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Danish jewellery brand Pandora is now a household name across the UK and is best known for its customisable charm bracelets. Through a network of shops selling their eye-catching ranges of silver jewellery that often sees queues out the door for new collections, Pandora has become a go-to for many looking to purchase special gifts or treats for friends, family and loved ones.

The most recent collections from Pandora attracting public interest are their rose range, offering up blush pink gems and hues and a collaboration with Disney on themed Alice in Wonderland charms. Pandora operates through a network of branded franchised high street stores as well as direct sales online.

Top Student Buy: Pandora Charms, prices vary dependent on piece

The flagship product of Pandora is its charms which come in hundreds of designs and fit perfectly with the brand’s bracelets. There are actually three different type of charm, each designed to fit a different bracelet type. The most popular is Pandora Moments, which fits on the circular silver bracelets that are most common. The charms range from a permanent collection of basic shapes, and occasion charms to limited edition collaborations and themed pieces. The other two charms are Pandora Reflexions, which are made to fit flat watch-strap type bracelets, and Pandora Me, made to fit smaller chain-style bracelets.

No matter the occasion or collection, there will be a Pandora charm to suit. The flagship stores always include the core range as well whatever they can stock from the limited collections, with the ability to order in available pieces from the main brand stockholding. However, if you’re looking for a specific piece, all can be ordered direct online.

Top Student Buy: Pandora Bracelet, prices vary dependent on piece

The standard silver snake style charm bracelet is the signature piece from Pandora, but the jeweller actually creates a range of beautiful silver bracelets and bangles designed to complement each other for stacking or single wear as desired.

Many of the bracelets can be worn with the Pandora charms, but there are also numerous bracelets and bangles designed in the same silver that are standalone pieces. The most hardcore of Pandora fans have armfuls of both, customised to their preferences… no two dressed arms need to be the same!

Top Student Buy: Pandora Rings, prices vary dependent on piece

Why let your arms have all the fun? Whilst perhaps charms may be a step too far for the Pandora ring collection, they do make a range of beautiful stackable and complementary rings that can be mixed and matched with the bracelets and necklaces also available. These pieces are primarily plain and striking for easy complementary wear, and mainly available in silver, rose gold and gold.

What really strikes about the Pandora ring range is that they’re extremely competitively priced, particularly for such delicate hand-finished pieces. A ring from Pandora certainly looks as though it costs the big bucks, but you’ll actually find it considerably budget friendly!


In Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1982, goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie launched Pandora as a small business importing jewellery from Thailand and selling it on to Danish consumers. This was successful, but not fast-moving, for five years, and by 1987, retail operations ceased and the firm became only a wholesaler. Perhaps finding that it stifled his creativity a little, just two years later Per hired designers at the import site in Thailand and began producing his own pieces. Struck by the low production costs and efficiency of distribution networks, Per and Winnie grew the Pandora collection to include rings, necklaces, earrings and even watches under their brand name.

In 2003 as the company grew and was represented in international markets, the signature charm bracelet product was introduced – to mass popularity. The mixture of delicate pieces available at reasonable prices saw the appeal of the brand skyrocket and franchises and concept stores began popping up all over the world.

In 2010, Pandora sold on an IPO with a market capitalisation of about 27 billion Danish Kroner. They briefly saw sales dip as they moved to a focus on more premium pieces but pivoting back and recalling their key mission for affordability the market evened out.

Today, Pandora is the world’s third-largest jewellery company behind Cartier and Tiffany & Co, with more than one piece sold a second. They’ve also recently been lauded for paying all of their staff in full throughout the coronavirus crisis – even as stores closed.

Fun Facts

You probably have, or have bought, a silver Pandora charm or quirky ring at some point in time, but did you know these facts about the brand? Brush up your jewellery knowledge with the below!

  • There are over 2,700 Pandora stores around the world and almost 10,000 points of sale where their products can be bought from other jewellery stores or counters
  • 100% of jewellery sold by Pandora is hand-finished, so each piece has a unique touch
  • As a result of the pieces being hand-finished, almost 75% of Pandora’s workforce are in manufacturing
  • Pandora is regulated by the Responsible Jewellery Council, a group of companies who are committed to promoting responsible business practices in the jewellery industry
  • The signature charm bracelet wasn’t actually launched until 2003, but the business launched in 1982 so was already well-established in the jewellery sphere by the time their now flagship piece was created!
  • At any one time there are between 500-600 charms in the current range, with everything from a basic silver heart to a cartoon character… so there’s truly something for everyone
  • In Greek mythology, Zeus made the first mortal woman and called her Pandora, so the business name sits well with its feminine ranges of delicate accessories
  • Almost all of the silver and gold used in the manufacture of Pandora products is recycled, and the company has committed to operate completely carbon neutral by 2025, so their sustainability focus is tangible
  • Pandora is listed on the NASDAQ Copenhagen stock exchange and enjoys continued success in trading (particularly seasonally when sales rise in line with occasion gift giving).