Ebay Student Discount Codes 2019

Looking for an eBay student discount? The Student Discount Squirrel can help.

We’ve written this guide to save students money. Not only do we answer the question ‘Does eBay do a student discount?’, we also list valid Unidays codes, NUS Totum offers, voucher codes, outlet deals, free delivery information and saving tips to help students get the biggest reductions possible.

We can confirm that currently there is no eBay student discount. You can read all about it in chapter 1. However, it’s still possible for students to make savings at ebay.co.uk.

One great place to look is the deals page, where there are the best featured deals. When we last had a look there was great offers on:

  • Bluetooth Nero Treadmill
  • Essential Oils
  • Duvet Sets
  • Apple iPhones
  • Adidas Trainers

Next, take a look at our quick savings section below with the latest promo codes, sales, Unidays offers and free delivery deals:

Up to 50% Off in Daily Deals

Brand Outlet Deals

1. Does eBay do a Student Discount?

As of 2019 there is no eBay student discount. This means there is no promo code available through Unidays, NUS Extra Totum, Student Beans or any other student discount scheme in the UK.

Don’t worry though, it is still possible for students to save and we show you how. Follow this check list and see how you can save:

  1. Check out our tried and testing savings section at the tops of the page for the latest voucher codes, sales, deals and more.
  2. Filter searches for ‘Buy it Now’. People often want a quick sale and you know the final price.
  3. EBay is now home to a lot of outlet pages for brands. These include Currys, Superdry, Office and a whole host more.
  4. At the Brand Outlet there is a minimum 40% off top brands.
ebay student discount code

2. Is there a eBay UNiDAYS, NUS or Student Beans discount?

The 3 big student discount schemes in the UK are UNiDAYS, NUS Extra Totum and Student Beans. They each of them have a different offering with different brands offering different discounts with each.

We get asked a lot whether there is a eBay student discount through these schemes so we’ve done some extensive researching so we can answer your questions properly!

Unidays & eBay

Currently there is no Unidays eBay discount. This means students eligible for UNiDAYS codes still can’t get a promo code for their eBay purchase.

This is a shame as it would be great for students to be able to save via Unidays on ebay.co.uk.

If this changes, Student Discount Squirrel will be the first to let you know.

Is there a NUS Extra Totum eBay Discount?

As of November there is no NUS Extra discount for eBay. We’ve checked and they aren’t currently signed up to NUS discounts.

This is a shame as we would like nothing better to enter our Totum number into the promo code box and get a great discount on eBay.com.

However,  make sure you check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promo codes that could save you even more.

Are there Student Beans Discounts?

Nope, there is no association between Student Beans and eBay. This would make things easier for students that’s the way it is.

Remember though that eBay has a huge host of outlet stores on big brands.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to find out if there is an eBay student discount can be a confusing business. In fact, if you google the phrase then a lot of different answers and results come up.

We’ve even found that there are contradictory information sometimes with some sites declaring there is and others saying there are not.

That’s why we’ve included this FAQs section to give you students the definitive answer in 2019 .

Does eBay take a student discount?
We explain in chapter 1 that there is no eBay student discount for eBay. That means that there is no code especially for verified students to use to get a reduction on their purchases. However, as we’ve also shown it is possible for students to save following our money saving tips.

Does eBay do free shipping?
According to their website there is free shipping on millions of items on eBay. To find them, you have to filter your search to include free shipping.

Is there a eBay Unidays discount?
At the time of writing there is no Unidays discount available for eBay. This is because eBay doesn’t permit a student discount of any kind.

Does NUS Extra have a eBay code?
Unfortunately there is no eBay NUS Extra discount. Even if you enter your Totum card number you won’t get a reduction.