Papa John’s Student Discount

Looking for a Papa Johns student discount? You’ve come to the right place!

We can confirm there is a £10 Papa Johns student discount. Just validate your student discount and you’ll get a voucher code to use online. Full ts and cs are in chapter 1 .

But did you know that it’s possible for students to save even more? Check out our best money saving tips below:

  • 25% off code for pizza orders over £25 (see below)
  • The latest offers page is packed with money saving deals
  • 30% off orders over £30
  • 2 medium pizza & sides and one drink for just £24.99
  • Check out the home page for the latest deals

Papa John’s Student Discount Save £10 on Pizza Orders Over £25

Papa John’s Voucher Code 25% Off Orders Over £25

30% Off Spends Over £30

FREE PIZZA with Papa John’s Rewards

See all Latest Offers

We hope you found some great savings but what’s that, you’d like to hear more on how to save when making a Papa John’s order? Well that is what the Squirrel is here for.

The Student Discount Squirrel says:

“I’ve created this comprehensive guide so that you can keep more of your student loan in your bank account, or at least have more for a well deserved night out! From amazing offers to fabulous promo codes, we’ll show you all the tips and money saving tricks you’ll ever need. Have a look at the contents below, click on a section or read the whole thing!”

Ready to save my hungry student Squirrels? Then read on and we will tell you the top ways to save at Papa Johns Pizza.

1. The Papa Johns Student Discount

The great news is that there is a standard Papa Johns student discount of £10 off orders over £25 – when ordered through their website. It is valid on pizzas only and you need to spend over £10.99 to qualify for delivery.

To get this discount code you’ll need to validate your student ID here. It only takes a minute.

When you’ve entered your ID you’ll then get a special promo code to enter online when making your order through their website. Winner winner BBQ Chicken pizza dinner!

However, before you order that Hawaiian with extra pineapple (controversial!) there could be even further PJ discounts to be made – have a quick squirrel at our savings sections as sometimes there are even better deals offered straight from their website.

Ready to save my hungry student Squirrels? Then read on.

2. Is there a Unidays Papa John’s Discount, NUS Totum Code or Student Beans Discount?

There’s lots of different ways to get student discounts  these days. What with NUS Extra, Unidays and Student Beans amongst others it can be confusing.

Never fear, the Squirrel is here to make things crystal clear and explain it all.

Papa John’s NUS Discount Code?

So NUS students can get a discount for Papa John’s.

To get it, head to this page, authenticate your student status online and you’ll be issued with an NUS code to get £10 off orders over £25.

Just for the record though, there is no way to get the code through the NUS Extra scheme though.

And make sure you check out our helpful savings section, which lists the latest pizza offers which could actually work out cheaper for your order.

Papa John’s & Student Beans

Hurrah, there is a specific affiliation with Student Beans. Just follow the process above to get your Student Beans discount.

Unidays Papa John’s Code?

Nope, you can’t get a discount this way through Unidays.

No matter though, students can still get the £10 off code and access to all the other offers if you don’t qualify.

3. Papa Johns Rewards

Papa Rewards (sounds a bit weird we think – lol) is a scheme to reward their loyal customers. It’s a fab idea which allows you save more money and even get free food.

Yes, from sides to desserts, the delicious pizza deliverers have added extra choices to this popular saving and with redemptions as low as 8 points for selected starters for FREE – it really does pay to be loyal to Papa.

This is one of the best student reward schemes the Squirrel has come across. This scheme is now More Rewarding as for every £4 you spend you’ll earn 1 point, and the more points you collect, the more free food you can claim. 25 points gives you a Free Large Pizza, or you can spend your points on selected sides, drinks and desserts.

Your pizza points are valid for 3 months from the date of your last order, so as long as you keep ordering you can use them whenever you like!

Points are earned on non-cash orders only which is perfect as if you order online, you can pay by card and are assured that it is a safe, secure website (look for the padlock!) You are also given points when you spend other Papa Johns deals. Yummy, yummy, in my tummy.

papa johns student discount guide

4. Papa Johns Promo Codes & Discount Vouchers

The best way to get even more Papa Johns discounts is to scour the latest pizza deals page.

Here you’ll find the best current offers on all those lip-smacking pizzas, super sides, drinks and delicious deserts. Also make sure you check out our savings section  which is updated regularly in December 2018 .

The best of the current offerings are in the table below:

Papa John’s Student Discount Deal Discount Expires
£10 Off Papa Johns Student Discount £10 Off 31/12/2019
25% Code Off Orders Over £25 25% 31/12/2019
30% Code Off Orders Over £30 30% Off 15/10/2019

Some of the best we’ve seen have been BETTER than the student discount and include:

  • 50% off orders over £30
  • Sides for £6
  • Any size pizza for £11
  • Papa’s deep crust pizzas for £10.99
  • 33% off pizzas online
  • 25% off online orders over £25
  • And not forgetting most importantly, two for Tuesdays. A whole pizza for free – result!

The Student Discount Squirrel has a top money saving tip for students:

“If you enter your postcode for Papa Johns near you and you can unlock even mores discounts which could save you students even more.”

You cannot always use more than one code so you will have to work out which deal will save you the most for your online order and use that. Nom nom nom.

Papa Johns Takeaway Overview

The premium pizza delivery market has long been dominated by one American brand, but high streets across the country are beginning to introduce a new franchise: Papa Johns.

