We can confirm that there is an official student discount for PureGym of up to 30% off. To get it, verify your student id on puregym.com and your discount will be applied.


Through our research we’ve also found other great ways students can save money including:

  • PureGym membership from £14.99
  • 10% with advanced payments
  • 30% Unidays PureGym discount
  • Fixed term membership available

Also, most PureGyms are now open in England and Wales. There is a helpful trainsafe page which shows you all the safety measures they’ve put in which is great to hear. PureGym has revolutionised the gym market in the UK, bringing affordable gym membership to a place near me. There are many benefits we like here including:

  • Lots of locations throughout the UK
  • No contract
  • Student gym memberships
  • Day passes to try out
  • Lots of fitness classes
  • Small joining fee
  • Classes
  • 260 gyms nationwide
  • 24-hour opening
  • Simple gym memberships

Even though PureGym membership is very good value for money, there are still ways that students can save more. Ready to save? Then read more.

1. Does PureGym do a Student Discount?

The good news is that there is currently a fantastic up to 30% PureGym student discount membership off all full-priced membership. Here is how you get it:

  1. Validate your student ID on the PureGym website
  2. The validation process is done through Unidays
  3. Your student membership will be applied
  4. You’ll get up to 30% off already cheap membership

Even though that’s a great discount, there are still some extra ways we’ve found for students to save even more at PureGym. Read on for more great money-saving tips in the rest of this guide to save on these gyms nationwide.

GET DISCOUNT > puregym student discount


There are now many options in the UK to get a student code. NUS Totum, Unidays and Student Beans are the 3 big discount schemes but there are other ways too. It can be confusing and difficult to find out where you get your code.

That’s why the Squirrel has been doing the hard graft and researching to make it easy for you to save on fixed term gym memberships. And here are the results!


As previously confirmed there is a Unidays PureGym code available. To get it check out chapter 1 or the savings section at the top of the page. Don’t forget to check out our savings section near the top of the page to see the latest ways that you can save with any available PureGym promo codes and fixed membership deals which could enhance your savings even more.


There is no NUS PureGym scheme as of October 2020. However, NUS students are entitled to the discount through Unidays as described above. Kerching!


No, there is no Student Beans PureGym code. To keep updated with current offers follow us on social media or by joining our e-list – simply leave us your email address or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

GET DISCOUNT > unidays puregym


As we’ve shown you so far there is an official PureGym student discount code. But sometimes students can get even bigger discounts through promo codes that Pure Gym release to everyone throughout the year. We update any in our fabulous savings section so make sure you take a look.

The great thing about the PureGym voucher codes is that you don’t need student id to prove your student status. They are available to all. Yes, even you non-students on here!

You just shop on the site and when you come to the online checkout when signing up, just pop in the discount code and you’ll receive your special saving. Easy peasy, just the way we like it here at Squirrel Towers.

Previous promo codes have included:

  • No joining fee
  • 15% discount for 6 months
  • Fixed term membership deals
Codes & Deals Discount Expires
30% Students Discount 30% 31/12/2020
Gym membership from £14.99 £14.99 30/11/2020
10% Off with Advanced Payments 10% 30/11/2020


So PureGym pretty much has joining deals all year round and the student discount is one of the best ways to save. However, they do sometimes have ‘sales’ for new members which consist of offers such as no joining fee or a reduced monthly payment for a set amount of months. Sometimes they do join in with the big sales such as Black Friday and Christmas sales so watch out for those offers.


5. Summary

So we’ve come to the end of this guide. We’ve shown students how to get a discount for Puregym through a Unidays code. By checking the latest offers, it sometimes is also possible to save more on your gym membership. Make sure you check out our savings section at the top of the page for up to date voucher codes, deals and offers. And enjoy your work out, whether yoga,  pilates, sculpting, toning, functional strength training, plus general health and fitness workouts! Just to let you know we do use cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is there a Pure Gym student discount ?

Yes, there is a 30% student code possible which you can get through Unidays.

✅ Does PureGym do a Unidays code?

Yes, we can confirm that there is a PureGym Unidays code. The standard discount is 30% but this can rise for limited periods throughout the year.