Converse Student Discount Guide

Attention students, we’ve found that there is a 25% promo code by signing up to the newsletter. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see where to sign up.

The current Converse student discount code is 15% (which you can get here) and is a great way to save.

Also there is currently a sale on at with up to 50% off. And take a look at our easy savings section below for the latest sales, promo codes and discounts:




So there were some great ways for students to save there at

But the savings don’t stop there. We’ve written a whole guide so that you can get even more off and answer all your questions on Converse student discounts. Whether it’s seeing if there is a Unidays discount to highlighting the latest Converse promo codes, the Student Squirrel is on hand to get you some bargains.

There is a contents box below so if there is a specific section that interests you then click on it an you’ll quickly scroll to that section.

Without further ado, let’s get on and see if we can save you some moolah!

1. Is there a Converse Student Discount?

Currently there is no Converse student discount for for UK students (there is for US students).

However, that’s not to mean that UK students still can’t save big when buying your Converse trainers.

Firstly, take a look at our savings section in this guide. We update this regularly and have the latest  voucher codes, sales, deals and offers to save you money.

Next, follow these money saving tips which could save you more!

  1. There is a dedicated sales page which is worth a look. Some great bargains to be had and this is how students can get the biggest Converse discounts.
  2. Sign up to the newsletter and you’ll get a one of 15% off your first purchase. Just scroll to the bottom of the page or there is sometimes a link in the news banner at the top of the page.
  3. A big sale might be coming up. Check out sales section which has a handy diary.
  4. Converse trainers are sold on and they have a 10% student discount.

There is lots more advice and information on how to save though, so keep on reading!

converse student discount sale

2. Is there a Unidays Converse NUS or Student Beans Discount?

NUS, Unidays, Student Beans; these are the 3 big student discount schemes in the UK. We get asked a lot whether there is a Converse student discount through these schemes.

So while you’ve been revising (or down the union pub, ahem) the Squirrel has been doing the hard graft and researching. And the results are in.

Unidays Converse

At this time of writing (July 2018) there is no tie in with Unidays.

Not to worry though, check out our savings section to see the latest ways that you can save and any available promo codes.

Converse NUS Discount?

There is no NUS Converse discountscheme at the moment for students to save. This includes not being included in the NUS Extra card scheme.

Usually this would be listed on the but there is no entry there.

Are there Student Beans Discounts?

Nope, there is no association between Student Beans and Converse.

Usually you would be able to get a unique student discount code to use at the online check-out but there is none.

Make sure though that you do check out the offers page though as all the deals should be located there.

The savings don’t stop there though students. Read on to get some more excellent savings tips!

3. Promo Codes, Vouchers & Discounts

So the Squirrel has established that there isn’t a Converse student discount NUS code, but there are short term promo codes that this fantastic footwear brand release every so often. Take a look at our savings section which will list them all there and below is a discount code table with the latest ways to save:

DiscountDate ValidatedCode Required
25% Code for Newsletter Sign-upJuly 2018Yes
15% Converse Student Discount CodeJuly 2018Yes
Up to 40% Off Mid-season SaleJuly 2018No
The great thing about the voucher codes is that you don’t need NUS id to prove your student status. They are available to all. You just shop on the site and when you come to the online checkout, just pop in the discount code and you’ll receive your special saving.

Easy peasy, just the way we like it here at Squirrel Towers.

Previous promo codes have included:

  • 10% off all orders on
  • 50% off selected full price clothing
  • Extra 20% off all sale lines

And the Squirrel reminds you:

“Remember, you can also get a 15% Converse promo code for just signing up to the newsletter. Full details in our Squirrel savings section”

converse student deals

4. Converse Sales Diary & Alerts

As there are no student discounts, the biggest savings that students can make is when there is a big sale on. We keep our squirrel eyes open so any sales will be in our  fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save.
The Squirrel has also noticed that:

“The biggest sales happen around the same time each year. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on”

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Like most trainer retailers there is a big Converse Black Friday sale.

There is 40% off hundreds of trainers, shoes and boots and on a select few an additional 20% too.

A great time to buy those trendy basketball shoes!

Christmas, Boxing Day & January Sales

There are some great bargains to be had on the Christmas sales. starts off with 30% off lots of trainers but then as the sale nears January, extra reductions are added.

If there is something specific that you want then we recommend buying it as soon as it’s discounted as it might well sell out.

Spring Mid-season & Easter Sale

Around mid March there is a good sale on at with up to 40% off lots of colourful trainers.

As Easter is at a different time each year it’s hard to put a date on it, but it’s a popular time for sales so keep an eye out on the sales page for the latest.

converse for students

5. Store Overview & Buyers Guide

Converse is an iconic shoe brand, instantly recognisable for its white-soled and white-laced colourful hi-top canvas trainers with a circular logo stitched on. It’s most likely that as soon as you read the name Converse, you knew exactly what we were talking about. You can probably even picture one in your head right now!

Having switched their focus from manufacturing footwear for the allied military forces in World War II back to a public consumer focus, the brand label remains well-reputed worldwide and has spurred thousands of other companies to create their own copy-cat versions of the infamous hi-top trainers.

