The Top Student Buys at Vans

A cult brand amongst skateboarding professionals and fans, Vans is arguably the world’s largest producer and retailer of skateboarding shoes and related apparel. Originally focused only at a very small market – that being the hardcore niche skateboarding community – it has now found mainstream appeal and is worn by men, women and children across the world… even if they’ve never stepped foot on a board before!

We have scoured the Vans website to find the best deals. If you’re looking for the best savings then make sure you check out our comprehensive guide for the latest discounts, codes and money saving tips.

Top Student Buy: Men’s ComfyCush Zushi SF Skate Shoes – £65.00

The Zushi SF Skate shoes are the classic Vans shape and design – a plain colour with a white stripe, Vans tag and gleaming white rubber soles with contrast laces. What’s new, though, is the ComfyCush technology.

This provides a co-moulded mid-sole and outer sole to give a cosier feel with better traction and durability, for an overall better quality and longer wear. Collapsible heels give an easier on/off transition and small medial side vent holes have been added in for optimal airflow.

The outer textile has been upgraded too; deconstructed to add in additional stretch where you need it. The classic waffle rubber sole is in place too, so you’re looking at the full comfort package while still channelling the very best in street skate style.

Top Student Buy: Unisex Checkerboard ComfyCush Slip-On Shoes – £57.00

Another Vans cult classic is the slip-on sole with black and white checkerboard print; and this is the newest revamped version of just that.

Reinvigorating the shoe itself with ComfyCush technology for a more versatile piece of footwear, the design has been upgraded too.

Two-tone colours with a checkerboard heel, this updates the slip-on we all know and love to something fresher and more current whilst giving a subtle nod back to the retro design we all favoured previously. It’s still instantly recognisable as a Vans slip-on, but brought firmly into 2019.

Top Student Buy: Unisex Crosstown Backpack – £58.00

Even the largest of backpacks somehow never give you enough room for everything; but no one wants to upgrade to a bulky and ugly camping-style rucksack if they can help it!

Vans cover off all bases with the Crosstown bag by incorporating as many pockets and compartments as you can imagine in one piece – and keeping it looking fresh with multi-coloured panels and bold Vans branding to boot.

100% water repellent, the Crosstown is made of polyester and has an interior laptop sleeve, a faux leather and suede trim to keep up appearances and extra-padded shoulder straps, because – phew! – you’ll be wanting to cart a lot about in this.