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History of Puma

Puma was the brainchild of brothers Rudolf Dassler and Adi Dassler, whose father had worked in footwear. They founded Germany’s first-ever sports shoes factory in 1924 in Herzogenaurach Germany, and found the electricity powering their business so unreliable that they often had to use pedal power from a bike to get it going again!

The brothers drove to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin with a car full of their shoes and persuaded US sprinter Jesse Owens to compete while wearing a pair. Owens won four medals at the event and so attention quickly turned to his footwear, gaining huge amounts of attention for the firm.

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By 1948, the brothers had fallen out, and so went their separate ways. Rudolph stayed with Puma and Adi founded (you may have guessed by his name) Adidas!

That same year, several members of the German football team wore Puma boots in the World Cup (the first played since World War II), and the whole town the brothers lived in became split over which brand they favoured.

Both the Puma brand and Adidas remain household names to this day. Both are extremely popular and remain favourites amongst athletes such as Usain Bolt and the public alike with the unique Puma logo instantly recognisable as one of the world’s top brands.

Today, they have sportswear but are also known for the sport lifestyle genre.

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Top Buys at Puma

Check out some of our favourite products at Puma today:

Top Student Buy: Suede+ Classic Men’s Sneakers – £65.00

We’re sure you’ll agree that £65 is a pretty reasonable price for a pair of great trainers, so to get hold of a premium brand like Puma for this price tag is impressive! This low-rise sneaker style is perfect for everyday wear and reminiscent of the 80s ‘B-boys’ who brought sports luxe into fashion. Lace closure gives a nice snug fit and the suede finish looks smarter than your average sports shoe. Protect with suede spray and you’ll be able to wear your pair of Puma Classics daily for years! They really know their footwear, apparel and accessories.

Top Student Buy: Active Women’s Training Duffle Bag – £40.00

Everyone needs a decent bag to lug their clothes, trainers and equipment to and from the gym, and Puma have hit the mark with this duffle holdall. A two-way zip gives easy access to the roomy main compartment, and side pockets give extra storage space for your smaller ‘bits and bobs’. Bold branding shows off the make and you can cart it about either with a shoulder strap or smaller handles. There’s even an elastic band to attach your yoga mat so you don’t need to play zen Tetris on your way home!


Top Student Buy: BVB Training Football – £8.00

Puma has been the primary sponsor of BVB Borussia Dortmund for many years, so it makes sense to buy any specialist football equipment from them! This ball is branded specifically for BVB Borussia Dortmund and coated in the iconic club yellow and black. An official collectable, it’s as suitable for a fan as it is a player, and comes in a standard size 5. Machine-stitching gives a soft finish and a tough TPU casing means it can really take any boot you give it.

If running is your thing, then the Forever Faster Puma brand will be for you. For golf there is Golf Puma!

Frequently Asked Question About The Brand of Puma

Here are the most popular questions we get asked about this super sports brand:

What is PUMA famous for?

They are famous for high-quality sportswear, often at an affordable price – especially their football boots. They are also famous around the world for their association with Serena Williams and sprint legend Usain Bolt and their “Forever Faster” moto.

What is unique with Puma?

They offer good value and high-quality sports products as well as sponsoring major sports stars and attractions.

Is Puma a good brand?

Yes we love them – not just for their quality but for their affordability!

When was Puma founded?

It was founded in 1924 in Germany!

Top Facts About Puma Sports Brand

  • The sports brand’s Creative Director is Heiko Desens
  • They have a football section called ‘First Football’

Summary of Puma Sports

Puma are a leading sports wear brand in the UK and across the world. We list all the ways to save on our central student discount page, check it out today. Or if you’re looking for similar offers, you may like to visit the pages below and the following merchants – Sports Direct, JD Sports, Nike, Asics:

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