We can confirm that currently there is no eBay student discount in the UK. This means there is no Unidays eBay code or one with NUS Totum or Student Beans either. However, it’s still possible for students to make savings on this huge marketplace.

We’ve found a great deals page on ebay.co.uk. It lists all the current sales, codes and promotions and is well worth taking a look at. Deals include up to £500 off refurbished tech, 50% off refurbished laptops and up to 65% off furniture.


Unfortunately the 10% code of selected eBay sellers has now ended. However, another great tip is to check out the eBay homepage where some great deals are listed. Last time we checked there was up to 40% off tech, 50% off refurbished phones and 30% off selected furniture.

We like the Refurbished Deals page which has up to 50% off some big brands including Apple, Dyson and Microsoft. It’s a great way to save.


There is also an imperfections page, which has 20% off some great names. Also, there is that there is a great Brand Outlet with up to 70% off some great brands including Superdry, Calvin Klein, Jack Wills and Joules.


Our next money-saving tip is to take a look at the Refurbished Technology page, where good as new laptops, smartphones and tech are sold at discounts of up to 50% off with a 12-month warranty. There is also a specific Apple page with some great deals.


We also like the Deals all week page. They had some excellent discounts on tech including Apple Airpods, TVs and laptops.

We’ve been researching the best ways students can save money on eBay and here’s what we found:

  • No eBay student discounts are available
  • No eBay Unidays code
  • 30% off refurbished deals
  • 70% off in the Brands Outlet
  • Amazing tech savings on the Refurbished Technology page
  • 50% off refurbished Apple
  • With an Ebay discount code
  • Dedicated Small Business hub

Does eBay do a Student Discount?

As of May 2024 there is no eBay student discount. This means there is no promotional code available through Unidays, NUS Extra Totum, Student Beans or any other student discount scheme in the UK. But we keep our eyes open for voucher code releases!

Don’t worry though, it is still possible for students to save and we show you how. Follow this checklist and see how you can save:

  1. Check out our tried and testing savings section at the tops of the page for the latest voucher codes, discount codes, sales, deals and more.
  2. Filter searches for ‘Buy it Now’. People often want a quick sale and you know the final price.
  3. eBay is now home to a lot of outlet pages for brands. These include Currys, Superdry, Office and a whole host more.
  4. At the Brand Outlet, there is a minimum of 40% off top brands.
ebay student discount
Get the latest ebay discount code, eBay voucher code releases and ebay student discounts today. Claim the best ebay student discounts.

Is there an eBay Unidays, NUS or Student Beans Discount?

The 3 big student discount schemes in the UK are UNiDAYS, NUS Extra Totum and Student Beans. They each of them have a different offering with different brands offering different discounts with each.

We get asked a lot whether there is an eBay discount through these schemes so we’ve done some extensive researching so we can answer your questions properly!

Find out about other eBay student discount schemes and student discounts:

Unidays and eBay Discounts

Currently, there is no Unidays eBay discount. This means students eligible for UNiDAYS codes still can’t get a code for their eBay purchase.

This is a shame as it would be great for students to be able to save via Unidays on ebay.co.uk.

If this changes, Student Discount Squirrel will be the first to let you know.

Is there an NUS Extra Totum eBay Online Discount

There is no NUS Extra discount for eBay. We’ve checked and they aren’t currently signed up to NUS discounts.

This is a shame as we would like nothing better to enter our Totum number into the code box and get a great discount on eBay.com.

However,  make sure you check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save money and any available promotional codes that could save you even more.

Are there eBay Student Beans Discounts?

Nope, there is no association between Student Beans and eBay for student discounts. This would make things easier for students that’s the way it is.

Remember though that eBay has a huge host of outlet stores on big brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about eBay Student Discounts

Trying to find out if there is eBay students discounts can be a confusing business. In fact, if you google the phrase then a lot of different answers and results come up.

We’ve even found that there is contradictory information sometimes with some sites declaring there is and others saying there are not.

That’s why we’ve included this FAQs section to give you students the definitive answer.

Does eBay take a student discount on the ebay website?

There is no official students discount for eBay. That means that there is no student discount codes, especially for verified students to use to get a reduction on their purchases.

However, as we’ve also shown it is possible for students to save following our money-saving tips. You also don’t necessarily need an eBay account.

Does eBay do free shipping?

According to their website, there is free shipping on millions of items on eBay. To find them, you have to filter your search to include free shipping.

Is there an eBay Unidays discount code in May 2024?

At the time of writing, there is no Unidays discount available for eBay. This is because eBay doesn’t permit a student discount of any kind.

Does NUS Extra have an eBay code?

Unfortunately, there is no eBay NUS Extra discount. Even if you enter your Totum card number you won’t get a reduction or huge discounts on final value fees.

The current best deals and daily deals are:

eBay Discounts & Deals eBay UK Discount Expires
10% eBay promo code for selected sellers 10% 30 May 2023
Up to 30% Off Refurbished Deals 30%  30 May 2023
70% Off in the Brand Outlet 70%  30 May 2023
Up to 50% off on the eBay deals page 50%  30 May 2023
No student discount at eBay 0%  30 May 2023
Up to 50% off refurbished laptops 50% 30 May 2023

Recent offers and past deals have included:

  • eBay discount codes
  • eBay voucher codes and one off ebay voucher code releases
  • ebay discount code releases
  • Free delivery
  • eBay promo code
  • Fast delivery
  • eBay promo codes
  • Money back guarantee options
  • eBay daily deals and special deals
  • The popular Ebay £10 voucher code 2023
  • Nectar card offers
  • In their daily deals section
  • Brand outlet discounts

If you’re looking for something similar, there is an Amazon student discount and Argos has student discount codes and deals.

