Boohoo Student Discount

Looking for a Boohoo student discount? You’ve come to the right place. In our comprehensive guide we will run through the best ways to save on the top fashion and current trends both online and in store. 

Currently there is a massive Boohoo January sale with 25% off everything!  

Plus there will be at least 50% off over 5000 styles. This is the best way for students to save. There was previously a Unidays Boohoo code but that has now ended.

The other good news is we can confirm there is is a current Boohoo student discount. This clothing titan has recently created a new scheme called student premier – it’s very easy to get – all you need to do is sign up on the page and get free premier delivery. There’s also some other interesting schemes for students too, including internships and the #boohooonCampus hashtag. For full details check out chapter 1.

Yes there’s lots of ways to save at Boohoo, so whether you want to use their official Boohoo Student Discount, Unidays Boohoo discounts, standard sales and online offers, read on, but firstly check out these top savings tips:


50% Off

boohoo student discount deal 1

Up to 50% off at least 5000 styles in the Boxing Day sale

Free Delivery

boohoo student discount deal 2

Get Free Premier Delivery
with the Boohoo student discount

80% Off

Laura Ashley student discount deal 1

Savings of up to 80% in the Boohoo Sales Pages

If you’re an avid learner and looking for a specific answer to the popular question “do boohoo do a student discount?”, then this guide is for you. There are a lot of confusing answers on Google – with offers coming and going all the time – so we wrote this guide to help you. Plus there are some great savings tips, Boohoo voucher code updates and a Boohoo sales diary so read on for more money advice.

At Student Discount Squirrel we love Boohoo. For fantastic, affordable fashion, Boohoo has really taken centre stage in the UK. From dazzling dresses to stunning shoes and accessories there is something for everyone, and they won’t break the bank. There is also a men’s range now! Boohoo have become of the most popular and fast-growing brands in the country with students and it is easy to see why and the great news is we can confirm there is a brilliant standard student discount available.

You can click on any chapter in the contents below or read it all and you’ll be saving like a BOSS!

Chapter 1

The Boohoo Student Discount

Chapter 2

Is there a 
Boohoo Unidays Discount?

Chapter 3

Boohoo Discounts, Promo &
Voucher Codes

Chapter 4

Boohoo Sales Diary
& Savings Tips

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

& Summary


“Make sure you check out the sales page, where there are big discounts on 500 plus items!”


So the excellent news is that there is a standard discount for students at Booohoo for those who attend university, college or school and have a valid educational email address. You also get free premier delivery.

And we’re going to show you how to get it now. It’s super-easy, just follow these steps and you’ll make the savings:

  1. Go to this special page on
  2. Verify your student status. You’ll usually need an institutional email address
  3. You’ll be issued with a unique Boohoo discount code
  4. Make your fabulous fashion purchases on
  5. Enter your Boohoo voucher code at the check-out
  6. Your free premier delivery will be applied.

Boohoo have recently changed their student discount scheme and you can no longer get a Boohoo 10% discount through Unidays or NUS Totum (correct as of 2019), so make sure you check out our Boohoo savings section on this very page for more information and savings; we update this weekly with any sales, Boohoo promo codes, free delivery offers, things like this that can save students more!

You will qualify for the student discount Boohoo if you’re at school, college or university and have an educational email address but even if you don’t you can still make some great savings on your fabulous fashion purchases!

Plus the Student Squirrel has a ‘Top Squirrel Tip’

2. Is there a Boohoo Unidays Discount?

Unidays is the biggest student discount scheme in the UK and we’ve been looking to see if there is a Unidays Boohoo code. We’ve also checked out NUS Totum and Student Beans as well.

Boohoo Unidays Discount?

Unfortunately the Boohoo Unidays discount has been suspended as of 2019.

Students used to be issued with a unique Boohoo voucher code via Unidays Boohoo but it’s not available at the moment. We think this is because Boohoo now has their own student discount offering and pages.

You can see from the image below that when you search for Boohoo on then there are no results. 


Boohoo NUS Discount?

So there is no official NUS Boohoo discount BUT NUS students will qualify for the standard Boohoo student discount. This is because you will have an educational email address.You just have to validate and use that as stated in section one. So just make sure you go to this page on to validate your status.

