Great news, we can confirm that there is an official 10% Groupon student discount. To get it, simply validate your student status on the student page at and you’ll be issued with a valid Student Beans Groupon student promo code UK to use straight away on those top local deals!


There is also a fantastic promo code that anyone can use (not just students) to get up to 25% discount off selected local deals. So if you can’t get validated by Unidays it’s a great backup option for a discount.

Students should check out the flash sales page. These are where some of the best discounts of up to 80% on goods are such as fun activities, beauty treatments, home items, tech and a lot more besides.


 Through our research, we’ve also found other great ways students can save money in the savings summary below:

  • 10% student discount
  • Student Beans code available
  • 15% discount code
  • Up to 70% off home and garden
  • Up to 70% off gifts
  • Up to 70% off jewellery and watches

Groupon has revolutionised the online deals world in the UK. It is especially known for great offers on local deals, getaways, spa days, Odeon cinema, Costco, Frankie and Bennys and days out.

It’s important for students to relax after the stress and pressure of exams and by using Groupon you can save money too. In our full discount guide, we will look at Groupon UK sales, offers, gifts cards, general Groupon discounts and special deals that could save you more (to complement and enhance your official discount).

“Don’t forget to check out the Groupon site for individual local deals. When you’ve found what you want, get the student code for an extra discount”

Get the Student Discount for Groupon

So the great news is that there is currently a fantastic student discount with Groupon where you can get up to 70% off full-priced deals and items. Here is how you get it:

    1. Go to the student page on
    2. Follow the simple instructions and verify your student status (via Unidays)
    3. You’ll be issued with a unique Groupon student code for up to 70% off
    4. Purchase your fantastic deal
    5. Laugh all the way to the bank!

Now this is a fantastic way for students to save but check out some more great money-saving tips in the rest of this guide

groupon student discount
Check out the Groupon student discount today.

Groupon Unidays Promo Code

It can be tricky finding out exactly how to get your student discounts and what the best ones are. What with NUS, Unidays and Student Beans; these are the 3 big discount schemes in the UK – where do you start? We’ve done the research to answer these questions below!

I love finding the best local deals with Groupon – you can’t beat a cheeky spa day out or getaway deals can you?

Does Groupon Do a Unidays Groupon Code? 

Unfortunately there is no Unidays code for Groupon. There used to be one but it has been discontinued. However, you can get a student discount with another supplier.

Does Groupon Offer an NUS Totum Discount

There is no NUS Groupon scheme as of 2024. HOWEVER, NUS students are entitled to the 10% through Student Beans discounts as described above. Kerching! Save on those relaxing spa days after a term of hard study. 

Are there Groupon Student Beans Discounts Available?

We can confirm that there is currently now a Student Beans code. You can use it to get a discount on local deals.


unidays groupon

“Make sure you apply your Groupon student discount code to your purchase. Even though you’re getting a fantastic deal already, you can get up to 70% extra off!”

Groupon Voucher Codes and Student Discounts

As we’ve shown you so far there is an official Groupon student code. But sometimes students can get even bigger discounts through promo codes that Groupon release to everyone throughout the year. We update any in our fabulous savings section at the top of the page so make sure you take a look.

The great thing about the Groupon voucher codes is that you don’t need an NUS id to prove your student status. They are available to all. Yes, even you non-students on here! You just shop on the site and when you come to the online checkout, just pop in the code and you’ll receive your special saving. Easy peasy, just the way we like it here at Squirrel Discount Squirrel HQ.

If you’re looking for something similar then why not check out our Wowcher student discount, Amazon or eBay pages.

Previous promo codes, other promotions and ways to save money on local deals with this great online marketplace have included:

  • 20% Groupon promo code
  • Groupon free delivery code
  • 30% off everything
  • Groupon website discounts
  • One-off discount codes
  • Groupon discount code and discount codes released and used in conjunction with student discounts

Groupon Sales and Black Friday

So Groupon pretty much has sales and deals all year round. There are certain times of the year where the biggest sales happen. Check the dates below as if one if coming up it might be best to hold on. We also keep our squirrel eyes open so any sales will be in our fabulous savings section. Take a look and see how much you can save. 

Groupon Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This is a huge time of year for Groupon and they go big in their Groupon Black Friday sales. Expect lots of products, spa breaks, local deals and holidays to be included. It’s also great if you’re buying for yourself, and don’t forget there is 10% Groupon discount codes for full-priced items.


Fun Facts about Groupon – Did You Know?

  • Groupon was launched in Nov 2008
  • It is based in Chicago!
  • It was launched by Andrew Mason after a dispute about a mobile phone contract!
  • The name comes from the words Group and Coupon!
  • After just 16 months in business, it was valued at 1 billion dollars
  • New customers normally get 20% off first orders as well
  • When it launched it only offered one “Groupon” a day!
  • Groupon now is available worldwide

Popular Questions

How do you get student discount on Groupon?

There is a dedicated page on Groupon which explains how to get the student discount.

You must be a member of Student Beans where you can generate a code. There may be additional discounts so check our savings section for the latest.

Does Groupon do a Unidays code?

No, students can no longer get a Unidays Groupon code. As long as you can register and be validated as a student on Unidays, you are entitled to the Groupon code.

How do I get 20% off Groupon?

Sometimes there are 20% Groupon codes available. Check our savings section where we list the latest.

Don’t forget that students get a standard 10% discount.

How do I get a Groupon promo code?

To get a Groupon promo code check our savings section where we regularly update with the latest Groupon promotional codes and vouchers.

What is a Groupon local deal?

Groupon specialises in local deals including restaurants, spas, tourist attractions and much more besides. They also do national deals and now have lots of products for your home, garden and presents.

Why is Groupon so cheap?

Groupon is cheap as they negotiate special deals with their vendors.

They have a large database of customers on email and social media so can offer exceptional deals and the vendors get customers through the door.

Groupon Student Discount Code Summary

So there we have it, we’ve come to the end of this Groupon student discounts money-saving guide for the great online marketplace that is Groupon. We’ve shown you how to get a fantastic discount of up to 70% off getaway deals or other treats. Here’s a table to summarise:

Student Discount 10%
Unidays Code 0%
Student Beans 10%
NUS Totum 0%
Best Current Offer 70% Off Selected Items

We’ve also shown how it’s potentially possible to make extra savings. Our savings guide has the latest Groupon promo codes, deals and sales so make sure you take a look and see if you could save even more on health, fitness, restaurants, spas and more. And keep an eye out for the sales on tech, city breaks and homewares, all useful for students to save more.

Find out more about Groupon’s student discount in the video below;