Vans Student Discount Codes – The Guide

Looking for a Vans student discount? Student Discount Squirrel can help. We can confirm that there is a Vans student discount code with the standard reduction at 10% off all  trainers at through a Unidays code.

It’s easy to get, just head to this special page verify your student status and you’ll be issued with a discount code to get the reduction.

There are also limited periods throughout the year where the discount rises to 20% so look out for these.

Did you know that there are more ways for students to get bigger discounts at Vans? Here are 3 of the best:

But the savings don’t stop there. Students can potentially save more money by looking at our Squirrel savings section below:

10% Off Vans Student Discount Code

30% Off at the Vans Outlet

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We love the stunning array of Vans trainers and shoes there are nowadays. From the perennial favourite Old Skool range through to a huge choice of colours, materials and styles and exclusive collaborations such as Peanuts, there really is a Vans shoe for everyone!

Vans Student Discount Deals Discount Ends
10% Vans Student Discount 10% 31/12/2019
30% Off at the Vans Outlet 30% 31/10/2019
Exclusive Deals with the Vans Newsletter Deals 31/10/2019

More About Vans

When you hear the word ‘Vans’, providing you’re not conjuring up mental images of transportation, you probably immediately think of a classic, low rise skate shoe with a distinctive stripe down the side. It’s these shoes that started the brand off and today can be found on the feet of almost anyone who enjoys a comfy flat trainer.

Vans isn’t the cheapest of brands but doesn’t sit within a premium range either (unless you’re a skateboarding professional looking to invest heavily in the proper equipment), so it’s a nice high street name you can rely on for quality and value. The Vans range now spans shoes of almost all sneaker types, as well as flip flops, sliders and some other sports specialist footwear, clothing and accessories; and tiny shoes for tiny people (or, you know, kids). All of the footwear is pretty easily identifiable as Vans due to the consistent branding throughout their collections, so if you spot a pair you like when out and about, you can be sure to find them through the brand.

Vans sell their ranges through their e-commerce website, bricks-and-mortar high street stores in major cities and shopping malls (currently 20 in the UK and a further 10 Outlet stores), and through a selection of third party footwear retailers such as Schuh, Sports Direct and Footlocker.

The thing about Vans is, although they’re not a budget brand, their shoes last for ages and the nature of their background as skate shoes means that they’re designed for scuffs, bumps and hard wear right from the off. That makes them firmly Student Discount Squirrel approved. There is a 10% student discount as standard on Vans products purchased through their primary website, but we don’t find often that this is the cheapest way to buy – we can do better! Check back here for the latest promo codes, voucher info and flash sale details, as well as the latest scoop on individual retailer’s discounts. Don’t assume shopping direct with Vans will be cheaper; we may be able to bag you a better bargain elsewhere!

History of the Brand
Back in 1944, Paul Van Doren dropped out of school and was pressured by his mother to get a job in place of his education. Starting out sweeping floors at Randy’s, a shoe manufacturer, Paul worked his way up through the business in a variety of odd jobs and at age 34, became Vice President of the whole company. He decided not long after that he’d like to own his own shoe brand, and alongside his brother, opened the Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim, California, producing rubber-soled shoes.

The shoes grew in popularity and the Vans logo we know and love today was actually initially produced by the son of one of the brothers, aged just 13. A graffiti-spray design that he used to decorated his own skateboard decks, it was first used on a custom pair of Vans shoes for him across the heel, and later integrated across the range to brand them. Still in place today, it demonstrates brilliantly a quirky part of the company’s history and its family orientation.

Vans was sold by the brothers in 1988 and has since been acquired by new owners again. Taking corporate know-how and aligning it with skateboard-related events and sports, the brand has grown to sponsor the Vans Warped Tour, the US Open of Surfing and hip-hop collective Odd Future, as well as a variety of skate parks and sport-specific competitions, festivals, and events.

Vans Fun Facts!

Did you know…:

  • Vans is based in Santa Ana, California
  • It sponsors a host surf, snowboarding, motocross and BMX teams!
  • There is an announal Vans Warped Tour – a travelling rock festival.
  • The company was formed by Paul Van Doren
  • In 1966 at 704 East Broadway the first store named The Van Doren Rubber Company was opened by Paul and his brother James along with Gordon C Lee and Serge D’Elia.
  • Vans is a fan of skate-parks and opened it’s first one in 1988! There is one in London, in the Old Vic Tunnels, called House of Vans

Similar Student Discounts

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Schuh sells Vans and has a 10% standard student discount. Plus you may find some trainers cheaper as they’ll be in the sale.

There is a JD student discount of 10% recently introduced and they also sell a range of these stylish trainers.

USC have a good selection and reduction for students.

If it’s a different trainer brand you’re looking for, Converse also have basketball style trainers and shoes.

Footasylum is another with 10% promo code for students.