More about the Store and Ebay student discounts

eBay is free to use for buyers and so you can buy online from a variety of sellers based all around the world. It’s also a great way for students to make money. Bidding on items rather than buying them outright can mean you’re able to bag a bargain and there’s a whole host of ways to ‘hack’ the system and track down even cheaper items – including placing your price in the last 10-seconds of the auction to avoid being outbid and finding listings that have been misspelt.

Selling items on the site can generate some spare cash alongside your studies, and textbooks are just one of the items that always seem to be in demand! You can earn up to £2,000 a year on sites like eBay without having to pay tax on your income, so it can make a nice supplement to your student loan if you need it.

The nature of eBay is that users can list essentially anything for sale, but there are now some restrictions. Tobacco, alcohol, bootleg copies of items, virtual game items and adult-oriented items are all banned… and if you’re into the more unusual, you’ll need to seek a more specialist site; because you also can’t buy or sell ghosts, souls, or other items “whose existence cannot be verified”!

eBay isn’t your usual online shop, but there’s no doubt that it’s home to some of the biggest bargains on the internet with eBay daily deals UK, and it’s always worth a browse if you’re in the market for buying something online. There’s no student discount as such – and to be honest, items are often so cheap there wouldn’t be room for there to be – but it’s definitely a favourite with Student Discount Squirrel, and where there are special events or discounts available, we’ll be the first to let you know. Set this page as your homepage and check back before you buy anything, anywhere.

The History of eBay

eBay was founded in 1995 by American now-billionaire Pierre Omidyar. It was the original success story of the dotcom bubble, capitalising on e-commerce in a unique way just as consumer attention turned to the internet. The site was originally created as part of Omidyar’s personal website, and he sold a broken laser pointer on it for just under $15. He was baffled and e-mailed the buyer to clarify that they understood it was broken. Their response? “I am a collector of broken laser pointers.” Thus, eBay was born.

As the site gained popularity, Omidyar’s internet service provider informed him that he would need to upgrade his subscription to a business one due to the traffic levels received. As a result, he began charging sellers to use the site and hired the first employee, whose job it was to process all of the cheques users sent in to cover their fees.

Two years later, eBay changed its name and started to receive venture capital funding. Growth was rapid – selling everything from health & beauty to electrical) from there and as soon as the company went public, Omidyar and the company’s President, Jeffrey Skoll, were immediately made billionaires. In the late 90s, Beanie Babies collectables became the most popular product on eBay and investors grew worried as to the dependence of the business on them. In response, the company expanded its category range and its services.

Today, eBay remains a leading e-commerce site and has made numerous business acquisitions: including PayPal, Craigslist, Skype and StubHub. It now offers its original auction-style sales listings, ‘Buy It Now’ shopping, shopping by SKU, ISBN and universal product codes, and classified advertising and listings. If you haven’t used the site yet, we’d recommend it – get bidding!

Fun Facts – Did You Know?

  • eBay is based in California and was formed by Pierre Omidyar
  • It now has operations in 30 countries
  • It employs over 14k people worldwide.
  • It sells everything from decor to appliances, furniture, equipment and even websites.
  • The website is free to use although sellers are charged a fee
  • You can sometimes get free delivery
  • There is an eBay students discount available with selected merchants.
  • It was launched on Sep 3, 1995
  • Its revenue was nearly 11 billion dollars in 2018!

If you haven’t found what you are looking for or any eBay offers to suit you, check out these similar retailers who could help you find what you are looking for and our helpful A to Z directory.

Popular Questions

Can you get student discount on eBay?

There is no official eBay student discount but there are loads of other ways to save.

In our top eBay student discount guide, we look at the best ways including listing current promo codes and other savings tips on everything from mobile phones and sporting goods to health and beauty essentials! Check it out today

How do I get a discount code for eBay?

The best way to get a discount code for eBay is to check our website where we list all the top ones.

eBay regularly have discount codes for a limited period of time such as 1 week.

To get them, check out our savings sections which is regularly update with the lasted voucher codes. We have noticed that it is for selected merchants only.

Does eBay do NHS discount?

There is no specific NHS discount code for eBay. However, there are regular codes that are release that NHS workers and everyone can use. We list these in our savings section.

Does eBay do discount codes?

eBay UK regularly releases discount codes. They last between one and two weeks and we list them in our savings section. There is also a great outlet page where discounts of up to 70% are also listed.

We list the best deals, eBay codes and eBay student discounts.

What shops have eBay outlet?

There are now lots of shops, retailers and brands that have an eBay outlet. These include:

What is eBay brand outlet?

The eBay brand outlet is like a village shopping outlet stores where lots of big retailers and brands sell off their surplus stock.

There are some great bargains to be had of up to 70% off.

eBay Student Discount Summary

We hope you have found our handy guide ebay student discount guide useful, showcasing the best latest eBay deals in May 2024. Here’s a summary:

NUS Totum No
Unidays No
Student Beans No
Student Discount No
Best Current Offer 10% Code

As mentioned although there’s not a standard offer at the moment there are other deals and offers that you can take advantage of at one of our favourite auction retailers.

Happy shopping.