It’s the month of the traditional sale, January, but we wouldn’t be true discount squirrels if we told you to buy lots of things you didn’t need just because they had money off.

However, there are deals out there worth having if you do have any cash left over from December’s festivities; and with a student discount on top, they’re better value than ever.

Here’s our top buys for this month from some of the best of Student Discount Squirrel’s suppliers.

Sonos Play 1 Speaker, £149 + 3 months free Deezer Premium+ Subscription – Currys

In case you’ve been on another planet, Sonos speakers are audio hubs that you can control remotely from your smartphone or device using Bluetooth.

They’re perfect for music at a party or podcasts that complement your course, these speakers are easily transported from place to place and will work anywhere with a power supply and where your phone or device can link to it.

Sonos products are rarely discounted by these are reduced to under £150 as well as coming with a three-month Deezer Premium+ subscription.

Deezer allows you to stream music wherever you are, and with this subscription, you won’t have to listen to any ads and can listen to as much music as you like. After the three months, your subscription will cost £9.99 per month, so don’t forget to reduce your service to the free one thereafter!

Tassimo by Bosch Suny T32 Coffee machine, £59.99 + £20 off T-discs – Argos

tassimo coffee maker

Caffeine is a staple for any student, but it’s an expensive habit if you buy it when out of the house… and let’s be honest, there’s only so much instant you can stomach; even on an all-nighter.

Tassimo coffee machines are ‘pod’ machines, where you pop in a ‘T-disc’, fill it up with water, and wait for a coffee that’s palatable and actually tastes of coffee shop standard. Yay!

There’s over 40 varieties of coffee in T-discs including Costa, L’Or and Cadbury hot chocolate, and, unlike more pricy competitors, they’re easily available in supermarkets and corner shops the country over.

Each cup costs from 40p, so there’s a considerable saving when compared to high street alternatives. This machine is a great purchase to help you carry on saving money year-round!

SIM free phones, various deals – Carphone Warehouse

carphone warehouse student sim deals

If you’ve got a great deal on your mobile phone contract because it’s a heritage one that’s no longer offered, your network will seize upon the opportunity of your upgrade to change your plan – and make more money out of you.

Don’t give in!

A SIM-free phone can feel a little counter-intuitive when it comes to saving money because it requires an initial investment, but moving forward it gives you considerable advantage in managing your monthly spend.

Contract deals are much more competitive when they’re SIM-only, and you’re free to switch between networks to get the best value for money as and when you like.

It’s not an easy buy, but worth shopping around for. SIM only phones are often priced expensively to put off consumers from purchasing them, but with Carphone Warehouse putting some in the sale, this is a rare opportunity for you to get yourself in the position to save money long-term without a ridiculous outlay.

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50% of all pizzas + 50% off Amazon Prime movie rental – Papa Johns

papa johns student

It’s not often we’ll advise you to buy £10+ pizza, but this January, it’s worth beating the seasonal blues and taking advantage of Papa John’s desperate month-long offer to hold onto their customers.

American takeaway pizzas of this type come in huge sizes, and by playing around with the offers on the site and added discount codes (Google is your friend), you can find some real bargains that’ll last you through dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day!

Share the cost with mates and make a night of it with the added movie rental promotion, for a cheap and easy night in that’ll keep everyone happy and allow you to discuss classes, lectures and academic subjects as much, or as little, as you’d like.

Hotel Collection ‘Touch of Cashmere’ Duvet, £45 single, £55 double – House of Fraser

house of fraser bedding

There are few home items worth investment more than bedding, which can make or break your good night’s sleep – a must for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

High quality bedding is pricey, so decent discounts are rare, but House of Fraser has definitely come up with the goods with their January sales offers!

This duvet has a blend of cashmere and micro-fibre filling for a really luxurious, smooth feeling that’ll send you off to sleep in no time.

Reduced to clear (after all, duvets take up a lot of room in warehouses and stock rooms), these duvets won’t be around for long, so if you’re due a new one, head to HoF asap.

Christmas decorations, various prices – Argos

argos christmas decorations

If you’re a Christmas-lover, then you’ll know that January is the best time to buy your festive décor and gifts, as they’re all reduced to ridiculously cheap prices in order to clear space for retailers.

Argos are just one of numerous stores who over-ordered for December, and so if you’d like to take your festivities to the next level of luxe next for 2018, their range of seasonal decorations make for a great purchase to store away for the next 11 months.

Even your mum will be impressed when she sees not a hint of tinsel or pop-up metallic foil in sight!