Post-war, the company grew popularity as an Americana-style brand and promoted its image amongst US college students and alumni with year books and associated marketing. They were for a while the official footwear suppliers of the NBA (National Basketball Association), but when other athletic apparel brands such as Nike and Puma began to grow, they sadly lost their market monopoly.

The star and chevron logo which remains on the shoes today was created by an employee of the firm, Jim Labadini, and became a logo recognisable amongst all American households in the 1980s as rubber-soled shoes came into fashion.

Converse’s most popular product is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe, a canvas hi-top trainer with white rubber soles and white laces, with a star and chevron logo on the side. Other collections include a lo-top version of the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars, the chunkier Jack Purcell lo-tops, Heritage Chuck designs, platform trainers and a range of specialist skateboarding shoes. Most purchases remain the classic hi-tops and lo-tops, but designs are now available not just in a range of colours and designs, but also limited-edition collections linked in with current affairs, pop culture and the media.

Converse trainers are available to buy directly from the brand themselves online but are also stocked in a range of high-street footwear stores including Foot Locker, Schuh and Office. When looking to save money on your Converse purchase, Student Discount Squirrel would always recommend shopping around both online and off across retailers to take advantage of any snap sales or promotional offers they may have available. You can remain assured of the quality Converse supplies but may be able to save yourself a wad of cash by being a smart shopper.

Most of us have a pair of black or white Converse canvas trainers in our shoe rack, but with so many designs now available, it’s worth diversifying if you find them comfy! The perfect informal shoe, they’ll see you through season after season and are a comfortable, wearable trainer that goes with pretty much any day-to-day outfit.

Top Student Buy: Chuck Taylor All Star Classic – £55.00

The original and the authentic Chuck Taylor All Star Classic, this trainer has stood the test of time. Converse describe these as one of the ingredients to the perfect summer. The newest variety has OrthoLite insole cushioning for comfort and foot support, softer canvas uppers than ever before and aluminium eyelets for the laces. Now available in more colours than ever, you can opt for something to go with everything or something to make a statement and stand out.

Top Student Buy: 54” Lo-Top Sparkle Laces – £3.00

Make your pair of Converse trainers really stand out from everyone else’s by changing the laces from plain white to something a little more statement. The sparkle laces are perfect for this and to give a more formal, glam look to your sneakers. Measuring approximately 114.5cm, there’s more than enough to thread in any way you like, and the shimmering material is woven for longevity. These laces are made up of 55% polyester and 45% lurex.

Top Student Buy: Core Chuck Patch Tee – £20.00

Why just wear Converse on your feet when you can on your torso too? Emblazoned with the historic Chuck Taylors star and chevron emblem logo, this tee shows off your loyalty… and your great taste. Styled with a pair of jeans and, of course, a pair of Converse trainers (DUH!), you’ve got an easy-to-wear outfit that suits any time or place and is super easy to pull and get going.

History of the Company

Back in 1908, Marquis Mills Converse, a manager at another footwear manufacturing business, opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Massachusetts, USA. The company manufactured rubber shoes and winterised rubber-soled footwear for men, women and children. By 1910, shoes were being produced daily, but it wasn’t until seven years later that they made the move into athletic shoes.

The All Star basketball shoe was introduced in 1917, but gained real popularity in 1923 when the basketball player Chuck Taylor walked into the business moaning about his sore feet. Marquis gave him a job as a salesman and ambassador, and he went on to promote the shoes across the US. By 1932, Taylor’s signature was added to the logo patch on the trainers; and he continued to work for the firm until his death in 1969.

The company went on to customise shoes the first all-African American professional basketball team, the New York Renaissance and for Wilt Chamberlain, who scored over 100 points in an NBA game in 1962.

When the US entered World War II in 1941, Converse switched production from consumer athletic footwear to military footwear and rubberised protective clothing. It wasn’t until after the war that they switched back to consumer apparel. By the 70s, the company was struggling and with very little variety past the All Star classics, began to flounder. Filing for bankruptcy in 2001, it looked as though Converse was to be ended; but Nike stepped in and purchased the company in 2003. Now, it continues to move from strength to strength as a Nike subsidiary and has regained its position as a leading footwear manufacturer.

6. Student Summary

So there we have it. We’ve shown you that despite there being no Converse student discount students can still save big when buying their trainers by following this advice:

  • Check out our savings section for the latest promo codes, sales alerts and deal
  • The sales page always has discounted trainers, shoes and boots
  • Sign up to the newsletter to get 15% off
  • There are short term voucher codes released throughout the year
  • Shop during a big sale for the biggest savings. Check out our sales alerts chapter for any upcoming sales

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Converse Shoes Fun Facts!

Did you know?:

  • Converse mainly produces skating shoes and lifestyle footwear
  • It has been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003
  • During World War Two Converse made shoes for the military!
  • The company is famous for it's insigna
  • It sells in over 160 countries - truly global!
  • The store was opened in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse - a previous shoe shop manager
  • In July 2003 Nike paud 309 million dollars to buy Converse
  • It's headquarters are in Boston
  • It's most famous shoes are known as The Weapon!