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American restaurant and delivery chain Pizza Hut has been a fixture on British high streets for as long as we can remember and continues to stave off competition from newer entries to the market like Dominos and Papa Johns. It still holds onto the title of the World’s Largest Pizza Chain, with over 16,000 retail locations worldwide.

It can be tricky to get the best value at Pizza Hut but that’s where Student Discount Squirrel steps in. We’ve researched the best deals to save students money, make sure you check out our Pizza Hut student discount guide for:

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Pizza Hut Deals

Pizza Hut Top Offers and Deals

Check out some top saving tips and recommended buys:


The word ‘unlimited’ should be a song to any student’s ears, and here at Pizza Hut, they really mean it. Everyone goes back to the buffet at LEAST three times and stocks up on freshly baked pizza slices, garlic breadsticks, pasta and salad – so you can easily do so over and over without experience the social faux pas of stuffing your face. You can also add insides and desserts for additional fees… if you’re not full already that is!



The ULTIMATE in desserts, we’ve been known to nip into the Hut for one of these even if not having a pizza. A warm plate of baked chocolate chip cookie dough with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream melting away on top and all drizzled in chocolate syrup, this sugar rush will see you through anything and is, if you choose to, big enough to share… but it’s not compulsory, of course!


If you’re not having a dippin’ strips crust for your pizza, the Cheesy Bite Bites make for the perfect accompaniment to your mains and can be eaten as either a starter or a side. Balls of dough freshly baked and sprinkled in salt and rosemary, these are stuffed to the brim with oozing hot stringy cheese. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is. Order them in!



Picture this: you’ve finished lectures for the day, it’s bucketing down outside and you can’t be bothered to go to the shops and then cook. We know how that feels… plus you can’t decide what to eat? What to do?

Or, it’s Saturday evening you’re sat watching X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing having a few drinks and don’t want to miss your favourite contestant. Plus you need to get ready to go out – you’re running out of time… you need to line that stomach though! LOL! Surely you can think of something?!

Or, it’s Sunday evening and the Sunday lunch, few beers and bottle of wine hasn’t shifted the hangover and you’re hungry again. Oh no!

Yes, we have been there and we know how it feels… so what do you do? How do you solve this dilemma?

Well, simple squeaks the Squirrel, you order some delicious grub from Pizza Hut of course!

Problem solved!

Yes, more than just a standard takeaway service or restaurant, The Hut (as it is affectionally known) now offers healthy options as well! Yes with salads, desserts, garlic bread, drinks – as well as pizzas of course – it has continued to re-invent and move with the times which is why it’s still so popular with many!

The food is also not just tasty but very reasonable price. Winner winner chicken dinner…? Well, not quite but you see where we are going!


And with lots of offers and discounts to take advantage of – and the fact that most towns and cities have a take-out or restaurant (there are a whopping 700 outlets across the country – it’s easy to see why everyone loves them – quick, delicious and value for money – what more could you want?

Oh plus no washing up!!!

Now, sometimes a cheeky takeaway is needed in a busy student’s life and whilst at SDS we don’t recommend this as an everyday dietary tip, the odd one is surely good for you? Yes, it is! It’s food for the soul and grub to enjoy your mates old and new.

So let’s get started – we know you are hungry, and a packet of nuts won’t suffice (as it does for us!), so welcome to our guide! We hope you find what you are looking for at a top price.


Have you checked out our superb blog? In here we discuss lots of various topics from food to fashion and more.

Check out this current blog which talks about brilliant ways to cook delicious meals on a budget. It has some recipes that are great and easy to make, even if you’re not the best cook.

These meals are healthy, cheap and good for you. If you also have any other recipes you would like to add or share please let us know. As mentioned we believe that life is about a healthy balance and whilst sometimes it’s fab to have a takeaway meal, it can be better on the pocket and purse to cook something yourself for you and your friends.

As you know there is often nothing better than settling down to take-away or meal in with friends. At university is when most of us learnt to cook and try stuff out – so don’t always reply on the takeaway or easy options. Cooking is a skill for life! We wish we’d done a bit more when we were there.


Did you know that PH started in Wichita in 1958? Yep, she’s an old favourite and been going for a long time now.

Or that the first UK branch was in Islington. A good bit of knowledge for a pub quiz!

There are now over 700 branches in the UK! With that massive number, there is one near you no matter where you lucky students are.

And why are there so many takeaways and restaurants? Well, a super easy question – because their food is so darn delicious. They have also continued to develop over the years, offering a full range of options including healthy foods, desserts, drinks and more. This ability to develop and re-imagine have kept them ahead of the competition for many years.

They are far more diverse, exciting and adventurous than many imagine. They are great for those times when you want a take-out but the restaurants are also now much-improved, welcoming, friendly and fun. Many of our followers take their parents and enjoy a great meal at a great price. They have stood the test of time!

Other things we love about them… well, we love the fact that when ordering online you can now create your own.

Simply choose your size and what type of crust and then you are away! You have the option of putting on all of your favourite toppings – perfect – what not to love eh? It’s a great way to do things, as we know we all have different taste buds! Let us know the most exciting or weird toppings you have had! Unfortunately, they don’t have the Squirrel’s favourite topping – nuts – but it can only be a matter of time lol. We would love a nutty one with cashews, peanuts and more! Anyway joking aside it’s always good to get creative.

Remember the top tips from our guide too peps plus another great option, and according to pizzahut.co.uk is their most popular option is the Take 4 option. Here you get 4 toppings for free when ordering whatever size of you like?! What the goodness – oh my goodness we are ordering that now!

Ordering online? Then students should make sure they hit the deals page first to make sure they get the best savings.

Pizza Hut Deals Summary

As you can see Pizza Hut is a firm favourite with us here for a whole range of reasons. Not only can you save money but the Pizza Hut now offer more than just fast food options, some of their options are healthy as well. They continue to move with the time are popular with people of all ages!

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