We can confirm currently that there is a Nando’s student discount for 20% off Mondays to Wednesdays.  To get it you need to go to the special student page on nandos.com and create an account with your student email address. Nando’s will then verify it and you’ll get access to a QR code.

There are also some excellent ways that students can save at Nando’s. Our top tip is to get the Nando’s card, which means you can earn rewards which turns into free peri peri chicken.

You will also get some exclusive offers and discounts too. Below is a summary of all the great ways that students can save at this fantastic peri peri chicken restaurant.

Nando’s Discount Codes Student Discount Expires
20% student discount at Nando’s 20% 31 December 2024
Earn rewards with the Nando’s card Free rewards 30 May 2024
No Unidays code at Nando’s 0% 31 December 2024

Cheeky Nando’s anyone? Don’t mind if we do. Nando’s originated in South Africa and is a cross between Portuguese and British cultures. With hundreds of restaurants across the UK, it has become a peri peri sensation across the UK.

In our student discount guide, we will look at all the way’s that students can save when you’re enjoying some peri peri either in the restaurant or for delivery.

“Did you know that Nando’s has a reward card. It’s free to sign up to, you earn rewards to get you free peri peri chicken and you’ll get exclusive offers too”

Does Nando’s do a Student Discount?

Great news, there is a student discount code for Nando’s available in May 2024. The standard discount is for 20% off but it is only for Monday to Wednesdays and from 11am to 5pm.

Here is how you get it:

  • Create a student account at nandos.com
  • Use your student email when you are signing up to verify your student status
  • Use the QR code or app to order (in restaurant only)
  • Your student discount will be applied
  • Up to orders of £50

There are some other great ways to save at Nando’s and Student Squirrel will show you how.

nandos discount code student

Is there a Unidays Nando’s Discount?

Unfortunately, there is no Nando’s Unidays code. We checked on myunidays.com and it’s not listed there. However, if you are a student you can still get a student discount. Read the previous chapter to find out how.

Is there a Nando’s Student Beans Code Available?

No, unfortunately, Student Beans doesn’t do a Nando’s student discount either. We check regularly and will update this page if the situation changes.

Does Nando’s do an NUS Totum Discount?

No, NUS Totum doesn’t offer a Nando’s student discount either which is disappointing. But don’t worry – we provide plenty of tips and tricks on the rest of this page to help you save a little money on your next Nando’s shop.

“Top tip. Make sure you sign up to the Nando’s newsletter. You’ll get special offers and deals which could save you even more”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students get a discount at Nandos?

There there is currently a standard 20% student discount at Nando’s. However, it is only at certain days and certain times.

Is there a Nandos Unidays code?

There is currently no Unidays code for Nandos. However, students can still get a 20% student discount.

unidays nandos

Summary of the Nando’s Student Discount in May 2024

We have come to the end of our Nando’s student discount guide.

We’ve shown you that there is a 20% Nando’s student discount available when you sign up directly for a student account. There is no Nando’s Unidays code available.

We’ve also shown students how to make savings by signing up to the Nandos rewards card and newsletter

Nando’s Facts, did you know?

  • Nando’s was founded in 1987 by Fernando Duarte in Johannesberg, South Africa.
  • The first Nando’s restaurant in the UK was opened in 1992
  • In 2010 it won the Sunday Times’ best places to work competition
  • There are now over 400 Nandos restaurants in the UK

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