First introduced to the UK in 2001, the expansion of stores across the country has escalated as the popularity of the chain has been realised and boosted, with many of us now opting to order pizza over its competitors.

It’s franchises in the UK are takeaway only, offering home delivery of their food with one of their drivers to an address locally, or for it to be collected by the customer direct from the store. Opening hours vary between franchise operators but some in bigger cities and popular locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get your pizza fix no matter what time of the day or night it is!

In the US you’ll find Papa Johns restaurants with seats for customers to eat in-store, but sadly that trend hasn’t made it across the pond here yet. We wait with fingers crossed!

The takeaways will strive to work with your dietary requirements where they can and can give you a comprehensive list of allergens and potential allergens in each of their pizzas.

Each pizza is made fresh to order and the dough is made in each country’s HQ before being shipped out to individual franchise outlets, so it’s exactly the same every time for every pizza. The chain really credits their award-winning pizzas to the simple dough bases: made only with the highest quality protein, unbleached wheat flour, purified water, yeast and salt, in the same ratios and combination every time. Despite popular misconception, the dough is never frozen and always fresh!

Premium ingredients scattered on top of this beautiful dough makes for a truly fantastic pizza.

Rich, smoked chargrilled chicken, fresh salad straight out of the fridge, a carefully chosen blend of fresh cheeses, Spanish Herrera Grove olives and crisp Italian pepperoni all are used to make up the topping recipes we all know and love… and we won’t comment on the use of pineapples!

Papa Johns pizzas are by no means budget, and you won’t often find Student Discount Squirrel endorsing such high-end brands when there’s cheaper available. But everyone deserves a treat once in a while, and there are ways to make premium pizza work for you. The American-style portion sizes are big enough that they’ll last you through a few meals, and there’s other ways to save cash too.

Papa Johns discounts will save you some pennies but ordering online rather than over the phone also throws up some package deals and discount codes. Once your local has your phone number, you’ll find too that they text you limited edition sales and codes; but don’t order every time… the longer they go without your custom, the better the deals to attract you back will get!

Papa Johns Signature Chicken Sharer – £8.99

The perfect accompaniment to any pizza meal, the Papa Johns Signature Chicken Sharer includes three types of chicken for a very American side dish. Six finger-licking plain roasted chicken wings, six chicken wings marinated in the famously scorching spicy buffalo sauce and six chicken wings dripping in smoky BBQ sauce make up this great sharing box… unless of course you’d prefer not to share and fancy scoffing them all yourself!

The Papa’s Favourite, Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza – from £12.99

The original and best, this is very much ‘the pizza makers pizza’. Papa Johns’ classic dough lies beneath rich vine-ripened tomato sauce, a blend of no less than SIX Italian cheese, slices of smoky pepperoni, chunks of meaty sausage and just a sprinkle of Italian herb seasoning across the top. Hungry yet? The Papa’s Favourite is available on an original crust, stuffed crust, extra thin crust or deep pan, so you can get it just how you like it before you tuck in.

Cinnamon Pull-Apart Dessert – from £4.49

Most of us don’t think to order a dessert when we’re already ordering a giant main course and sides, but yet don’t you always crave something sweet after a good meal? This beautiful steaming hot dessert is just the thing. Freshly baked bite-size rolls of sweet dough are covered in cinnamon crumbles with melted icing dripped over the top. They’re the perfect balance of spicy and sweet to satisfy your pudding craving.

Papa J History

‘Papa’ Jeff Schnatter converted a broom closet in the back of his father’s tavern, Mick’s Lounge, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, back in 1984 to a pizza kitchen.

Selling his car and using the funds to buy second-hand pizza making equipment, he began selling his creations to the tavern’s customers and quickly grew in popularity. Within a year, he expanded the business into a bigger space and crafted his now-infamous dipping sauces to go along with his freshly baked pizzas. In 2009, a whopping 15 years later, Schnatter bought back his original car with some of the profits made from the now-global chain.

Today, there are Papa Johns franchises across 4,700 sites in 37 countries and territories, and the chain is the third largest take-out and pizza delivery brand in the US. The company headquarters are now in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, and the slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” Dictates the ethos and mission of the brand. At the beginning of 2018, the Papa himself stepped down as CEO of the company to enjoy a well-earned retirement but has assured everyone that the quality they’ve come to expect will remain.

6. Student Discount Summary

Papa Johns is a favorite here at Student Discount Squirrel and they often have brilliant discounts to take advantage of.

Follow the check list below to make the best savings:

  1. The Papa Johns student and NUS discount is £10 off orders over £25. Validate your student ID here.
  2. However, make sure you check out their deals page, which can have even bigger discounts
  3. Ordering online usually has bigger savings than phoning up. And it’s easier too! Don’t forget if you pay by card you get reward points which easily mount up.
  4. Sometimes there are special short-term Papa Johns discount codes. Student Discount Squirrel will keep you updated so join our free newsletter or Facebook page

Papa Johns Fun Facts!

Did you know….?:

  • It’s headquarters are in Kentucky
  • It is the 3rd largest pizza chain the US!
  • The company was founded in 1984 by Papa John Schnatter.
  • It has 5199 worldwide shops in the USA and 300 in the UK
  • In 2010 they signed an agreement to be the Official Pizza Sponsor of the US National Football League and Super Bowls.

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