Sure, retailer TK Maxx isn’t your standard traditional designer label shopping experience – but it offers much more and is worth investigating if you’re a dedicated bargain hunter looking for a great buy. Student Discount Squirrel (or should that be Student Designer Squirrel?) firmly approves!

TK is part of the TJX Companies. TJX companies are part of the worldwide and US brands.

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Accessory designer Kurt Geiger is by no means a budget brand label, so you’re bagging a real bargain with these discounted shades at TK Maxx! The classic aviator shape of sunglasses is aimed at women but are essentially unisex for wear and the quality and finish is exactly what you’d expect from a couture fashion house. A case is included for safe-keeping when they’re not on your nose, to best protect the thick black rims, 55mm lenses and narrow silver tonearms. A wardrobe staple, these sunnies will see you through this summer and beyond. Did you know the Gold Label range are high-end fashion bargains at TK?



Good pants are worth their weight in gold, for both washing and aesthetic reasons… so if you can buy designer briefs at high street prices, it’s really win-win. This three-pack of pants comes in at under £15 and is available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit all. Machine washable and made of 95% cotton for comfort (the other 5% is elastane for the nice gentle stretch you’d expect), this underwear set offers high quality and easy maintenance – and they’re easily recognisable as yours in a load of mixed washing!


This cosmetics organiser is a must-have whether or not you use a great deal of make-up or bathroom products – so listen up! A few days into having to share your university bathroom, you’ll quickly realise that nothing is sacred and there’s a frustrating cycle set firmly in place for the next few years of losing bathroom essentials and then quickly realising that one of your housemates has used them. This purchase organises everything bathroom-related neatly and makes it immediately obvious when something is missing or running low. You’ll never lose a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of shampoo or earring again courtesy of TK Maxx.


about tk maxx


TJ Maxx, the American version of the designer store we’ve come to know and love, was founded in 1976 by Bernard Cammarata in Massachusetts, USA, buying up a small chain of discount household item shops.

The chain grew in popularity and quickly launched around the globe, but under several different monikers – including TK Maxx also in the UK and Ireland, to avoid confusion with the already well-established high-street chain TJ Hughes.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the online store was launched and from here TK Maxx took a stand with heavy television advertising and expansion of its stores throughout the UK to better establish itself as a household name. Indeed, at the same time, TJ Hughes declined in popularity and decreased its high street presence from 57 shops to just 20.

Now, you’ll find branches of TK Maxx, or one of its other similar names, worldwide in territories including the UK, USA, Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia. The chain continues to grow from strength to strength as consumer expectations demand continually high quality at low prices, and their e-commerce offering expands its delivery services globally.

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