For whatever reason (and it will become apparent eventually, trust us) you didn’t get the grades you needed for your Preferred Choices of University.

Firstly, you can afford to be choosy.  You don’t have to sign up for basket weaving because you think it the only course that’ll have you – again, trust Squirrel, you’re actually quite sought after.  So hold your head up high and you’ll find that perfect place that fate intended for you.

So what happens now?

As you can expect, Clearing is very fast-paced and hectic, especially on Results Day when every second counts – here’s a preview of what to expect on the day.

·        ​On Results Day, check the Ucas Track site as early as possible to see the status of your applications. If you’re eligible for Clearing, it will say so and you’ll be provided with a Clearing number (which you’ll have to give to universities you call).

·        If you’re not sure about the status of your uni place, contact the university directly to get a confirmation from them. They’ll have extra staff on hand taking calls on the day but be patient if you don’t get through straight away.

·        If you’re eligible for Clearing, you can start phoning universities through their special Clearing phone lines to speak to one of their advisers – or someone from that course’s department – about the course you’re interested in.

·        Ucas will be displaying live updates of all courses available through Clearing. When you see a course you’re interested in, search for them on the link below to dig a little deeper into the modules you’ll study, what graduates have gone on to do and what current students have to say – after all, they should know!

·        Some universities may just ask for your grades and make a decision based on these; others may ask a few questions about why you’re interested in that particular course, a bit like a mini-interview.

·        They’ll tell you whether they will accept you there and then, after which you’ll usually have 24 hours to accept or look elsewhere.

·        Don’t feel pressured to accept.  If you want to take a year out and reapply or resit then you just do that!  Speak to your local Careers Advisor for guidance. 

·        Make sure you look at the Squirrels Guide to University Towns and Cities so you know where to go for the Ultimate Discounts for Students

·        Enjoy the planning of your new City, be prepared to find your Prince or Princess Charming, make new friends for life and you’re also safe in the knowledge that you won’t be rooming with a wannabe Regina George or Draco Malfoy.  After all, that’s why fate rescued you in such a dramatic way!

Found Yourself In Clearing?

Don’t despair, read our guide and it’ll help you get the place you deserve