We can confirm that there is currently a up to 70% Boohoo student discount plus free Boohoo premier. You can the code either through a Unidays Boohoo code or with Student Beans. There is also a Boohoo student premier programme, where you can get free next day delivery until you graduate so make sure you sign up for that too.


Students just need to sign up to it once and you’ll get free premier delivery until you graduate. This is one of the best student offers out (officially called Boohoo Student Premier) there so make sure you take advantage. There is also an excellent £5 student sale too which is exclusively for students.

Also check out the Boohoo sales page where there are discounts of up to 70% day in day out! It’s where students can get the biggest Boohoo discounts so take a look and see what bargains you can find.


We also like the fact that there is now a dedicated Boohoo discount codes page on boohoo.com. This is where all the codes and deals are listed which makes savings easy.

To summarise here are the ways we’ve researched for students to save with the biggest discounts and offers:

  • 10% Unidays boohoo code plus 20% off everything
  • 10% Student Beans code
  • Free premier delivery with Boohoo Premier
  • Up to 70% off on the sales page
  • £5 student sale
  • Check out the vouchers and codes page
  • New deals every day on the home page
  • Sign up to the newsletter for exclusive deals
  • Free premier delivery for students until you graduate (unlimited next day delivery)
  • Next day delivery just £1.99 or unlimited for a year £9.99

But the savings don’t stop there. The next top tip is to check the boohoo.com homepage. This is where all the latest promotions, boohoo sales, codes and offers are listed. We will run through the best ways to save on the top fashion and current trends both online and in-store. Yes, there are lots of ways to save at Boohoo, including official student offers, Unidays Boohoo discounts, standard sales and online offers but firstly check out these top savings tips

boohoo student discount

“Make sure you check out the sales page, where there are big discounts on 500 plus items on those catwalk inspired outfits at Boohoo! This includes exclusive offers and great deals on everything from coats & jackets to cosy loungewear”

Does Boohoo do Student Discounts in June 2022?

Yes the excellent news is that there is a standard boohoo student discount for those who attend university, college or school and have a valid educational email address. You also get free delivery. And we’re going to show you how to get it now. It’s super-easy, just follow these steps and you’ll make the savings:

  1. Go to the special page on boohoo.com
  2. Verify your student status. You’ll usually need an institutional email address
  3. You’ll be issued with a unique boohoo.com student discount
  4. Make your fabulous fashion purchases on Boohoo.com
  5. Enter your Boohoo code at the check-out
  6. Your free student premier delivery will be applied.

Boohoo have recently changed their student offers scheme and you can no longer get a Boohoo 10% discount through NUS Totum (correct as of 2022) but you can with Student Beans and Unidays, so make sure you check out our Boohoo savings section at the top of this very page for more information and savings; we update this weekly with any sales, Boohoo promotional codes, free delivery offers, things like this that can save students more!

The Boohoo Unidays Discount

Great news, the Boohoo Unidays code is back. Students will be issued with a unique Boohoo code via Unidays Boohoo but it’s not available at the moment. We think this is because Boohoo now has its own student offers and pages.


Unidays is the biggest student offers scheme in the UK and we’ve been looking to see if there is a Unidays Boohoo code. We’ve also checked out NUS Totum and Student Beans as well.

unidays boohoo

Boohoo NUS Discount?

So there is no official NUS Boohoo discount BUT NUS students will qualify for the standard discounts. This is because you will have an educational email address. You just have to validate and use that as stated in section one. So just make sure you go to this page on boohoo.com to validate your status. And just to be clear there is no Boohoo NUS Extra code either.

Student Beans Discounts?

Yes, there is now a Boohoo Student Beans code. The discount changes regularly but we’ve seen 10%, 20% and even 30% off. The current Student Beans promo is a great way to save.

“Usually you would be able to get a unique Boohoo discount code to use at the online check-out but there is none. Make sure though that you do check out the Boohoo offer page though as all the deals should be located there.”

Boohoo Discount Code Student, Boohoo Promo Codes and Vouchers

So the marvellous news is that there is a standard 15% Boohoo discount code student. To get it, just follow the steps mentioned in the first section above. But did you know that as well as their great student offers that they release fantastic Boohoo promotional codes throughout the year? Well, you do now! The great thing about these is that they usually have a bigger discount than 15% and you don’t need any time-consuming student validation process to get it. The one drawback is that these codes have a time limit on them, usually between 1-2 weeks, so you need to keep your eyes peeled and moved fast.