And just to be clear there is no Boohoo NUS Extra code either.  

Are there Boohoo Student Beans Discounts?

Unfortunately there is no association between Student Beans and Boohoo, we think this is because the standard Boohoo Student Discount is good enough!

There has been a temporary Student Beans Boohoo discount for 25% off. If it becomes available again we will let you know.


“Usually you would be able to get a unique student discount code to use at the online check-out but there is none. Make sure though that you do check out the offers page though as all the deals should be located there.”

3. Boohoo Discount Code, Boohoo Promo Codes & Vouchers

So the marvelous news is that there is a standard 15% Boohoo discount code. To get it, just follow the steps mentioned in the first section above.

But did you know that as well as their great student offers that they release fantastic Boohoo promo codes throughout the year? Well you do now!

The great thing about these is that they usually have a bigger discount than 15% and you don’t need any time consuming student validation process to get it. The one drawback is that these codes have a time limit on them, usually between 1-2 weeks, so you need to keep your eyes peeled and moved fast.

How to use a Boohoo Discount code

Not sure how to use a Boohoo opromo code? No worries, we’re here to help. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be saving like a pro!

  1. Get your voucher code from the top of the page if available.
  2. Click and copy the code on the button.
  3. Go wild in the virtual aisles at Boohoo and add the amazing fashion items to your online basket
  4. Get to the checkout and there will be a Boohoo promo codes box. Enter the code.
  5. The discount will be applied and you will save.

Easy peasy huh? Well we love discounts and we are here to help! Here are some examples of current codes:

Boohoo Student Discount Deals Discount Expires
Up to 80% Off EVERYTHING on the Boohoo Sales Pages 70% 30/01/2020
Boohoo Student Discount – Free Premier Delivery Free Delivery 31/12/2020
At Least 50% Off 5000 styles in the Boxing Day Sale 10% 30/01/2020

4. Boohoo Sales Diary & Savings Tips

So the best way to get the biggest savings aside from the popular official student discount is to shop during the sales.

If there is currently a sale on then we will list it in our savings section.

Also a good way to see is to check out the home page. They tend to have a link in the menu and if there is a a big one it will be advertised on the front page.

If there isn’t a sale on there may well be one coming up. Check out our sales diary below for the big ones.

Boohoo Black Friday Sales & Cyber Monday

Boohoo started off Black Friday early last year with a discount code for 30% off a couple of days before!

Then on Cyber Monday they increased the offering to up to 50% with free delivery with no code needed. A great offering if you were looking to buy your little black Boohoo dress for the holiday season. Really worth holding on for.

Christmas, Boohoo Boxing Day & January Sales

The Christmas sales are quite an event on On Christmas day and Boxing day they release voucher codes for 25% off and then general sales that run up to 70% off. You can really bag some fantastic bargains on dresses, tops, shirts, swimwear and lots more besides.

Mid-season Spring & Easter Sales

Around the end of February and beginning of March Boohoo typically have a sale with up to 50% off. It’s a fantastic time to update your wardrobe for the new season. A little bit later on around Easter time they also have some great fashion sales with up to 25% off EVERYTHING!

Big Summer Sales

Boohoo goes big with their summer sale with the largest reductions being 60%.

It typically happens in August so if you’re not going on holiday until after then it’s a great time to get your bikinis, summer dresses, shoes accessories for a whole lot cheaper.

Great Boohoo Savings Tips

So what we thought would be helpful is to put together a checklist you can run through to make sure you make the biggest savings possible at

  1. Grab the Boohoo student discount for 10% off.
  2. Check the savings section for short term promo codes with even bigger discounts.
  3. Is a sale coming up? Look at our sales chapter.
  4. Have a look at the clearance page on
  5. Grab next day delivery for a year for just £5.99.
  6. Free returns on everything.
  7. Sign up to the Boohoo newsletter for extra savings.
  8. Follow the Squirrel on Facebook or Twitter for the latest deals.

5. Boohoo Store Overview

A firm fast fashion favourite, is a UK-based e-retailer of clothing, aimed at 16-24-year-olds, and with the expansion to; multi genders. One of many fast-fashion websites online, it has grown to buy and run competitors PrettyLittleThing and Nasty Gal. is a budget clothing retailer, and the average price of a garment is just £17 – but sales events and the Boohoo student discounts can greatly reduce this.

