it either in-store or shopping online at boots.com.

Boots are bargain-friendly and have a loyalty card that’s worth holding onto; a rare commodity amongst a wallet full of dusty and curling paper cards that get you one free coffee after buying ten. Instead, Boots Advantage Card points add up to equal cash to spend in-store and on pretty much anything.

Providing you remember your Boots Advantage Card at point-of-purchase (including online), points will accumulate on all purchases and build up with no expiry date. If you don’t have your card on you, your receipt can be validated for future use (just don’t lose it!) and there are often promotional events in-store and online that offer extra points on certain purchases.

You also get personalised offers, which is a fantastic bonus through the Advantage Card (you’ll need student id). And did we mention it was free? Seriously, if there is one thing you do today, go and sign up for the Boots Advantage Card, you won’t regret the savings online and in a Boots store! You will need to show student ID to link up these savings with your Boots Advantage card.

Boots Advantage card students
Student discount at Boots.

Boots Sales Alerts

One of the best way that students can save at Boots is when there is a big sale on often in-store. We keep our squirrel noses to the floor and log when there is a sale coming or live so make sure you check at the savings section. Otherwise, our sales diary below will tell you if a big one is coming up.

Black Friday & Boots Cyber Monday

This occurs around the last Friday in November. What we’ve found is that the Black Friday sales can actually start before the Friday as retailers try to outdo each other. More of the Boots gifts lines are included as obviously the run-up to Christmas has started. There are also some great discounts on perfumes, aftershaves and electricals like hair driers and shavers. These are for a discount in-store and online. There are good discounts for students of up to 50% off selected items at this time.

Boxing Day and January Sales

The irony is that the Boxing Day sales now start online at boots.com on 24th December, when the shipping deadline for Christmas presents has passed. The sales then continue well into January, with extra reductions being made. Careful though, if you see something discounted earlier on that you really want then get it as stock can run out! And…check out the bespoke offers page on boots.com, where they have 3 for 2s, 2 for 1s, extra free gifts with purchases and a whole host more including info on the advantage card. New Year is the perfect time to start looking after your student health.

  • The health and beauty offers page has the best discounts for students. Currently, they include 3 for 2 on selected skincare and buy one get one-half price on select No 7 products.
  • The fragrance offers page has the best Boots discounts on perfumes and aftershaves for students including discounts of up to 50% on selected fragrances.
  • The electricals offer page has all the current discounts for students on Boots electrical items. Currently, there are discounts of more than 50% on Oral B, 25% on Babyliss and 50% on Braun shavers.

Popular Questions

Does Boots have student discount?

Yes Boots offer a 10% student discount. To get it just head to the special page, verify your student status with university/college student id and you’ll be issued with a code.

You will need to register for an Advantage card too.

Can you get student discount online at Boots?

Yes you can get a student discount online at Boots; they are available online and in-store with a Boots Advantage Card.

Present your valid student ID in-store to have your student discount linked to your Boots Advantage Card.

How much student discount do you get at Boots?

Students can get a 10% student discount at Boots. However there are limited periods throughout the year when this is raised to 20%. Check our savings section for the latest.

Is Boots on Unidays?

Boot is not on Unidays and there is no Unidays code available. However, students can still get a 10% discount and we can show you how.

Can I activate boots student discount online?

You can’t activate the student discount online at Boots. You need to have a Boots Advantage card but then go in to a store and show valid ID.

Is there a Boots NUS Totum discount?

There is a Boots NUS Totum discount possible. You can use it in-store but you need an Advantage card too.

Boots Student Discounts Summary

We get asked a lot of questions about student discounts for Boots, so we’ve put together a handy frequently asked questions table:

Question Answer
Is there a Boots student discount in May 2024? Yes, it is now possible for students to get a 10% student discount code both off in-store and online. Sometimes it’s increased to 20% for limited periods.
Are there Boots NUS discounts in May 2024? Yes, but you need a Boots Advantage card.
Is there a Boots student discount code? Yes. Please see chapter 1 for information on discount codes.
When are the Boots sales? Throughout the year. Check the home page.
Is there a Unidays student discount? No there is no Unidays Boots code available.
Does Student Beans do Boots discounts? Yes students can use Student Beans to validate their student status and get a discount at Boots.

We hoped our humble discount guide has helped you save money in a Boots store or online – it should have done! We’ve shown you that you can save at Boots by following this advice:

  • Get a Boots Advantage Card (verify student ID). The advantage card is a great way to keep saving throughout the year. You also use your Advantage Card when you are a non-student
  • Check out our discounts section for the latest available promo codes, sales alerts, student discount deals and offers
  • The Boots offers page always has some savings on health and beauty
  • Get free click and collect delivery
  • Boots student discount not working online? Then don’t forget you can get it online.
  • Also check out their Contact Lens Rewards scheme to save money
  • Remember to check out the Boots insurance and travel insurance scheme
  • The sales diary shows if a big sale is coming for the biggest discounts online and also as a discount in store
  • Don’t forget you can use Boots to pick up any NHS prescription orders that you need as well, as well as taking advantage of their great pharmacy services

If you are looking for similar health & beauty offers to the Boots online discount at other beauty chain stores, check out the central page, our Body Shop, Feel Unique, Fragrance Direct merchants.

Subjects covered – Boots discount codes, one-off Boots discount code releases, pharmacy services.