The Top Student Buys at Hotel Chocolat

OK, so Hotel Chocolat isn’t QUITE the snack brand you think of when you consider student diets – but their chocolate is to die for and everyone loves a little taste of luxury once in a while, right?

This premium brand can be found online and on British high streets alike, and unlike other confectioners you may know and like, Hotel Chocolat is a chocolatier AND cocoa grower, so they have full ownership over their own products; allowing them creative freedom and space to expand their range and diversify as much as they like.

We’ve been having a look to see what the best offers are for students at Hotel Chocolat, but if you want the latest offers, deals and discounts then check out our main discounts page.

Top Student Buy: The Everything Sleekster – £27.99

Spending the best part of £30 on a box of chocolates may seem like a lot, but there’s an unrivalled quality of chocolate at play here: you won’t need to substitute this with another present, because it makes a great gift all by itself! 27 chocolates spanning dark, milk and white feature and they’re always the best-selling selection from in-store – so you’ll find they change seasonally and in line with the latest chocolate trends (and chocolate is ALWAYS in fashion as far as we’re concerned!). What’s more, the box is perfectly designed to fit through a post-box, so you can send it safe in the knowledge it’ll arrive when you want it to… if you send it on time, that is.

Top Student Buy: Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mango – £9.00

The phrase ‘enrobed mango’ sounds beautiful on its own, but wait until you taste these amazing fruit chocolates. Mixing the almost-bitter dark cocoa with exotic juicy mango is a combination made in heaven. You won’t be disappointed – the mango isn’t dry, as it’s immersed in mango liquor before being dipped into the signature 70% dark chocolate, so the taste bursts out right on first bite. These fruit choccies are 100% vegan and part of a mix-and-match deal with other £9 boxes, so you can buy 3-for-£22 if you’re feeling that way inclined (and why wouldn’t you be?!).

Top Student Buy: Cold Brew Coffee with Cacao – £2.95

There’s not a student on earth who doesn’t have the occasional day where they’re only functional because of caffeine, but in hot weather, it can seem a real struggle. Rather than give yourself a headache with the whir of a blender and having to complete a mountain of washing up after, grab a bottle of Hotel Chocolat’s cold brew and enjoy the perk-up. This coffee is filtered drip-by-drip for 20-hours with no heat to give a finish with no bitterness but lots of caffeine. The cacao shells mellow the taste and make it smooth enough to drink straight out the fridge or to mix into an espresso martini… depending how your day’s going, of course!