Their attire is manufactured around the world and purchased in small quantities, only to be re-stocked if they’re really popular, so you often won’t be found in the same garms as anyone else if you buy from here!

Focusing on bright colours and essentially inventing fashion trends before they happen, caters for standard sizes as well as offering petite, tall and curvy collections.

There’s even now a kids-wear section to really pull in a new market.

Boohoo hold up to 10,000 lines of stock at any one time and sort their items by type as well as ‘look’ collections such as ‘Going Out’, ‘Occasion Shopping’ and ‘In Paradise Holiday-wear’. Their purchases are shipped quickly and so makes for the perfect destination for quick and easy cheap buys when you need something new for the wardrobe in a hurry.

Boohoo is already a fairly budget brand – which needless to say, we here at Student Discount Squirrel thoroughly approve of – but combining student discounts with their sales events and online discount codes can make for some real bargain buys; particularly of stock that hasn’t been re-ordered and they need to clear from their warehouse. Stack discounts where you can!

There’s loads of delivery options for Boohoo’s brands, including delivering to lockers, weekend delivery slots and next-day delivery. However, if you’re buying from the site more than a couple of times a year, you’re best to opt for the Premium delivery service. For a one-off fee, you’ll receive free next-day delivery on all orders for a year. The amount that fee costs varies but there’s often discount codes available for it, and it never seems to creep over the £10 mark, so you could save yourself some real cash with this. All returns to the site are free, so there’s no excuse to hanging on to ill-fitting or ill-suited items, and if you do need something quickly, you can order up to midnight and still receive next-day delivery between 6pm and 10pm the next evening.

Boohoo has long been a student fast fashion favourite but as it grows, develops, and takes other brands under its wings, we can only see prices and quality getting better – which is great news for Student Discount Squirrel bargain hunters!

6. FAQs & Summary

There is nothing like a Frequently Asked Questions section to learn all the savings students can make at

Does Boohoo do a student discount?
Yes there is an official scheme to get a standard 15% off.

A Boohoo Unidays discount?
There has been an Boohoo Unidays code in the past but currently it has been suspended so it’s not available. If this changes we’ll let you know.

Does NUS Totum offer a Boohoo discount?
We can confirm that there is a Boohoo NUS Totum discount. To get it you must have bought the Totum card so you can log  into your NUS account and get a promo code to use at the check out.

So there you have it, that is our comprehensive guide to Boohoo student discounts.

We’ve shown students how you can get a minimum 10% discount code by validating your NUS id.

We’ve also show how you can get bigger discounts by shopping when there is a sale, grabbing general voucher codes and next day delivery for 1 year for just £5.99.


Boohoo was founded in 2006 by business partners Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane, who had previously worked for household name chain stores such as Primark and New Look. Unlike other e-retailers of fast fashion at the time, who had quickly diverted business to brand names and third-parties, Boohoo only offered clothing under its own brand and did not stock anyone else.

Quickly gaining popularity due to its ease of use, cheap price points and speed of manufacture and delivery, Boohoo began to market across social media channels – ideal for its target market, and cheap to do with online influencers and minor celebrities. Investment was made into the site (70% of traffic is from mobile devices, so its always important for it to appear as mobile friendly as possible) and then into buying up competitors such as Nasty Gal. In 2017, the company hits its peak; investing in a new £150million warehouse and making annual turnover of over £3billion, much of this as a result of click-throughs from social media channels. Boohoo is now one of the biggest fast fashion websites in the world, selling to over 100 countries, and was awarded City A.M.’s Business of the Year award.

Boohoo Fun Facts!

Did you know?:

  • Boohoo is a UK based fashion retailer aimed at 16-30 year olds!
  • It has over 36,000 products
  • Boohoo was founded in 2006 by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane
  • All their clothing brands are own-branded!
  • As of Sep 2017 Boohoo has a massive social media following – including 4.4m Instagram followers, 0.5 Twitter followers and 3.1m Facebook likes!
  • Boohoo has an official Boohoo Student Discount scheme in place
  • Boohoo also own PrettyLitteThing and

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