Are you a student looking for a student discount?

Whether you’re studying at university, college or school in the UK, it should be possible to save on your favourite brands. From Apple to Zavvi there are a whole alphabets of stores, brands, shops and restaurants who are vying for the student spend.

The problem comes because there is no easy way to tell how to get the discount that you clever students are entitled to. This is because there are now quite a few various student discount schemes in the UK. Some of the biggest are Unidays, Student Beans and NUS Extra (which has just rebranded as Totum) and each of them only have certain stores and brands that they offer reductions on.

Add to that even if you google the results the information is not always up to date and clear. For instance, google ‘supdry student discount’ and you get a Unidays link saying you can get 10% off. However, click on the link and there is actually no promo code available. No fair!

This is where the Student Discount Squirrel Ultimate Guide to Student Discounts comes in. We will explain to you how student discounts work, all the best schemes, which retailers offer which reductions and even how you can actually save more money on your purchases without them!


Sounds like a simple question and it is initially an easy answer. But it does lead to more questions!

A student discount is a reduction given by stores and brands exclusively to students. The discount can be used either in-store or online, or both.

If you’re in-store you will need id to prove that you are a student. Sometimes your regular student id will do such as your university NUS card will be accepted.

However, some stores have now signed up to certain schemes or cards such as Unidays or NUS Toturm card. If you’re not sure check our A to Z page which lists all the retailers and brands that we have information on and will explain if they offer a student discount and how to get it. We list everything from Clarks to Nike.

For online, it is increasingly likely that if the website offers a student discount than they’ll do it through Unidays, Student Beans or NUS Totum. This is because these schemes offer clever technology and will generate an exclusive student voucher code that you apply at the online checkout to get the discount.

There are a few exceptions. For example for Schuh you can use a clever page on their website were you can show your student id card to your camera and they will apply the discount for you.

Also we’ve seen recently that voucher code sites are offering exclusive codes for students.


Unidays was founded in Nottingham and is now one of the UK’s best student discount websites. It’s free to join and they have some of the best discounts with the biggest retailers and brands.

We also like the fact thought that it partners with smaller shops too. A nice touch that.

To join you need to sign up on the website. You can either use an email sign up or Facebook.

You will have to verify your student status. All UK university, college and school students are all eligible though which is good news for students under 18 years old.

You can use Unidays to get discounts both in-store or online. Online, you will be issued with a unique Unidays code for that particular store website which you then use in the promo code box at the check-out to get your reduction.

This technology is pretty cool and makes it super easy. You can get the Unidays code either from the website or the app if you have it on your phone.

You can also use the app to get it in-store too. So there is no Unidays card per se. However, some stores have different policies so always make sure you check online to see if they will take it. It will be in the terms and conditions section.