How to Use a Boohoo Code in June 2022

  1. Get your code from the top of the page if available.
  2. Click and copy the code on the button.
  3. Go wild in the virtual aisles at Boohoo and add the amazing fashion items to your online basket
  4. Get to the checkout and there will be a Boohoo codes box. Enter the code.
  5. The discount will be applied and you will save.

Here are some examples of current codes to help you save on those catwalk-inspired looks:

Boohoo Deals and Discounts Discount Expires
10% Discount Code Student 10% 31/12/2022
Up to 70% off in the Sale 80% 30/06/2022
£5 Student Sale £5 30/06/2022
Extra 10% Off App Purchases 10% 30/06/2022
10% Boohoo Unidays Code 10% 31/12/2022
10% Student Beans Boohoo Code 10% 31/12/2022

Other popular ways to save have included:

  • Gift cards
  • Exclusive offers in-store on stunning dresses & tops
  • Promo code releases
  • Exclusive offers on the official boohoo website

Boohoo Sales and Black Friday

So the best way to get the biggest savings aside from the popular official student offer scheme is to shop during the Boohoo.com sales or a one-off Boohoo sale. If there is currently a sale on then we will list it in our savings section. Also, a good way to see is to check out the home page. They tend to have a link in the menu and if there is a big one it will be advertised on the front page. Check out our sales diary below for the big ones.

Boohoo Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Boohoo started off early last year with a code for 30% off a couple of days before! Then on Cyber Monday, they increased the offering to up to 50% with free delivery with no code needed. A great offering if you were looking to buy your little black Boohoo dress for the holiday season. Really worth holding on for.

Boohoo Christmas, Boxing Day and January Sales

The Christmas sales are quite an event on boohoo.com. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day, they release voucher codes for 25% off and then general sales that run up to 70% off. You can really bag some fantastic bargains on dresses, tops, shirts, swimwear and lots more besides.

Boohoo Spring, Easter and Summer Sales

Around the end of February and beginning of March Boohoo typically have a sale with up to 50% off at boohoo com. A little bit later on around Easter time they also have some great fashion sales with up to 25% off EVERYTHING! It’s a perfect time to shop for your prom dress. Boohoo goes big with their summer sale with the largest reductions being 60%. It typically happens in August so if you’re not going on holiday until after then it’s a great time to get your bikinis, summer dresses, shoe accessories for a whole lot cheaper.


Popular Questions

Does Boohoo do student discount?

Yes there is a current Boohoo students discount. You can get this either through a Unidays Boohoo code or with Student Beans. There is also a Boohoo student premier, check out our page for the full details now.

Do students get free delivery with Boohoo?

Yes students can get freed delivery with Boohoo. You just need to sign up for the students discount scheme, once you’ve done that you’ll get free premier delivery until you graduate.

This is one of the best students offers out there so make sure you take advantage.

Is there a Boohoo Unidays code?

Yes there is a Unidays code for Boohoo. You can get it on myunidays.com or through the student validation page on boohoo.com. The discount changes regularly but we’ve seen 15% and 20% off regularly plus delivery.

Does boohoo do NHS discount?

There is currently no Boohoo NHS discount. There has previously been a 20% discount available through Blue Light Card. If this changes we’ll let you know.

Who owns Boohoo?

Boohoo is owned by Mahmud Kamani who is head of the Kamani family.

He is now a billionaire and joint CEO of boohoo.com

How long do boohoo take to deliver?

Boohoo can do next day delivery if you order before 11PM the day before. That’s pretty impressive. Standard delivery for boohoo will take up to 5 working days.

Does NUS Totum offer a Boohoo discount?

We can confirm that there is a Boohoo NUS Totum discount. To get it you must have bought the Totum card so you can log into your NUS account and get a promo code to use at the boohoo.com check out.

Boohoo Student Discounts Summary

So there you have it, that is our comprehensive guide to Boohoo discounts in June 2022.

We’ve shown students how you can get a minimum 10% discount by validating your NUS id for exclusive offers and shopping at boohoo.com. We’ve also shown how you can get bigger discounts by shopping when there is a sale, grabbing a general code and next day delivery for 1 year for just £5.99.

We hope you grab yourself a good discount at Boohoo today on those stunning catwalk-inspired outfits.

For similar student discounts on womens clothing check out the full guide, our PLT student discounts page, asos student discounts guide, Nasty Gal discount or the below that we think will be of interest to you.